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Current Needs(Several more coming in the next days)

Ina was gang raped and pregnant when we found her and rescued her off the street on Saturday 11.24.2017. Ina told us “I was kicked out when I refused to kill my baby.” Funding from Choices4Life and the blessing of a kind soul to give free rent with the deposit of $416. She will have this until she is 18 which is a few years away. She was given an apartment but is needing everything for the apartment.  On 11.26.2017 she went into labor and as of this writing at 9:45 pm she is 7.5 centimeters dilated.  She is being given a crib and carseat. Anyone wishing to help with clothes she is a size 2 pants and medium top. She and the baby need warm clothes. The sex of the baby is not known yet. We will update tomorrow. Gift cards are great. Mail to PO BOX 14496 Humble, TX. 77346. We can get a full bed for $180. She will also need table and chairs along with living room furniture, kitchen items, bathroom and hygiene items. Everything you can think of that a person would need if they literally had nothing is what this young mom needs. Her rent and utilities are free. She will be getting parenting classes, educational assistance and other needs taken care of. She needs help getting started. Click here to donate. Please designate Ina.


Newborn conceived in rape having heart surgery 11.22.2017

Sarah was gang raped. Her parents beat her after she returned home. Even after learning she was pregnant they continue to beat her refusing to take her to the dr but insisting she abort. She refused. When her water broke they continue to yell at her to abort refusing to take her to the hospital. A representative of CHOICES4LIFE rushed to help her and took her to the ER. The hospital didn’t want to admit her without a down payment but all Sarah had was the clothes on her back. When she immediately began giving birth the hospital had no choice but to admit her. She delivered a healthy 4lb baby at 32 weeks. Everything went well and she was released. But 2 days later the baby was breathing hard and her eyes rolled back in her head.

Our representative rushed them to the ER where the baby was immediately taken into heart surgery! She desperately needs financial assistance. She hasn’t had time to get government assistance and has no insurance. Your help is desperately needed.
Click here to donate. Please designate Sarah when donating.

Our representative using CHOICES4LIFE funding set her up in an apartment complete with all the necessities to start their new life. The total cost was $4158. funds raised were only $1050.We have a donor willing to match up to $5000. So that brought us up to $2100. Credit cards were used for the rest until we can get funding. Our funds are low and we need your help. The following list is a partial list of all that was purchased: twin bed for mom, baby bed for baby, linens, bouncy seat, carseat, play pen, food, cleaning supplies, table & chairs, loveseat, microwave, utensils, hygiene products, clothes for mom and baby. And now she will have an enormous hospital bill for her baby’s heart surgery.







Alli was raped and pregnant at 12. She was told by parents that it was her own fault and they threw her out on the streets. She found our representative outside an abortion clinic was “taken under her wing.” Alli desperately wanted her baby. She is now 15, very happy.

She needs $200 per month to make ends meet. To help Alli click here and designate Alli with your donation. Thank you so much.

What We Have Used Money for In The Past:

  • Currently helping with housing, maternity clothes, full nursery set up and other necessities such as rent, transportation,utilities, assistance for meds, hospital and any other need that arises.
  • We’ve relocated women safe places away from her attacker and paid a down payment for rent.
  • We’ve helped with food and rent for mothers of very young rape conceived children who were in desperate financial need.
  • We offer a network of mothers and children who know the future is better than the immediate crisis. Women in crisis are never alone.
  • We have provided transportation to free sonograms and pregnancy centers who provide prenatal vitamins and maternity clothes. Clothes for babies are also available.
  • Ongoing emotional support.
  • Brochures, postcards, and rack cards for pregnancy centers,rally’s, conferences and outside abortion clinics.
  • We work with pregnancy centers and their clients.
  • We’ve publicly honored mothers who chose life for their rape conceived child at a Gala as well as mailed plaques to women who could not attend. The plaque acts as a reminder that she is a hero. One woman said it changed her life drastically forever.
  • Rape Conception Forums educate society on the truth and value of life in cases of rape.
  • We provide hope and support to those conceived in rape who are struggling with society’s view of them.They have come to know their life was  created in the image of God with great purpose. Society has lied about them and made mothers feel humiliated and we are here to show the truth in numbers.

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