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Anna Richey

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Anna personally knows the pain of abortion and the joy that can be found in choosing life for a rape-conceived child.  An adamant advocate for life, Anna has shared her testimony at conferences, churches, and on several radio programs.  Anna and Juda met at the Abolish Human Abortion “Promote Redemption” conference, after which Juda asked Anna to become a board member for Choices4Life.  After much prayer, Anna agreed.Anna Lives in Montana with her wonderful husband and four beautiful children.  She is currently working on several projects to help educate people about the lies of rape conception, and giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.

Pam Caylor

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Pam is gifted in speaking truth in love and eliciting the desire within God’s people to live a life worthy of their calling. Through years of motivational teaching, training, speaking, and ministry leadership, Pam has garnered a unique and qualified understanding of the “state” of the church today. Drawing on God’s Word and her experience, with unusual candor and charisma, Pam delivers a message of hope and healing. She will inspire the broken, discouraged, or war weary, and simultaneously exhort all those seeking more of God’s Presence in their lives, to “Live A Life of Destiny, Faith, and Holiness!” “Each of us is a unique and special gift to God’s master plan for the world. Always remember that your life is significant!”

Chet Gallagher

Chet Gallagher

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A Vegas policeman called to an abortion clinic to arrest protestors Chet saw truth and crossed the line literally. With only two weeks before he was to retire and receive his pension Chet realized he had taken an oath to protect life. Life was being destroyed in that abortion clinic and he had to keep his oath. So he stood with prolife people and went to jail. He lost his pension but later was given a reversal on that decision. Dedicated to saving lives Chet travels with the country persuading women (and men) not to be part of destroying their future. While he is on the front lines Chet does not support the killing of abortion doctors or workers. All life matters.

Patti Smith

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Conceived in rape- worship leader with a passion for life. Patti is retired and now spends time volunteering for His Nesting Place, recruiting and training side walk counselors. She also spends time at abortion clinics reaching out to hurting women.

Julia Schoch

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Adoptive mother of a daughter conceived in rape of a thirteen year old. Julia knows the value of all life even with disabilities. Jaylyn, her daughter was born with problems that resulted from an attempted abortion but she is wanted and very loved. Julia is married and the mother of six. She is the director of Respond For Life. Her worldview is “Some babies die by chance. No baby should die by choice.”

Juda Myers

Juda Myers

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Speaker, singer/songwriter, author and founder of CHOICES4LIFE Juda has a passion for her Creator, life and people. Married and mother of two sons and co mom to one daughter, Juda has six grandchildren with two more on the way. She’s spoken many places including Harvard, the U.N., and South Africa.

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