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juda myers 3/23/2014

Let’s throw out the notion that somehow “how” a person is conceived will result in certain attributes. Some believe that we will become just like the biological male contributors. But thank God that is not true. We are just like anyone else having choices to be good or evil. For the next few posts I am going to introduce you to people that prove my point in unique ways. This post will be about those who bring music to life. jason.lovinsFirst let’s take a look at Jason Lovins. He is a music artist with his own worship band-Jason Lovins Band.

His mother was raped at 15 years old walking home from a pool one day. She was so traumatized that her mind blocked what happened and she just went on with her life. But months passed and things were changing in this “pretty naive”  teen who didn’t quite understand what was going on. Jason says, “she told her mother that she was sick and needed to go to the doctor. Her mother thought she had gained weight so fast and it was odd. When the doctor said she was pregnant and after the shock wore off a bit her mom said they needed to go to church and pray.”
Jason says his mother talks like it was fairly easy but really it had to be very hard. He said “my grandma just gets it and sees God as so big that He wasn’t surprised by me. And we think sometimes when these terrible things happen Oh Lord as if He doesn’t know what’s going to happen and she just knew with all of her heart that for whatever reason,God knew all that was happening. She just had to get out of his way and allow Him to work. They did that. So for my grandma and her 15 yr old daughter abortion was not going to be an option. I’m obviously thankful for that. You know my grandma says alot of Christian people were telling her that you know ‘Ms Lovins in case of rape nobody would be upset with you if you allowed your 15 yr old to have an abortion.’ She just said no ‘The Lord knew this baby was coming. He’s numbered the hairs on his head and already knows his name.’ She just believed that with all of her heart and lived that. So I’m very thankful for that. So my mom had me and went on with her life as normal as they could. In my earliest childhood memories my 3rd birthday was my mom’s high school graduation… I remember my grandma sitting me down and telling me what happened to my mom… My family made it very clear “you don’t have an earthly father. We don’t even know who it is but you have a heavenly Father who loves you more than you can imagine and you’re gonna be okay.’ And I just remember that’s all I needed to hear… they instilled ‘the Lord loves you and we love you and we’re just so happy you’re here’. They made that so clear that I was so loved.”
So Jason grew up loved. I think it’s love that changes the world for good. Jason now shares that love and talent with the world. Here’s a video of the band singing.


Ryan Bomberger is another very talented person. Not only does he have musical abilities he also is very creative with video and other visual communication.  Ryan is an Emmy® Award-winning Creative Professional. He has used those talents to touch and save the lives of others. Founder of The Radiance Foundation and Too Many Aborted he has many other outreaches.  Ryan was adopted at 6 weeks by wonderful parents into a family of 13 multiracial children being the first of 10 adopted ones.  He like Jason says that love was “instilled” in him. He says,”Though I was a child of rape I was always a child of God.”  No one knows the future of another person especially a person in the womb.  There are so many possibilities.  Ryan is married and has 4 beautiful children.

While he has never met his biological mother he is very grateful that she chose life for him after being raped and has written a song just for her.  Taken from his YouTube page Ryan says “Planned Parenthood doesn’t want you to know that the ‘unwanted child’ propaganda is a myth. Here is a pro-life video that shows every single life has purpose. I thank my biological mother for choosing, with strength and courage, Life.  I thank my incredible family, The Bombergers, for making me who I am today.  I thank my friends who have traveled with me, impacted me, discovered with me along this journey of life. And I thank God for my beautiful wife and children and the awe they inspire in me every single day.”   Ryan loves life and so many love him. His life was “Meant To Be.”

God has also gifted me with songs. My whole heart is filled with joy when I am singing or writing songs. There is something inside me full of tremendous desire to create not only in song but as a paint artist. I know that any talent I have is a gift from God. I too am so very grateful to my biological mother for her strength standing strong with those around her wanted her to abort me.  And I am grateful to my adoptive parents for giving me everything I needed including their love. My biological mother stood against her family and her doctor to give life to me. It was long before abortion was legal but still the doctor said he would “take care of it.” My mother would not hear of it telling that doctor ” you will not take care of ‘it’ because ‘it’ is my baby!” I can’t thank her enough for not giving in. My adoptive parents like Ryan’s are greatly credited for my love of God and my decision to “do good.”  The song below is my song for the hurting from my CD God is Faithful. I’ve known hurt as well as my mother and want no one else to feel that kind of pain. Love is a choice that keeps on giving. Lives are changed forever by acts of unselfishness that are seen in the stories in this article. Love and life are the best choice and gifts to the world.


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