Juda MyersJuda Myers

Founder of CHOICES4LIFE, conceived after gang of 8 raped her mother. Author, singer/songwriter, artist as well as wife, mother and grandmother Juda offers a unique audio/visual presentation that educates, encourages and empowers audiences internationally. She’s spoken at Harvard and the U.N. as well as churches, pregnancy center banquets, youth groups, prolife meetings, and schools.  “Reaching people takes a variety of communication skills so I try to use as many as I can.” Incorporating video as well as singing her original songs makes for a very powerful presentation.  It’s not unusual for even those who were pro choice to have a change of heart. Juda not only tells her own story but shares the stories of many others. “It’s not just about me. There are thousands who were conceived in rape living in this world right now. I’m not one in a million like society thinks.”  Each presentation is uniquely tailored to have the greatest potential of reaching each and everyone in her audience. Those wishing to book Juda for an event can always count on timing being perfect, whether for a short 15 minutes or a 2 hr seminar. When evidence for life is presented for birth in cases of rape conception it becomes hard to think abortion is good in any situation. Some past venues: Harvard, The U.N., Rhema Church South Africa, Daystar TV, Iowa State Representatives.  Small honorarium plus airfare and lodging. Flies out of Houston, TX.


Anna RicheyAnna Richey

Director for CHOICES4LIFE. Anna personally knows the pain of abortion and the joy that can be found in choosing life for a rape-conceived child.  An adamant advocate for life, Anna has shared her testimony at conferences, churches, and on several radio programs.  Anna lives in Montana with her husband and four children.  She is currently working on several projects(including a book) to help educate people about the truth of rape conception, and giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. From a very young age Anna knew abuse from her step father. At 12 she became pregnant and he forced an abortion. At 13 she became pregnant again, told her mother and her step father was placed in prison. She has the rare and unfortunate knowledge of knowing both abortion and life in cases of rape as a teen. Her powerful testimony will give speak truth like never heard before. While many speak the “what if” about abortion being the best for a 12 year old this woman can tell you exactly what that was like. “I know what it’s like to give birth to a dead baby and a live baby and giving birth to a live baby is far better.” Anna is married with 5 children. Flies out of Kalispel, Montana. Small honorarium, plus airfare and lodging.


Pam Caylor

Pam is gifted in speaking truth in love and eliciting the desire within God’s people to live a life worthy of their calling. Through years of motivational teaching, training, speaking, and ministry leadership, Pam has garnered a unique and qualified understanding of the “state” of the church today. Drawing on God’s Word and her experience, with unusual candor and charisma, Pam delivers a message of hope and healing. She will inspire the broken, discouraged, or war weary, and simultaneously exhort all those seeking more of God’s Presence in their lives, to “Live A Life of Destiny, Faith, and Holiness!” “Each of us is a unique and special gift to God’s master plan for the world. Always remember that your life is significant!”  Small honorarium, plus airfare and lodging.Pam flies out of Las Vegas, NV.





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  7. Sally Krichbaum

    I help organize our local RTL banquet, here in Adrian, Michigan. usually in late April or early May. We have around 270 who attend. I was impressed with your video and wondered about the possibility of a speaker for our banquet.

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