During the history of this planet there has never been a time when the rape-conceived child was valued for our humanity. Nor have our mothers been treated with respect for loving us. No time in history have rape-conceived children and mothers stood against society to demand equality… until now! For several years there has been an uprising of people saying enough is enough and are willing to stand unashamed for our rape conception. It is time that the rapists bear all the guilt and punishment and mothers and children be protected as victims.

May 8, 1966 the first abortion law was passed in Mississippi for the sole purpose of killing rape-conceived babies. Mothers for centuries have mourned the death of their children because of the pressure to kill them. Their only “crime” was to be in the right place at the wrong time according to society. Mothers have been persecuted both verbally and physically for their forbidden love of their children conceived in rape. Even today the persecution rages with our 11 year old client being bullied so badly she had to be removed from public school. Every teen we have helped has endured and is still enduring the attacks.

The law also have racial indications because at the time biracial babies had the same or more prejudice that blacks experienced. With the abortion law for rape in place families could say their daughter was raped if she became pregnant with a baby of another race and that baby could be aborted. While the law on the surface looks like something to help society it would lead to over 60 million people killed and abortion on demand being legal since 1973..

May 8, 2016 just happens to be ironically Mothers Day. So we will be having our march the Friday before on May 6, 2016 will mark a time in history that rape conceived people will cower no more. As doctors, firefighters, teachers, pastors, chemists, policeman, military, and more contributing to society and even saving lives we will stand for the next generation and for their freedom. The prejudice must stop! The CURSE must be BROKEN!

Mark your calendars and join us! We will have more info as time goes on.


WHEN : May 6,2016 12 pm
WHERE: State Capital Jackson, Mississippi
WHY: To break the curse of prejudice against the rape conceived in the very place it became law to kill them in the United States
PHONE: 281.451.8460

Hotel and other details to be announced soon.

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  1. BRAVO!! I so wish I could march with you on May 6! My prayers will accompany you, starting now and continuing.

    A young friend of mine, years ago, conceived a child by rape from a previously rejected suitor who broke into her home at night. She was able to have him jailed by the law, then courageously defied advice to abort the baby or even to give it up for adoption. She loved and reared her child herself and eventually married a good man who joined her in that loving enterprise. O Jesus, I trust in You!


    1. I hope you can join us but your prayers are greatly welcomed. Thank you. And if you have contact with the friend you spoke of we would love to honor her at the event. Please send her our way. God bless you!

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