Here’s the challenge:
Purchase one of our t-shirts and challenge your friends and family members to do so as well. Together, let us challenge the prejudice against mothers and children of rape conception.

CHALLENGE THE “EXCEPTIONS” and send us your picture of you wearing our t-shirt, and we’ll post your picture here, too! Women come here and every picture shows them your support and encourages them. They are not alone; we are here to help them!

Buy your shirt here, and then email us at with your picture or post it on FaceBook. You can use other social media and tag us if we are on it, and be sure to use the hashtag, Choices4Life. #Choices4Life. Proceeds from each of the sales go to help our mission and the women and children who need it. Thank you for your support!

Below are just come of our allies. These are allies of those who went through such a horrible experience as rape, and of the children conceived through such a violent act.

Rachelle in Challenge T-shirtBriana in Challenge T-shirtpatti smith in Challenge T-shirtrichard in Challenge T-shirtMary Bauman in Challenge T-shirtGretchen in Challenge T-shirtMisty and Kali in Challenge T-shirt

2 thoughts on “Challenge the “Exceptions””

  1. Carl G. Oehling

    I have a t’shirt which says: The supreme Court wrote about the abortion — but God wrote about the murder! I have a few of those to give away and I can order more if necessary. I guess I could put the bill board on a t’shirt which has a classic picture of Christ’s head on it. You can publish this email publicly or print a shirt on your own and wear it publicly. Just “Go into the world…”.

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