Conceived in Rape – Babies Lost

Conceived in Rape – Babies Lost
Stories are shared for the purpose of education only and not to be misconstrued as any form of representation of any party by Choices4Life. Women may be contacted through information provided individually.

Too often lies are more influential than truth. Lies hurt and in some cases both physically and emotionally. The severity of these lies have been felt by the women below. They were persuaded that destroying their own babies conceived in rape was the best “choice.” While many have worked through healing none can forget the loss of their babies.

Aborted her baby conceived in rape, and later learned she, herself, had been conceived in rape.

Irene is from the Netherlands and is available for speaking — I regret killing my baby after rape.His strong arms gripping tightly around my neck, strangling me, choking me, left me gasping for breath. I realized death was imminent, so in a split second I chose to let him have his way with my body, so that I could stay alive. Afterwards, I clutched my coat tightly against me, so no one would see my ripped clothing underneath. . . .Although my body started to change, and needing larger clothes, I believed I was not pregnant, as the initial pregnancy test came up negative (not enough hormones yet.) 

Mary Gilliam

My parents were missionaries in Africa from France. I grew up in Africa, from a little girl to a woman. The last country we were in was The Congo. There was a revolution and the president was killed. It was war. One night I was coming back from the church and I went to take a shower. 

Carly’s Story

I wanted to tell my story about how I got raped. I was with a friend and he wanted me to meet his other friend who at first was fine he was nice and was fun to be around but, later that night he started texted me inappropriate stuff and asking to do stuff for him I kept saying no but he kept persisting. I just put it off cause I thought he would get no.