Conceived in Rape – Birth Mother Stories

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Conceived in Rape – Birth Mother Stories
Stories are shared for the purpose of education only and not to be misconstrued as any form of representation of any party by Choices4Life. Women may be contacted through information provided individually.

Pro-choice supporters like Planned Parenthood see no other option for a child conceived in rape but abortion; however, mothers of rape conceived tell a different story.
Birth mothers who saved their babies from society’s death sentence are true heroes. Many people feel that a woman who is raped cannot possibly want to give birth to that child. That is far from the truth as the following mothers will tell you. No mother deserves to have the trauma of giving birth to a dead baby, even in the case of rape. Why should one who has been previously traumatized with rape? These women know the joy that comes with giving life to their babies!

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Ann Philips

Anna Richey


Christina Bray

Edith Walnut

Jacqueline E.



M From Arizona

Michelle Orman


Shauna Prewitt

Suzanne Maurer

Becca Cruz