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Elijah after heart surgery


A preemie baby is having brain surgery today for brain bleed. NICU care will be long lasting.
Thirteen total moms and babies are in the hospital right now! Another six girls are pregnant waiting to deliver while not in the hospital.

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At just 13 years old, a young girl gives birth to a baby girl. Reports of rape are made to social services with the name of the 35 year old adult male family friend. However, no one is charged and nothing is done.

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One Choice Saves 4 Lives

Tiffany was sitting outside an abortion clinic. She had used almost all of her money to travel by bus to get to this clinic that was open on Sunday.  Her little 2 year old was with her. Tiffany was texting in a group. She told them that she had been raped and she was now pregnant.

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What Mothers Say About Their Rape Conceived Children Is Not What Society Says

What mothers say about their rape conceived children is not what society says. But it’s time to stop talking about us, against us and for us. It’s time to hear what our mothers have to say about us. Too many mothers are being hurt listening to the lies and rhetoric used by the left for excuse used for abortions. While all mothers are not free to speak publicly I asked a secret group to tell me their thoughts about their children. They want people to know the truth and stop speaking for them.

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