My Child is NOT a Demon by Julia

For too long, the rape conceived and their mothers have been targets of hate speech. The assumption is that no woman who was REALLY raped would want to carry such a baby to term. That is a lie. Using derogatory language to the woman about her child often coerces her into making a decision that puts her at risk mentally, emotionally, and physically. She may consent to an abortion in order to prove that she was actually raped or out of fear that her child will be the object of continued prejudice after birth. Consider the effect on rape conceived persons when the world calls the fetus in the womb a demon seed or the spawn of the devil that deserves death. What message does that send to those children and adults who were rape conceived, yet are now born? Talk about your self esteem issues!

Some of the frequent questions we heard from people concerning the adoption of our daughter(conceived in rape) were, “What are you going to tell her?”, “How are you going to tell her”, and “Are you going to tell her?” They told us it will be horrible thing to hear. Well, it is made infinitely more horrible to hear, when our culture and even many in the Church, look at these children as not worthy to live and as the spawn of Satan. I was also asked, “Are you going to tell people? What will they think of her?” Oh please…

I am bold in sharing ON PURPOSE because there is no shame in being rape conceived! She is an innocent human being. She images her Creator, the Author of Life. She isn’t a demon. She doesn’t have a 666 branded on her by the devil. She doesn’t have red eyes or horns under her curly hair. Funny how those who deny God suddenly believe the devil is real and he is out impregnating women through rape. How long will we continue to protect and defend hate speech against the rape conceived? When we tolerate it, we legitimize it.

It is time to stop DEMONIZING the rape conceived.

*What is “Hate Speech“? In law, hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against a protected individual or group. Hate speech consists of verbal and nonverbal expression that is used to demean, oppress, or promote violence against someone on the basis of their membership in a social or ethnic group. In many cases, hate speech is created by people who are part of a majority population. Their messages typically are directed toward people who are part of a minority population. The targets of hate speech are chosen just because they belong to that particular group of people. The messages of hate also are designed to degrade or otherwise harm these targets for the same reason. More on hate speech

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