We are so excited to announce new management and Choices will continue helping females pregnant after assault. It's been 10 years Choices4Life has been helping the most vulnerable pregnant after assault. We've seen miracles but not without struggles. Almost 500 moms and children were helped.We are grateful to all who played a part in rescuing precious lives.

Help After Abortion

It’s probably extremely painful reading about all the great stories when your story didn’t have a good ending. But your

How Do I Tell My Child?

HOW DO I TELL MY CHILD Some say they don’t want to have to tell a child their father was

Feelings Towards Your Child

Are you feeling strange carrying this child? Or feelings toward your child coming to mind that you’d rather not admit?

Nothing’s Impossible

It’s Hard But Not Impossible When you’re young anything can become a crisis. Can’t find a shoe and you need

Quotes That Make You Think

The following quotes are from geneticists and scientists as well as abortion clinic doctors and workers. Don’t be fooled. They



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What to Say

So many times questions are asked about rape conception such as “what if the baby looks like the rapist” and we are struck with fear that we won’t have a compassionate answer. It would seem that society has put in our minds what women would and should feel about babies conceived in rape. But through my research I’ve found that women ....

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Mother and Child conceived in rape
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Happy 16th Birthday William

won’t lie and say it was easy, but any time I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore, he was there. He was there when I woke up from my nightmares. He learned to say, “Shh, shh, mama. Is otay. Is otay. I wub oo. Night night.” He calmed my PTSD.

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Elijah after heart surgery
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A preemie baby is having brain surgery today for brain bleed. NICU care will be long lasting.
Thirteen total moms and babies are in the hospital right now! Another six girls are pregnant waiting to deliver while not in the hospital.

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At just 13 years old, a young girl gives birth to a baby girl. Reports of rape are made to social services with the name of the 35 year old adult male family friend. However, no one is charged and nothing is done.

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