Distraught Lesbian Gets Pregnant After Rape Conceived Baby Dies

Doesn’t seem possible right? A distraught lesbian gets pregnant after rape conceived baby dies. Michelle (not her real name) trusted her male friend of many years. She could have never have imagined his invitation to come over to his place would almost cost her life. He had planned this attack with another man. They beat her so badly she went unconscious and when she gained consciousness it was no better. She thought she would die that day. Had it not been for a couple coming to visit she would have. The woman saw Michelle in horrible condition and started screaming for someone to call 911. Michelle owes her life to that woman. The men were prosecuted but Michelle discovered she was pregnant. She didn’t think of aborting but this was definitely an odd feeling for her. Michelle didn’t feel like a woman. But here she was “with child.” Someone on Facebook referred her to me and we became friends. I hurt with her.

Her own mother had played a huge part in Michelle’s lifestyle after Michelle’s father shot himself in front of her when she was only five. Michelle had seen and felt her share of hurt. And now she was dealing with still another act of violence by a man. Her mother hadn’t wanted to have Michelle around because she had chosen to live the life her mother had showed her.  Michelle’s partner at the time wanted Michelle to abort. When Michelle refused, her partner left her. Michelle was now alone so her mother offered for Michelle to stay with her. The relationship was strained. The pregnancy progressed but doctors felt the need to take the baby early because of difficulties. They should not have done that. The baby at 22 weeks was not able to survive and she died 6 days later. Words couldn’t describe the pain of losing this child. But society would say it was a blessing. Society is wrong!

About a month later Michelle’s mother died of a heart attack. Pain upon pain upon pain. She missed her baby desperately. She had a plan. This distraught mother wanted another child. Michelle had a male friend who had never demonstrated any harm towards her. She planned her timing to get pregnant. A group of friends had gone on vacation together and this was perfect timing for Michelle to get pregnant. Using alcohol to get through what she was going to do Michelle offered herself to her friend and in a matter of a few minutes she had gotten pregnant.. Rarely does this happen that a person who has sex only two times gets pregnant two times. But Michelle did. She hated sex with a man but missed her baby so very much that she was willing to do this to have another child. This goes against everything society believes.

So a lesbian woman who hates sex with men deliberately has sex with a man to get pregnant after losing a baby conceived after rape. Now if a lesbian woman can love her child after all this and not relate the baby to the rapist, society needs to really stop saying it’s better for a woman to abort her own baby conceived in rape.

Michelle today is the happy mother of a 7 month old. She misses her baby and will never forget her but her pain has turned to joy.  She says she knows this wasn’t the right thing to do but she felt she had no options. She was desperate to fill the void of her loss. A loss that the world doesn’t acknowledge.

This seems a rare story of love but another lesbian woman loved her child too and gave birth. Maria Krasinski recently wrote her story in LifeNews. When my baby girl was born, I had mixed feelings about holding her.  I wanted to, but forming a bond only to break it moments later did not seem wise. I did ask to see her. I had watched them give her some water and they were all amazed at how quickly she sucked down the whole bottle!  They put her in my arms — I ached to nurse her, but did not dare.  Theresa asked for a breast pump and handed it to me, so she got my colostrum.  I kissed her head, and handed her back — a healthy child.  I could have died right then without a single regret. I don’t think I ever linked her life to the rapist.  That’s the trap girls either fall, or get pushed into.  I wanted to kill HIM, but the child is NOT HIM.  It seems so simple to me, and it IS simple, but Planned Parenthood and their ilk take horrific advantage of a woman’s trauma to sell abortion.  They are NOT the place to go for rape counseling or any kind of help after a rape because an abortionist is hardly an unbiased expert.”

Society has such a hard problem understanding that a woman no matter how much she hates a man can love their baby conceived by that man. Women are smart enough to tell the difference between a rapist and a baby. Sure wish society could.

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  2. I first wanted to say I love your website.Because it’s choices4life. We all make a choices and have to live with it.
    I don’t understand how Michelle could use someone and got herself pregnant. Morally
    wrong. I understand the pain and feeling empty inside. I understand having a little one taking away form me. The pain and hurt. What I don’t understand why she did what she did.. why she did what she did to that guy.

    1. Thank you. I agree with you and also counseled against this. People don’t always make the right decisions when they are hurting.

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