Conceived in Rape Birth Mother Stories

Stories are shared for the purpose of education only and not to be misconstrued as any form of representation of any party by Choices4Life. Women may be contacted through information provided individually.

Pro choice supporters like Planned Parenthood see no other option for a child conceived in rape but abortion. However mothers of rape conceived tell a different story.

Birth mothers who saved their babies from society’s death sentence are true heroes. Many people feel that a woman who is raped cannot possibly want to give birth to that child. That is far from the truth as the following mothers will tell you. When a woman is pregnant she will give birth- to a live baby or a dead one. No mother deserves to have the trauma of giving birth to a dead baby even in the case of rape. Why should one who has been previously traumatized with rape? These women know the joy that comes with giving life to their babies!

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Ann Phillips

A nanny for a couple in St. Louis, Mo. Ann was dropped off at a movie theater for a night off. It was late after the movie and when she called for her employers to pick her up they were drunk. She was hurriedly walking home when she came to a corner with a used car lot. There stood eight young men. Taking opportunity against a defenseless 22 year old they beat her, raped her and left her for dead. She lay motionless fearing they would return to finish the job.

After quite some time she managed to get up and get home. She immediately packed her things and left in the morning for her parents home never telling anyone what happened. Three months later she learned she was pregnant. The doctor that confirmed that fact also said “I can take care of it.” This was in 1956. He was not going to do it with a “coat hanger” but instead would do this without the knowledge or consent of the government. Ann quickly and sternly answered, “You will not take care of “it”. “It” is my baby!”Her parents shared the same opinion of the doctor and insisted Ann get rid of the problem but Ann knew this baby was no accident.

Through the help of a Catholic priest and a Methodist minister she got help. She went to live at a home for unwed mothers through Catholic Charities where she safely gave birth to a daughter on Valentine’s Day after 36 hours of labor. She wasn’t supposed to see her daughter but an older woman snuck the baby in to see Ann for two weeks until Ann returned home. The baby was adopted at three months and a picture was sent to Ann with a note assuring her that the baby was loved and would be well cared for. Ann prayed for 48 years and celebrated every Valentine’s Day with the firm belief that she would see her daughter again. And her prayers were answered on December 7, 2007.Ann and Juda met again as if there had never been any separation.

The love of this mother, as some would even notice, seemed greater than some mothers who spent a lifetime with their child. Juda would visit Ann as often as possible flying from Texas to Alabama for the seven years they had together. Ann had talked about the daughter she was forced to give away to everyone who would listen. Even the nursing home she lived in knew the story and eagerly awaited this daughter’s arrival.Sadly at age 78 Ann would cry talking about her mother not believing she was raped.Ann had married once and had a daughter three years after Juda. Her husband was a coal miner and had been trapped for eight days in the mine. A loving husband prior he soon became very abusive and Ann sought safety for herself and her daughter never marrying again. Mary, Ann’s daughter died two years prior to Ann passing away. Ann was with Juda in her first moments and Juda was with Ann in her final ones.

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Anna Richey

When I was little I was molested for several years by my step-father. He was an accomplished liar and fooled everyone, even my mom. No one knew. I was afraid to tell anyone; when you grow up hearing that bad things will happen if anyone finds out, you believe it.

I got pregnant the first time when I was 12. I was scared, and I told him. He hurt me and then loaded me up on drugs, telling my mom that I had been injured while out playing with some other kids. He killed my baby. Of all the things that happened to me, this is what haunts me the most. I will never know who my child might have become. My only hope is in the promise I will get to see him or her in Heaven when I get there, and Jesus will take care of my baby until then.When I was 13, I became pregnant again. This time I did not say anything to him. My mom noticed that my body was changing, even though I was only a few months along at the time, and she asked me about it. I gathered my courage, and told her everything. She immediately packed up my brother, sister, and me and took us to our aunt’s house. From there she called the police. They arrested him and took us to the hospital for some tests, and then we had to go in for questioning ourselves. In the end, he was sentenced to ten years in prison for molesting not only me, but my sister as well.I was told by therapists, friends, teachers, family, and even strangers, that it would probably be best if I had an abortion, but I couldn’t. Earlier that year, I had learned in my science class that a child’s DNA comes from both parents, and that meant that this child was also half mine. I also figured that since I was the one who would carry her in my body for the next several months, that made her mine, not his. I knew from my first pregnancy that he didn’t want me to have the baby. I knew that if I had an abortion, I would be doing just what he wanted and he would win again. He would not only have killed all of my innocence, he would have killed my daughter as well.It might have been easier to choose an abortion. There are many things that I would not have had to go through if I had. It was harder than I have words to describe. But there are some things in life that are worth fighting for, and she was one of them.I’m not a very big person; 5′ even and 95 lbs. I wasn’t big then either. So, due to my size and age, I was deemed a high-risk pregnancy. I had my first ultrasound not long after my mom found out I was pregnant. I got to see her heart beat, and I fell in love. That was when I decided that I couldn’t give her up for adoption either.The next several months were hard. The looks and comments that I received from people everywhere were difficult to deal with, to say the least. I lost all but two of my friends. But knowing that I would have that little girl soon kept me going. I decided to name her Josey Ann, after a character in a book I had read.On Friday, July 28, 1995, roughly six weeks before my due date, I went into labor. I was flown from Vernal, Utah to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. They gave me some drugs to slow down the labor, and steroids to help develop my daughter a little faster so she would have a better chance of survival. She was born the following Monday, July 31. She weighed 4 lb. 2 oz., and was 18” long.Because she was so premature and needed so much medical help, they kept her in the NICU until the end of August. Words cannot express the joy I felt when we got to bring her home the day before I started the 7th grade.I still had nightmares, but I would wake up and have that little smiling face to greet me. When I would get nasty looks and comments, I would go home and hear her giggle. She truly was a light in one of the darkest times of my life. I shudder to think of what that time would have been like had I aborted her.My mom was amazing; she was so supportive of what I was doing. As a 13 year old child myself, I had no idea how to raise a child. My mom helped me with everything. She showed me how to care for my daughter, and watched her for me so that I could finish school. I did graduate, and was my class Historian. I later met a wonderful man who loves both me and my daughter and we now have a total of 4 children.At the time I had Josey, I believed in God, but I didn’t like Him very much. I couldn’t understand why a loving God would allow me to go through all that I did. It wasn’t until I was 26 that I truly found a relationship with Jesus Christ. A wonderful neighbor of ours showed me how much Jesus loves me, and how He had been with me the entire time. I was able to forgive my step-father, and find a peace that I never knew I could have.Just a few months ago, I was online, and found a poster that Juda Myers had designed. It had been posted by AHA. I started speaking out and telling my story, and for the first time, someone listened. I wasn’t alone anymore! Eventually, through our mutual friends with AHA, I got to speak with Juda, and we became friends as well. After a few phone conversations, Juda asked me to pray about being on the board for Choices4Life, and after several weeks, the Lord told me that it was indeed where He wanted me to be.I am so very excited to be included in an organization whose purpose is so dear to my heart! After all that I went through, it is my dearest wish to help others in similar situations. God does not make mistakes, and each child, regardless of the circumstances of their conception, is a gift from God. Along with the others from Choices4Life, I want to expose the lie that rape conceived children are in any way less than a love conceived child. It is time for us to rise up, take back our voices, and tell the world that we will no longer be silent.

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First of all, I had been taught that good girls don’t “go all the way” and good girls wait for marriage. Raised in a good Catholic home, by two very devoutly Christian parents and attended Catholic school for 6 yrs. I knew right from wrong.

I graduated from high school early in June of 1970, at the peak of the “Free Love” “Flower Power/Haight Ashbury” era. Everything I was taught…the way I was raised was in direct conflict with the social climate and message of “free love” and “if it feels good do it” attitudes of the late 60’s. While all my friends were visiting planned parenthood for condoms and birth control I was avoiding premarital sex until marriage. I was determined….that is until Graduation…and I started to dabble with alcohol and smoked a little “weed,” experimentally. I had thought about having sex with a boy that I was casually seeing right before graduation…but by God’s grace, he had a premature ejaculation and saved me from giving myself away to no one special. Although I came close, I was still a virgin.

Two weeks later, a friend and I were being kind to a friend of her boyfriend, who was in town for a court case. He had been arrested for vagrancy and a minor drug charge, so he was back in town for his trial. It was his birthday, so my friend and I brought a cake over and we sang happy birthday to him.He was a lot older…I was young and naive.

He supplied the pot and the alcohol and we supplied the birthday cake. After I drank a little, he brought out a radio and turned it on, but the batteries were dead. He suggested to my friend and her boyfriend to go get some batteries so we’d have some music.

At some point, he must have slipped something into my drink, because the next thing I remember was waking up on the bathroom floor, naked. He assured me, it was my idea…I do remember telling him I’m not on birth control and I’d never had sex before. He said that it was ok…not to worry.My friend showed back up and came in and helped me dress…I was dazed and in a stupor for several hours…processing what had happened…wondering if I had indeed suggested or encouraged sexual intercourse. I just didn’t remember the details…it was all such a blur. He was acting like I was his girlfriend, when we all went to the park…holding my hand and putting his arm around me. It was like a bad dream. Later, my friend and I went to her home….I told her I was afraid that he got me pregnant. She assured me, that since it was my first time, it was not likely.For weeks, that is all I thought about….then I went to visit my grandma in Illinois. That was my graduation present. To go see my grandma and my cousin, who was my best friend.

The thought that stayed with me the entire time, was that I got pregnant and he raped me! I knew I was pregnant and I hadn’t even missed a period.By the time I did miss a period, I told my grandma what had happened. She offered for me to stay there and offered to help me find a home for the baby. I hadn’t even seen a doctor or confirmed I was pregnant, but we both knew. She promised not to say anything to my mom or dad..that I would tell them when I got home…so I really didn’t want to go home.

When I finally decided to go home, it was after I had a supernatural experience, which made me determined to come home. I got home on August 29. A few weeks later my dad went into the hospital for heart surgery.On Sept. 11, 1970 he died, never waking up after open heart surgery. I thought it was all my fault…that God was protecting him from knowing I was unwed and pregnant! Now I realize how silly and immature that thought was….but then, it was like a knife through my heart.

I hadn’t told him or my mom, anything about what had happened. I kept my secret. I started Jr. College, hanging onto my secret. Another friend, talked me into going to Planned Parenthood, for a pregnancy test. She suggested I might not even be pregnant. The pregnancy test was positive and the first thing PP, suggested was for me to get some money together and they’d send me to California for an abortion.They said, since I was technically raped, I could have an abortion in California, for around $500 and the cost of a bus ticket.

I told them I’d think about it, but in my heart and mind I already knew that wasn’t an option. Terminating the pregnancy….sounded so simple, but it meant killing the little life growing inside ofr me. I knew that much. Although abortion was an unfamiliar word to me, I learned quite quickly and decided just as quick that wasn’t for me.
Something in me kept telling saying, the baby didn’t do anything to deserve being killed and besides it was part of me, too.
Our family had just buried my dad and I still held onto my secret. Until the night after the burial and I told my brothers and sister in laws. My grandma already knew. My brother who lived in town said he would be with me, when I told my mom, but to wait for a while. She had just lost her husband, which was trauma enough.It was the beginning of October, my brother and I sat down with my mom and told her that I had been raped and was pregnant. She fainted…then cried….then hugged me. Since I hadn’t had any prenatal care, she said I’d need to see a doctor.
Since my dad had just died, I didn’t have any health insurance. We were working poor….so I went to the county to see if I could get help there. They denied me. Said I was my mothers responsibility, even though I was 18, I lived at home.
A friend of my mothers worked at St. Elizabeth of Hungry clinic. Which was funded by the Catholic church and assisted those who didn’t have insurance or could qualify for county assistance.My mom talked to her and she got me an appointment right away for screening. For $250 I had prenatal care with a private OB/GYN MD in the community and delivery at the Catholic hospital. They counseled me and I was certain, I would give my baby up for adoption. The kindness and care I received was beyond anything I could ever imagine. No pressure, no condemnation.
The day I delivered my little girl, they did come with the papers to sign to place her for adoption. My only request was to see her before I signed.My mother had already seen her but hadn’t said anything. One part of this story that i should mention, is my mother, a diabetic, had lost a little girl, my sister, when I was 6 years old. She died during childbirth and she never was given the chance to even see her. So, my mother was determined to see this little girl. After they placed my daughter into my arms, and our eyes met, I knew I could never say goodbye to her. She was tiny and perfect. She was innocent. She was mine. I told my mother I was thinking about keeping my baby and asked her if that was okay. She said whatever I wanted to do was okay with her. So, we brought her home.That little baby, didn’t do a thing. Her father, was the guilty party. He is the one that took a young, naive girl and took advantage of her, when she couldn’t say yes or no. This was before they had a name for it…..”date rape.” Had I listened to PP, I would have ended the life of a spectacular human being….she played softball from kindergarten to college. She was the athlete of the year, her senior year of high school.
She grew up to get married, was a youth leader for a “Life Teen” program at her church. She taught religion at the same Catholic school we both attended. She has given us 2 beautiful grandchildren….she is a police officer now.I cannot imagine the void there would have been without her.Ericka will be 40 in March 2011. And I don’t regret for one moment the decision to say “yes” to life….her life.
It was really tough being a single mother in the early 70’s. But my mom’s friends from church never let us go without. Several times they would show up with boxes of baby clothes and food for our family. At Christmas, they would bring us Christmas presents and food. My mom was the best. She helped me raise my daughter….while I went to nursing school and worked. Then, one day, I met a very nice young doctor while working in the ER. He was of the same faith, had strong family values and liked me for me and accepted my daughter. We met, when Ericka was 10 and married when she was 14. We waited to marry when he was finished with his training.
When Ericka was about 4 she asked me where her dad was…I told her that God was finding her a special dad. She said, I hope he doesn’t’ wait too long! Well…he was worth the wait. He loves her as much as if she was his own flesh and blood. I know, we have another daughter and he treats them both the same!So that’s the story….if you can use it, great! If it will touch one heart and change it….then God be glorified! It was all worth it!
There is no good reason to end a babies life by abortion…God is the author of all life and His will be done!
I believe we each have a God given potential…only He knows what it is…we live our life discovering it. What a shame to know that this year 1.3 million babies with a potential to do great things will never have that opportunity.
God bless you Juda in the ministry God has called you to!

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Christina Bray

“My Life Story”

It all started when I was still in the womb. My mother already had my older sister from another man. But my mother was married for the first time to my father. She was in love with him. They tried everything to get pregnant, even went to a fertility doctor. By the time she got pregnant with me the doctors told her she was pregnant with twin boys. Well being pregnant did not keep her off a motorcycle. She drove one till she got too big & then she was on the back of my father’s! When she was 6 months pregnant with me she fell off the back of my father’s bike. That was the first time she knew that God had me in his hands! To her surprise she gave birth to only me and not twin boys. I was just one single 8 pound 10 ounce 21 1/2 inches long very healthy baby girl born in California. I never cried. I talked late walked late & was late in all the development steps that a child goes through.

As much as I would love this story to be a happy-go-lucky one I am sorry to say that it is not.

My mother married my father, loving him with all her heart but not knowing of what type of man he truly was. When I was just weeks old I started crying for unknown reasons. My mother & father tried everything they could to calm me. My father was so upset that he could no longer handle it & threw me down a flight of stairs. God had me in his hands that day & let me land softly. A neighbor of ours heard my crying & came to my mother’s rescue. She told my mother to undress me from head to toe & that is when they found a very small string wrapped around my toe cutting off the circulation & causing me to be in pain. As time went on my mother saw my father in a different light because of what had been done. He became a different person than the man she had married. She could no longer take the rage from him and divorced him. We even lived in a car at one point just to hide from him. My mother even worked two jobs to care for my sister & I. We ended up being put into the witness protection program but he would not let it stop there.

My mother remarried when I was just six years old to her second husband. My father even after she had remarried was a very angry man. He even tried to kill us at one point of my childhood. My mother worked all the time days, nights and even worked weekends. She even worked holidays when needed.

When I was just seven years old my life became more difficult than any child should have to deal with. The new man my mother married was not as good of a man as he had himself out to be.

I was young so when he first started touching me I was not sure how a father should touch their child. I did not have much of a memory of my own father. It started with tucking me into bed at night he would kiss me on the forehead and rub my leg. Every week or so he would go further up my thigh. I was molested for over seven years before anyone even noticed. I never said anything because he would hurt my family, who meant the world to me. I was young & very easy to bribe so anything I wanted he made sure I had. Little did I realize it was all for a price. I had bruises all over my legs & arms, marks on my neck & black eyes. I was in 7th grade when I was forced to tell of what was happening to me. They called my mother & step father, as well as my sister who was now a mother as well. They took me out of my mother’s home for 72 hours to check my home & test my step father with a lie detector. You know they say that when someone lies for so long they tend to believe their own lies. Well that’s what happened. He passed all the tests & I was the one they called the liar. So I was sent back home & nothing happened to him.

After another year of abuse my mother finally started seeing the bruises more & more so she started to wonder herself if I was really telling the truth & if the man that she loved so much could really hurt her child. One day when I got home from school my mom was home waiting for her husband to get off work & come home. When he did she confronted him.He became angry & when he started to hit & beat on her I hid in my bedroom closet with the home phone. I dialed 911 for help. Little did I realize that my asking for help for my mother would cause them to call child protective services (CPS) on me, the miner child in the home. So they took me from my home yet again!

All I was trying to do was get help for my mother not thinking of myself in any way. The police called CPS. Yet again I was taken from my home but this time it was not for a short time. I started off in foster homes but ran from everyone not wanting to be anywhere but home. So they kept moving me from home to home until I was too much for them to handle. They put me in a group home where I could be watched 24-7. That just made my depression even worse. I started to become suicidal & out of hand so they ended up moving me to another part of the state. I was able to see my mother less & less. Even after all I had been through she was still with my step father! I guess she thought he could change but she ended up finding out too late. I was in the system for 3 1/2 years of pain for me & of fighting for my mother. She had to prove to the state of California that she was a good enough mother just to get me back. She did Feb. 14th, two months before my 18th birthday.

Now that I was back with my mother I was happier than I could have ever been! We got a phone call a couple of months after I was home that my grandmother (my mom’s mom) had breast cancer & needed to be cared for. So my mother decided we were moving. It took some time but we packed everything up and we moved cross-country. It was over 3,000 miles away to the upper peninsula of Michigan in a very small town.

My mother was born & raised on an Indian reservation. When we got there the doctors had told us that my grandmother only had 6 months to live. After feeding her the right kinds of food she started to get better. She was better for a long time but when it did come back it got worse!

As she was very sick & dying I went to spend a weekend with a friend of mine. She picked me up & took me to her house. I was told her husband would be gone all weekend & her children were at a friend’s house. I soon learned that was a lie. When we got there her husband & children where there. I said nothing, not thinking anything bad could come of it. After we had dinner & she put her kids to bed we sat to watch a movie while her husband was up in their room. We were down in the living room. We were about half way through the movie when her husband decided to come down & get on the computer. He was not on there for long until he chose to come & sit on the couch right in the middle of his wife & I. He first kissed her cheek & whispered in her ear & all I heard her say was okay. She then got up and came to kneel in front of me with both her knees on my feet so I could not move. Her husband leaned over towards me & started to grope me & before I knew it they had me pinned down & I was couple raped. My cell phone was dead so I had no way to call home so I cried myself to sleep & they woke me up at 6 am & told me to get my stuff. They took me to a gas station near them & dropped me off to sit there with a dead cell phone, a closed gas station & no way to get home.

I sat there for 6 hours with my hand around my neck strangling myself thinking about what I was going to do, who I was going to call & what I was to say. Finally I got the nerve to go inside the gas station & ask to use the phone. I called my mom to come & get me. I sat there for another hour & a half waiting for her to get there. When she did she saw me with marks around my neck & red eyes but she did not ask a thing. On the way home I told her what happened. As soon as we got back into town the first stop she made was the police station so they could take my statement. After everything was said & done I lost my case & was yet again defined as a liar.

My grandmother had passed away & it was time to move back to my home sweet home in California. As much I was looking forward to living back there I was still walking around watching every turn I made & watching my back as I knew that my ex step father was still living in town. I was scared. We lived there for about seven months when my mother’s childhood sweetheart came & asked her to marry him. My sister said I could stay there if I wanted to. She would help me to get my own place & I would not have to move with my mother. Well as good as that offer sounded I had to pass it up due to the issues I still had living there.

So as I chose to move to Michigan to live in a different area than previously I ended up gaining 2 wonderful grandparents. They loved me just as much as I loved them. I had lost all my biological grandparents. It was so great to gain two more. Everything was going great. I ended up moving into my own apartment & was loving it. I only lived there for two months when a resident who didn’t like me called the cops on me for disturbing the peace at 4 in the afternoon. He decided to also put in a complaint for breaking & entering. The apartment were metal & I am 5 foot tall & not very strong. There was no way I could have done such a thing. I was in jail 24 hours waiting for a judge. These 24 hours were the worst time of my life, having anxiety made things even worse. With a whole night of no sleep & all worry I went in front of the judge.The felony for breaking & entering was dropped due to no proof from the apartment complex who claimed to have it all on film. I ended up with a misdemeanor for disturbing the peace & slapped with a ” do not enter.” I lost my apartment & moved back home.

All was going great till I lost my grandfather in 2010. The loss of yet another grandparent was hard on me. The only grandmother that I did have had passed away. It was hard on all of us. It was the end of that year when my grandmother had gotten sick.

I had a very close friend that I spent a lot of my time with to take my mind off the fact that I was loosing yet another & my last grandparent. My friend was married & had beautiful twin girls. She had been put in jail for falsifying a police report. I promised her I would stay at her home & take care of her children as well as her dogs because I wanted to be kind. Her husband worked all the time & was not much of a father when it came to the kids. Well the girls loved me so it was very easy to take care of them. They were used to being kept in the living room boxed in,left alone to watch tv. I was so good with children& played with them everyday making sure they got everything they needed.

One night after I had put the girls to bed & cleaned up I sat down to watch TV.My friend’s husband had just come home from work. He decided to come & sit on the couch next to me & started talking to me like he knew me for so long. The truth is I knew nothing about him. I had seen him once in a while around the house & at bonfires they had out at their place. He started to try & touch me. I looked at him & said “NO” as I pushed his hand away. He would not take no for an answer so he held me down on the couch & had his way with me. I tried to push him off of me but he just held my arms down. When he was done I got up & hurried to the shower to try to get the nasty feeling off of me from being raped. I sat in the bathtub with the shower running, knees to my chest & just cried. I cried for allowing myself to be raped, I cried for the fact that I could not tell my family & for the fact that my grandmother was on her death-bed. I cried because I could not leave. The twins would have no one. I could not tell the police because he owned 95% of the county. So I went on with my everyday life like nothing happened,like nothing was wrong. When I went to bed at night I would cry myself to sleep & keep telling myself how bad I was.

As time went on my grandmother got worse & I started to feel sick everyday.Smells would make me sick & foods I loved made me feel nauseous. So after a couple of weeks of feeling this way I went to the store & picked up a 3 pack of pregnancy tests. I took all of them not believing what I was seeing. They all said that same thing, “Pregnant”. I was so scared. I had my grandmother who was about to die any day. I had not been in a relationship in quiet some time & the only way I could be pregnant was by my friend’s husband who raped me. I said nothing to anyone. I went to my grandmother’s side that day held her hand & told her I knew I was pregnant. I told her I would have the child & care for it the best I could. That night my grandmother passed on. I knew in my heart that she knew all along. I kept it to myself that I was pregnant & said nothing to anyone due to my grandmother’s passing. I did not want to take the center of attention. I chose to tell my parents a week after my grandmother passed. My mother took me to the doctor not believing anything I had said. I found out I was 10 weeks along. I had some family tell me to abort & some tell me I should not keep it. They said I should put it up for adoption if I choose to carry it.

I had found out just two weeks prior to being raped that I would be unable to conceive children due to my uterus. So with becoming pregnant I saw life in a whole new light. I had a life inside me, a live breathing life inside of me. My oldest niece came to visit and discussed names, not knowing what I was having yet. We chose Phoenix after the bird. I had a rough start in my pregnancy I was very sick for the first 4 months of my pregnancy.At about 22 weeks pregnant I became diabetic. I was going weekly to have the baby checked when I found out that she had no fluid & the umbilical cord was around her neck. The doctor doing all the testing sent me upstairs for an emergency c-section but the doctors/students upstairs decided they were going to try & induce me instead. After 24 hours of induced labor they finally realized that I had a non-contracting uterus.

My baby girl even though she was 3 weeks early, was beautiful. I fell in love like I never thought I could! She was 7 lbs even & 19 1/2 Inches long. I named her Phoenix Rose ( I was inspired by the legend of the bird. The story goes that it was able to live through anything. Legend says even when it burned it came back from its ashes, rose the strongest flower & hardest to kill)

God has blessed me like I could never imagine!