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8.12.2019 Two pregnant 16 yr olds who escaped traffickers showed up at a hospital. We were asked to help. They have no family making them a perfect target for traffickers.

We need $600 x 2 ( $200 for apartment & $400 for full furnishings) to provide them with a secret, safe and furnished place to stay. They need a place immediately! Every penny you donate will go to shelter these victims.  Give your generous tax deductible gift here DONATE.

A mom who was previously raped and damaged was told she’d never have another child. She became pregnant on her wedding night. At 9 weeks she is threatening miscarriage because of uterine and cervical damage. Being told she would never be able to become pregnant she opted out of pregnancy insurance.
She was in the ER last night 7.30.2019 in full labor. Drs were able to stop the labor but need to do testing that will cost $1300. Currently we have $700 towards this goal. Baby as well as mom’s life are at risk and need help.  Baby’s heartbeat is strong. It’s the mom’s body trying to expel the baby! Please help save this precious baby …and mom. She isn’t doing well either.
Donate here and designate “baby” Thank you so much!

Update: Current need is $1000 Hospital started treatment 7.3.2019 with $7000 down.

Update: Full $9000 was raised and mom is currently receiving cancer treatments.


A young mom who has helped us tremendously is now in need. She is battling cancer without treatment and now has learned she is pregnant.  Her treatment will cost $9000 and must be done before she is 12 weeks pregnant. She is currently 5 weeks. Someone donated $4500 toward the cost. This is a life and death situation and we need your help immediately. Please donate
Please designate mom with cancer and 100% will go to her treatment.

Originally we had 26 pregnant girls rescued from traffickers. The total now is 29. Two have been placed in safe housing.  The others are still in the hospital. Some require multiple surgeries. One young mom had a miscarriage at 26 weeks. Two gave birth to twins.  They are in desperate need emotionally, physically and financially. 

It takes $1000 per girl to get her set up.
$200 for housing deposit (all other housing will be paid for as long as she is in need)
$400 buys a furniture for a 1 bedroom apt including baby bed, dresser and sheets.
$400 buys misc…clothes, household supplies, hygiene
This does not include the ongoing need for diapers food etc. This is just the set up.

 So if you can help in any way with diapers that is our biggest need always. Donate here.

26 girls were rescued from sex traffickers today, 6.11.2019. 22 are pregnant. The hospital has not charged the complete charge for any of the girls in the past who were raped and pregnant and now they are asking for only $6500. If we pay that amount before Friday the 14th there we be NO charges until December!! That’s going to be over a million dollars forgiven if we are able to pay the past due.

Thank you! This need has been met!!!All past, present and future hospital charges til 12.2019 have been wiped clean!!

The girls who were brought in today were all drugged and are now going through withdrawals and are needing a lot of medical attention. This hospital is beyond amazing! Donate here and specify hospital.

Another 14 year old is in bad shape from being brutally raped. She is possibly never going to have children again. She will be needing heart surgery also because she lived in a meth lab. It damaged her heart and lungs. Drs are even saying she may need a lung transplant. Her baby was born at 26 weeks and is on life support. He is doing as well as to be expected. Oxygen levels are rising and they are reducing the amount they are giving him. UPDATE: She had heart surgery and is doing as good as can be expected. She will have a complete hysterectomy and has been placed on a double lung transplant list.

There are 3 other girls in the hospital. Two are doing well and one is on complete bed rest so she will not deliver at 24 weeks. UPDATE: She lost her baby at 24 weeks. She is still in the hospital receiving emotional and physical care as of 8.12.2019

So many needs. Choices4Life is not a huge organization with lots of workers. One person runs the organization with one volunteer. We rely totally on donations to help all of these girls. The need seems endless with more and more girls being rescued all the time.

If you’d like to help other than donate please contact us.

Recently we raised $1000 of $1500 needed to rescue a girl from abusive parents wanting to force abortion on their daughter who was raped. While it’s illegal to do so in any state in the US the parents can and have tried to hurt the girl in ways to have her miscarry. She was emancipated thanks to the generous donations! She is doing excellent as of 8.12.2019

You make it possible for these moms to stay home with their babies while working. Thank you!

Fabrics above are the current faux furs available. More styles coming soon. Purchase here


Thank you for helping the mom devastated by Hurricane Florence. Her family is on their feet again thanks to our wonderful supporters.


We currently are helping mothers being pursued by their rapists. They must be relocated to safety immediately. There is much that goes into this from housing to all provisions and identity. They will probably have to leave everything behind. Your donation is literally a matter of life and death in this situation as they have had attempts to murder them. When you donate, please designate relocation in the comment section of the donation page.

Medical Bills, Provisions

UPDATE: Lilly is home and doing well but still in need of provisions.
Elli and Lilly. Elli’s parents moved away while she was visiting friends. Abandoned her saying she was carrying a “monster” Lilly is in NICU right now after having lung surgery. She is less than a week old. Elli is very young but is being cared for along with other moms who were raped and abandoned. But she needs everything. Money for furniture, diapers after Lilly comes home clothes and the huge medical bills. We’ve been able to help 57 other girls in the past few months. But we need your help. Even the smallest donation each month can make the difference in life or death.

Please designate Elli when you  donate.

What We Have Used Money for In The Past:

  • Currently helping with housing, maternity clothes, full nursery set up and other necessities such as rent, transportation,utilities, assistance for meds, hospital and any other need that arises.
  • We’ve relocated women safe places away from her attacker and paid a down payment for rent.
  • We’ve helped with food and rent for mothers of very young rape conceived children who were in desperate financial need.
  • We offer a network of mothers and children who know the future is better than the immediate crisis. Women in crisis are never alone.
  • We have provided transportation to free sonograms and pregnancy centers who provide prenatal vitamins and maternity clothes. Clothes for babies are also available.
  • Ongoing emotional support.
  • Brochures, postcards, and rack cards for pregnancy centers,rally’s, conferences and outside abortion clinics.
  • We work with pregnancy centers and their clients.
  • We’ve publicly honored mothers who chose life for their rape conceived child at a Gala as well as mailed plaques to women who could not attend. The plaque acts as a reminder that she is a hero. One woman said it changed her life drastically forever.
  • Rape Conception Forums educate society on the truth and value of life in cases of rape.
  • We provide hope and support to those conceived in rape who are struggling with society’s view of them.They have come to know their life was created in the image of God with great purpose. Society has lied about them and made mothers feel humiliated and we are here to show the truth in numbers.

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