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CHOICES4LIFE was established February 2011 by Juda Myers as a way to promote and restore honor and dignity to women and children of rape conception through assault and/or incest. We offer hands-on help both financially and emotionally for those who are affected in this way. A goal is to educate the world about the value of every human life conceived. We seek to raise awareness of the multitudes living in shame that isn’t their own from sexual abuse, while aiding those affected. God has a greater plan than shame.

To do this, CHOICES4LIFE

  • will work with pregnancy centers and rape crisis centers to help with rape pregnancies.
  • will work toward establishing temporary-to-permanent housing for pregnant/raped women.
  • will raise funds and encourage donations through various means for financial aid and material assistance to help struggling single moms of rape-conceived children.
  • will seek to offer training to raise a rape-conceived child, offering counsel to both mother and child, and aiding in connecting her with other women who have gone through similar situations.
  • presents awards to mothers who chose to give birth to a rape-conceived child. The award gives honor for an act of heroism in saving the life of a child. The mother has gone against society’s perception and assumption that the child is not worth having. By doing so, she has incurred shame that was not her own and deserves the honor due her.
  • has a website and various social media platforms, offering resources to, encouragement for, and presenting media of mothers and children of rape conception.
  • is gathering stories of rape conception for a documentary. This documentary will show the great number of rape conceptions and the trauma incurred not only by the rapists but by society forcing their opinions on these women and children. Stories include women who aborted the child conceived through rape and then suffered from regret, as well as mothers who had to fight their rapists for custody her child.
  • will use information and research obtained to educate the public. Forums, conferences, media interviews, social media, and any other opportunity available for sharing research information with the public will be considered.
  • will hold conferences along with award banquets. We seek to encourage victims of rape conception to cast off shame that does not belong to them, and allow a forum for them to meet others who have gone through similar situations. Too often these women feel alone and isolated. These occasions have allowed many mothers to being healing and become empowered.
  • will work with law enforcement to offer resources for women who are raped. We also desire to help law enforcement by using the research recovered from rape victims. This will increase understanding of the trauma and her needs immediately after the rape.
  • will seek to work with public and private schools to share information on rape conception. We will teach the value of life, and that resources are available to those affected, including safe ways to report an assault. We will also educate school counselors on how to handle a child who approaches them about being raped, including what to do if the child finds themselves pregnant as a result from rape.
  • will share respectful, regular updates on the women helped, while maintaining confidentiality when requested and/or appropriate, and respecting their privacy. We will also share updates on what the children are doing now. Some have gone on to own their businesses, become pastors of churches, philanthropists, and millionaires.
Juda Myers

Founder Juda Myers was conceived when eight men raped her mother. Her mother, Ann, was not only devastated by the crime against her, but also the attitude of her own mother who wanted Ann to have abortion. Ann refused and, for the safety of her daughter, placed Juda up for adoption. They were eventually reunited when Juda was an adult.

Juda speaks across the United States and internationally. This includes Harvard, before Congress and politicians, and the United Nations, sharing the heart of victims of rape. She says, “It’s not just about my personal story but about the millions of unheard stories. The survivors’ words need to be heard and told in hopes of changing the future of these women and their children.” She, along with many other mothers and children conceived in rape, are available for speaking at conferences, banquets, for news reports, and any other meeting. A full audio/visual presentation will leave audiences captivated and educated.

Juda has written a book about her own story titled, “Hostile Conception Living with Purpose: Real Life, Real Forgiveness, Real Freedom.” Available through Amazon in paperback and audio form, a portion of the proceeds go back to CHOICES4LIFE. This book details her struggle to understand and forgive her mother, the rapists, and those who believe she would be better off dead.

CHOICES4LIFE provides solutions and healing to traumatized and severely wounded women. The goal is to meet the need of every women pregnant after rape, through providing resources, counseling, and other assistance.

Many mothers are disowned by their family, or they are forced to abort their child. Friends are all too eager to tell the mother she doesn’t deserve or want the child conceived in rape, and if she claims to, she deemed a liar. What she really does not deserve is is being treated with disbelief or disgust when she chooses to give birth. The rapist should be the one punished, not the women and children.

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