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Look at What We are Doing

We started in January 2011 and in November 2011 the first “Honor For Life Award” Gala was held in Houston, Texas. Seven women from seven states were honored being heroes and saving the life of their rape conceived baby. Some women shared for the first time ever. Connie Hong was one of them. Her life completely changed after going public with her story. It wasn’t easy but she was set free. She went from a size 24 to a 14 and took her life back. She is no longer a victim. All of the women shared amazing victorious stories that left the audience in awe.

These women were honored and hold that truth in their hearts forever.
Some of the comments about the evening were:
“I thought it would be depressing but I felt God wanted me to go. Wow was I surprised. It was so uplifting… awesome.” Dr. R. B.

“I especially liked hearing about the accomplishments of their children. What incredible stories. I was really blown away. ” Pastor Winston Hancock
“People felt the Holy Spirit. The women were delightful.” Donna S.
“Joy is a choice we make. These women just shine…such an inspiration”. Lana
“This is real…inspired me…it didn’t touch me until I heard… very moving” Sandra
“Ladies were awesome… really like Kimberly. Gary Wood gave me cold chills… It was so organized.” Amy
“These stories need to be told and I already shared one story and will continue sharing” Pastor Don Bergstrom

January 2015 makes 4 years we’ve been helping moms after rape conception. We’ve helped 30 moms. Many more received encouragement to rise above the feelings of defeat knowing they are not alone. A network of over 115 are finding strength in numbers. Many are going public now that others are becoming bold.

Three women over the past three years needed a safe place to live. One was threatened by her family while the other two needed to escape from their rapist. They are safe now.
Some just needed a hand up during a difficult time. Kimberly had medical issues that kept her from working for a couple of months. She is raising a seven year old daughter conceived in rape and asked for a little help. We were able to pay her rent and keep her stable while she is recuperating. Mari also needed emergency help. Danielle needed help with food. Sarah was helped with temporary housing, food and clothing. She was taken for a sonogram and also her first doctor appointment. Rebecca was celebrated with a baby shower and everything she needed for a new baby. Lives are lifted to a place of great worth through CHOICES4LIFE.

What moms are saying:

Connie Hong
“Honor award ….. I felt I didn’t need to be honored for doing what my Jesus said ….. Thou Shalt Not Kill. God knew my child before he was in my womb. Who am I to take his life? But after a few months I chose to go and meet with Juda for this so called Honors Award YES.. YES I did . This Honors Award ……. For keeping and not aborting my child from my childhood rape from my step dad. This Honors Award ! What…… What. ….. What do I need to be Honored for my shame my guilt and our family dirty secret. Honored for people looking down at me and blaming me and saying I caused it. Honor Award….. for guilt and shame brought upon me . WOW Really! Now let me tell you how the flood gates of heaven opened up on me ! I believe God placed Juda in my pathway not a second to soon.She opened her home her heart and a overwhelming love and compassion on me. Through God’s love and mercy he placed a angel in the mist of all the women and children of this world that live at the hand’s of our rapist. To open the window of heaven to remove all our pain and hurts that haunt us and sometimes consume us that we can breath or function in this world as productive citzens in life.

November 2011 my voice was heard for the first time . YES AT THIS SO CALLED HONORS AWARD……. Brought me victory in the name of Jesus. The walls of hell were torn down on this November night…. my cries and pains were heard . We were shamed but we are shamless. All fear -pain – trama- guilt. And shame has been washed away . Today I stand before you to say that This So Called Honors award has set me free no depression meds no hospital stays in the mental ward. My marriage is restored and my kids are seeing their mom for the first time. I am heaven bound. I can and have now been able to stand and witness to other girls that are walking that long and hellish road that I walked for 28 years. And now and most of all I want to thank my Jesus. And his Angel Juda. Juda I love you. God has sent you on your mission and he will reward you for being a faithful servant . May God Bless You in all you do … And now for Juda’s momma that was the beginning of Juda’s mission her momma who walked the road … who was redeemed and set free. Heaven has gained a wonderful Angel. May I someday redeem my hug when I to arrive in heaven …So last if you’re hurting and carrying this pain in your life. … you too can be set free thru Gods angel set here before you …. go try it. Honors award…… no judging just open arms…… go rest in the arms of a angel.”
Tauheeda Jabaar
Juda, I must say that I was very honored and absolutely felt the overwhelming love from the beautiful people who attended the Choices for Life banquet that I was invited to be a part of in Humble, Texas. Thank you for the selfless work that you are doing!God has His hand in this…For so many years I kept the secret of my violent conception a secret from everyone due to the shame and violence that surrounded me, ESPECIALLY in my last marriage. Having had 9 children (in 3 violent marriages) I didn’t want to risk the naysayers who would judge me for the hardships I encountered all my life because “I should have known better than to have all those kids, anyway”. So I kept quiet and my self-esteem stayed low. Not believing in abortion or birth control, I concieved 9 wonderful children in eight pregnancies. Your wonderful program re-affirmed my thoughts that I was worth it, should be proud of myself and had so very much to offer the world! I’ve felt like a new person, “a real hero”.Today my children honor and love me unconditionally! Every bit of recognition empowers me more and more and validates the girl in me that already knew that she ROCKS! Here is a little clip from a chapter of my book DANCING BY MYSELF. The most ironic thing about this video is that the very daughter that was actually concieved by my rape is also playing my part in this clip! I shot the scenes and my oldest son did the editing on it! Most of my children work with me on my projects. I love them.
I have been invited to receive an Honor for Life Award from CHOICES4LIFE in Kansas City, MO in June. I am honored that someone thinks of me in such way. I have never thought of keeping my baby as anything special. She is the one who saved my life, I think of my daughter as the hero! I just love my daughter, I never gave much thought to how she was conceived or how others would see it.



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