Conceived In Rape Children

Conceived in Rape Children
It is a very hard thing to hear that you were conceived in rape. Society says we are mistakes, unwanted and unloved. But that is far from the truth. We are human like any other and there are people who want us. Most mothers want to give birth even though some want the very best for us and place us in the arms of other loving parents. We are grateful for life and consider our mothers heroes. Doctors, lawyers, singers, teachers, pastors, mothers, fathers, authors, celebrities- they are no different than any other part of society. I hope by seeing all these real faces who are real people you will understand the magnitude of saying abortion is ok in case of rape. All these people would not be here. This is just a very small portion of the people who are conceived in rape. It isn’t rare. It is rare that anyone will talk about it.


Raised by Mom
Raised by Mom
Raised by Mom
Raised by Mom
Carol Roy- Student
Helen Westover- Musician
Juda Myers-CEO
Pam Stenzel-Abstinence Instr.
Rebecca Kiessling- Attorney

Sharon Isley- Chemist

Patti Smith- Worship Leader

Patti Casey- Mom/Student

Laura Tedder- Pro Life Speaker

Kristi Hofferber- Pastor’s Wife

Jason Lovins- Worship Leader

Bethany- Doctor

Irene Van der Wende- Director of Silent No More

Karen Blake-Mom