Help After Abortion

Who Are We?

It’s probably extremely painful reading about all the great stories when your story didn’t have a good ending. But your story isn’t over yet. You still have life but you will have to choose and fight for life – your life. You’re not alone in making a mistake. Every human has. But what separates the victors from the victims is what people do AFTER the mistake. Success requires effort. It’s not always fun, comfortable or easy but overcoming is possible. The first step is admitting your mistake. But that’s when even more pain and trauma comes. And that’s where many people get stuck. 

For the same reasons people have abortions they stay in a downward spiral.  People believe lies and live their life on them. You probably were told abortion would make everything better. You’d have your life back. But that was a lie. Everyday it’s there with you … haunting you. You can’t escape. But that’s another lie.  What’s happening is a self-punishing imprisonment. You are the only one who can take the key to freedom.

Why do we even feel guilt? Ever thought of that? It’s just how we think right? Maybe not. Science has proven we are “hard wired” in some areas. Seeing a person tortured is appalling to most of us. Even seeing an animal hurt strikes deep within most hearts. But why?  Simply put, our designer Creator – God – made us that way. There are a few people who were trained out of that feeling through abuse but most people feel others pain. So when you came to realize that you were part of the death of your child horror gripped your heart. But since you can’t bring your baby back you feel your own life is worthless and you want to destroy everything about you. Ok let’s talk logic here. If you hate having destroyed your baby why listen to that voice that says destroy another life? Does that make sense? You believed the lie about abortion and now you believe the lie about suicide? Suicide DOES NOT make anything better. It continues to hurt everyone in your life and you do not want to be in a place of eternal torment. Suicide like abortion only makes matters extremely worse.

So what can you do? You can’t escape the voices and you can’t turn your brain off imagining what happened to your baby. But you can. Maybe “religion” has played a part in your pain and that’s a huge turnoff. But what about a real person that was sent by God to help all of us? Sadly He’s been misrepresented. If a person pretended to be a banker using a bank’s name but really was a thief would you refuse to ever bank again?  Probably not. You’d understand that the thief did not represent the bank. And who hasn’t gotten food poisoning before? But we continue to eat. Ok so that is what’s happening with Yeshua (aka Jesus). He didn’t come to scam and hurt people. He died to take the punishment of our wrongs. He can’t be blamed for what people do “in His name.”  And when people decide to investigate who He really is they find hope and healing. He takes the pain too.  Many have found that peace and freedom through Him. He’s there when you’re all alone. When you call His name He hears. Why He allows people to hurt one another is impossible to know but how He comes in and rescues hearts is impossible to describe either. He just does. So we admit our wrongs call on Him and begin the process of healing.

Please keep reading. Don’t’ shut down because someone has lied about Him. Lies ruin our lives. It worked perfectly in the Garden with Eve and it’s worked perfectly ever since. The truth is that a baby was destroyed. But that baby is now safe with God.  God wants you to choose life for yourself. Many have felt that ending their life will end their pain but from testimonies of those who came back to tell it’s not that way at all. So let’s focus on a new life for you.  Read what other women have said.

Irene- Director of Silent No More

Irene Van der Wende says,

“I have had to come to terms with what I, myself, did.  I chose to have someone paid to kill my innocent baby.  There was a father (the rapist), a mother (me) and a baby.  But I hired a murderer (the abortionist) to kill my baby.  I stuffed it away as much as I could for 25 years, but like psychology says, eventually the cesspool of life needs to be opened, and become honest about things we have done in our life… We can feel regret and shame and guilt later when we fully realize the full extent of what we have done…  I deeply regret having put my innocent little baby through such torture and painful mutilation…  I have named my babies, made a grave for them at the cemetery, and I have found healing with YHWH (God), and His son Yahshua (Jesus), whereby I am now able to testify of what I have done, and the effects it has brought me, my family and loved ones, physically, emotionally and spiritually, “ Email her here

Nona Ellington

Nona Ellington writes:

“I was devastated when I first realized the effects my abortion had on me. My abortion was at age 15 after a date rape experience. After several years of marriage, a few years later, I realized I was unable to have children and experienced 5 miscarriages, including 3 tubal pregnancies requiring emergency surgery. Abortion devastated my life physically and emotionally. Emotionally, I suffered years of depression and suicidal thoughts and attempts. I was punishing myself by being married to a very abusive man and living a destructive life of drugs and alcohol, but of course, holding down a rewarding job and career in the hair industry, never realizing the pain from the abortion was contributing to this lifestyle of self-punishment.  Seventeen years after my abortion I realized my need for healing of my heart from the abortion. I had given my life back to Jesus after many years of living away from Him. I received healing for my heart from Jesus through an abortion recovery group, which included a memorial service to honor my baby lost to abortion and name him. I have also had the opportunity to honor him and all of my babies lost through miscarriage at the National Memorial for the Unborn.(see video)I have also reached out to those wounded after abortion by walking them through abortion recovery, also to those in the women’s prison and online at SafeHaven. My desire is to comfort those in the way our Lord has comforted me and to also share my story publicly as much as possible for the truth to be known that abortion hurts women and there is hope and healing after abortion. Nona’s website.”

These women were able to overcome and move on to even help others. Your life can be better. All you have to do is reach out for help. Nothing is too great for the Lord. Call 281.451.8460 or connect with Irene or Nona .They understand and can help you too.