Shannon Fabrics & Choices4Life, Making The World a Softer Place™

Shannon Fabrics’ trademark slogan is Making the world a softer place. They are doing just that. Choices4Life just last week was approved for an account with Shannon Fabrics. David Brandon, our sales rep, said I shouldn’t miss the Houston Quilt Market. So this past Sunday, I was able to feel all those wonderful fabrics, up close and personal. I am so glad I went.



Countless vendors were there but nothing like Shannon Fabrics. I wish there was such a thing as “feel a vision” so you could feel what my hands felt. The softest fabric ever. Bunny soft, chinchilla soft, softer than your kitty soft! We all feel better holding something soft and cuddly.

From Psychology Today’s website

“Security blankets aren’t just for toddlers. “Adults can also have serious preferences for a particular blanket,” says Dr. Hoagland. “Regularly using a favorite blanket for sleep can help to develop a conditioned response so that sleep onset is quicker.” In fact, many sleep centers ask patients to bring their own blanket and pillow from home, which helps them fall asleep more easily.Once you find a blanket you like, use it every night. If you have trouble sleeping when away from home, consider taking the blanket with you.”

So the softest most cuddly blankets will now make people feel good for two reasons. One is that they just feel good to the touch. The other is that people can feel good about their purchase because they are helping moms and babies live better. It is a win win situation that everyone can feel good about.


Choices4Life is working with moms we helped rescue last November and December. They were thrown out onto freezing streets by families because they refused to abort their rape conceived baby. One mom even had hypothermia and lost her baby. She remained in a coma for 2 months but is now recovering. It was difficult as she had to learn to walk and talk again. These moms had nothing. Choices4Life paid deposits for apartments and then fully furnished 57 apartments with brand new furniture thanks to our amazing donors and an amazing furniture store! The Nathanial Foundation gave $15,000 that literally saved lives by giving us the needed funds for those apartment deposits. Otherwise those girls may have all developed hypothermia living on the freezing streets. They were looking at death for themselves and their babies if they didn’t get help.

All the moms and babies are doing great. Now they want to work, but they also want to stay home with their babies. They started making pet beds but weren’t making enough profit having to buy materials at retail. I knew having a wholesale account with Shannon Fabrics would be a huge advantage. So I filled out the application with Shannon Fabrics. Within hours we were approved, making me qualified to get into the Houston Quilt Market as a buyer.


I was sitting at Shannon‘s booth at the Quilt Market in Houston. It was overwhelming, in a good way. There were so many different luxurious samples. The fabrics are incredible. That booth should have been called the petting zoo.


Their slogan is Making The World a Softer Place™ and they will be helping Choices4Life make the world softer for moms and children of rape conception.

I shared what our organization did and how we’d be using the material. Someone told the owner.  Arvin Pairavi, Shannon Fabrics‘ President and co-owner, came to say hello to me. I was so impressed with his heart of compassion. It’s clear to see that their slogan “Making the world a softer place” is literally coming from his soft heart.  His background gives him insight to a harsh world having left Iran as a child with his Jewish family.


As naturalized U.S. citizens the opportunity to “make the world a softer place” is “materializing” for Arvin and his father. Shannon Fabrics is synonymous with luxurious softness. His signature “Cuddle” fabric surpasses all others for softness.

Arvin brought me and my friend to tears as he offered words of affirmation and encouragement to continue our great mission. I must say that he and his staff were a breath of fresh air that I really needed.  I’m excited to have another way to help mothers and children of rape conception.

Arvin Pairavi certainly bears a “soft” heart for these precious moms and children. He brought me and my friend to tears as he spoke words of affirmation and encouragement to continue with our mission.

I can’t thank Arvin enough for his kindness towards us and enabling us to work out solutions for a very needy cause. God bless Shannon Fabrics!

We will soon have blankets available for purchase. Pre-orders  can be made now for Luxury Reversible Faux Furs blankets, approximately 60″ X 72″ for donations of $189.  Purchases can be made here here and state what color Fox you would like (Brown or Blue) or designate Arctic Lynx in the comment section.

Shannon Fabrics Furs

Our first order includes luxurious Faux Fox in two different colors. One is in the browns, beige and black while the other has blues, browns and black. We  also ordered Arctic Lynx. Arctic Lynx will have white back while each of the fox fabric will have black. Soft wonderful fabrics on both sides to cuddle on those cold nights or any time. They make great gifts for babies and adults.

More fabric patterns coming soon. Interested in special blanket fabric combos for your corp gifts or organization? Send me an email at

See Arvin Pairavi on video at the Quilt Market and the beautiful fabrics here.




Juda Myers
Conceived in gang rape, author, singer/songwriter, wife, mother, grandmother