What About Adoption?
REAL CHOICES   Most prochoice people offer only one choice. Abortion. Permanent. Brutal. Painful.  But usually when people look for
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Feelings Towards Your Child
Are you feeling strange carrying this child? Or feelings toward your child coming to mind that you’d rather not admit?
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Restoring Honor & Dignity to Mothers & Children of  Rape Conception

We offer mothers and their babies conceived in rape emotional support, financial support, transitional assistance, safe housing and more. We provide solutions that come Alive!


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My Rape Conceived Son, My Freedom
My rape conceived son. Aborting him wouldn't undo the rape, wouldn't make me less homeless or feed me. Killing him
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Abortion Advocates Protested Mothers & Children Conceived In Rape
On May 6, 2016 at the Mississippi State Capital abortion advocates protested mothers & children conceived in rape. CHOICES4LIFE organized
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Act of Love to Abort
Deception Alert: Act of Love to Abort
Megan went through the process of finding an abortion clinic, and went through a series of procedures to induce labor.
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Iowa Seeks to Cut Rapist’s Parental Rights
This bill could change everything for so many lives. It is only a step, though. Still, in more than half
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Freedom March
Freedom March Recognizes 50 years of Abortion in US
Freedom March recognizes 50 years of abortion in the US that started with abortion in cases of rape, incest and
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48 Years Later-Rape Conceived Child Celebrates Valentine Birthday With Mother
48 years later- a rape conceived child celebrated her Valentine birthday with her mother. In 1957 after being attacked by
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Truth and Lies about rape conception
Conceived In Rape Image: Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger is the image of persons conceived in rape for most people. Lyndsey Graham, Billy Graham, Donald Trump &
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Rape/Incest: Abortion’s Foundational Lie
Rape/incest is the foundational lie for abortion. The Austin Chronicle adds to the many who believe rape is the foundation
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76 Year Old Remembers Gun to Her Head For Choosing Life After Rape
76 year old mother, Patricia Lawrence went into the Army hoping to find stability. Little did she know that the
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Rape Conceived-“Least of These”-Chosen by God?
The anniversary of Roe V Wade is remembered with gatherings of people around the country. Hundreds of thousands of people
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#Always Human
I have known Donna Hebert (Portland, Maine) for 13 years. Even though I moved to Texas, I have followed her
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Northern Ireland Approves Murder Bill
Right on the heels of celebrating Peru’s decision to keep abortion illegal in ALL cases, Ireland decides to do the
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