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Rape Conceived Letter to Pro lifers,Christians, & US Leaders
For thousands of years the rape conceived and our mothers have been denied the rights of humanity. Suffering even after
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LTC Russell Smith
Purple Heart Recipient, Decorated Military Leader, Busting Myths
Purple heart recipient, decorated military leader and conceived in rape, Lieutenant Colonel Russell Smith is busting stereotypes. Society chants abortion
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Frederick Douglass
Conceived in Rape, Frederick Douglass, Busting Myths
People conceived in rape are busting myths of being monsters. Frederick Douglass, conceived in rape by a slave master, is
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Raped and Pregnant
Mother of 18 Month Old Raped and Pregnant
Debra a mother of 18 month old, raped and pregnant, tells her story of rape conception in her own words.
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Abortion is Rape Conceived Genocide
Conceived In Rape Abortion History
January is the month for recognizing abortion on demand and March for Life in many cities. Most will not mention
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Breaking News: Texas Rep. Tinderholt Gets Death Threats Protecting Preborn Babies
Want to protect all preborn life? Be prepared to protect your own life also. Texas Rep. Tinderholt gets death threats
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Hate Crimes Against Rape Conceived
This "treatment of abortions" is inhumane treatment of the most defenseless of humans. But to separate some humans is a
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Conceived in Rape Wendi Lubin
Daughter Conceived in Rape: What Motherhood Means To Me
The myth expects one to believe her life is ruined and of no value after rape, especially with a child
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Remembering My Birth Mom, Pregnant After Gang Raped
Society's rejection of children conceived in rape weighed heavy on me. Even some of the most active "pro life" people
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Trump To “Permanently” Allow Killing Children Conceived In Rape
Donald Trump wants to "permanently" allow killing children conceived in rape.
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Girl Pregnant: Gang Raped For Being Christian
In parts of Africa where many people follow Islam, it is common for girls to be raped for being a
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Alabama Hospital Helps DHR kidnap baby from 14 Year Old Rape Victim
by Terri LaPoint Health Impact News Juda Myers of Choices4Life calls her a “Hero Mom.” A 14 year old Alabama
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