March For Life 2015


Washington, DC

Rape Conception Myth Busters

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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Sponsored by CHOICES4LIFE CONTACT: Juda Myers 281.451.8460 or

WHERE: Renaissance Hotel 999 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, Meeting Room Mount Vernon AB

WHEN: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

WHY: There are many opinions about rape conception but you’ll learn the truth from those who know: mothers and children of rape conception. Attend the Match for Life 2015 and be equipped with truth to answer questions like “won’t the mom think of her attacker?” and “how can a child live knowing how they were conceived?” Never be at a loss for words again in your pro-life defense of ALL life.

If you are a mother or child of rape conception please join us at the March for Life 2015 in DC to voice the truth about life. Too often the prejudice goes unchallenged and victims suffer in silence. But united we can make a difference. Our time has come and already we are making a difference. Those of us who can speak out must speak for those who can’t. If you are a mother who has known the insults and abuse from loving your rape conceived child then I know you want this to stop for every mother who chooses life for her rape conceived child.

We are organizing a group of people with rape conception stories to stand with other groups so that the world can see us and know we are not “rare.” Please email for hotel information and other information about the March. Your voice matters for life!
OUR SPEAKERS at March for Life
Aziza Ayinde Dedi Gaither kaliNIva
Aziza Kibibi Ayinde Impregnated 5 times by her father. Hates what happened but loves her children. Dedi Gaither Mother was mentally ill and raped. Dedi was placed for adoption. She is grateful for her life and loved by both families. Kali raped by a 66 yr old predator. Loves her son dearly. Boldly speaking for truth and sharing on the prejudice and cruelty of society.


Ralph “Dave” Davis born from rape in 1949 and placed for adoption. Loved by both families speaking about his love for life. Christina Bray raped by a “friend”. CHOICES4LIFE relocated her to a safe place and she is forever grateful to have her daughter and a new life. Speaking of her love for her daughter and the misunderstandings of society. Elaine Reddick raped at 13. Gave birth to her son at 14 and was sterilized without her knowledge. A crusader for truth and life.


Juda Myers Conceived in an 8 man rape. Placed for adoption loved by both families. Founder of CHOICES4LIFE sharing her discoveries from over 11 years working with rape conception and sharing the love of life. Monica Kelsey conceived in rape. Founder of Living Exceptions -Love Them Both. Breaking the stigma of children conceived in rape she is former military, is a firefighter and EMT. Saving lives in many ways. Kristi Hoffeber adopted, conceived in incest. Pastor’s wife and Founder of Living Exceptions-Love Them Both. Saving lives on many levels.