What About Adoption?



Most prochoice people offer only one choice. Abortion. Permanent. Brutal. Painful.  But usually when people look for choices they want the best choices. So once you’ve decided to give birth you have two choices that will be good choices. One choice is to raise the child yourself. If you are able to do so we can help and also supply additional resources. Parenting classes and child development and needs are just two classes you can take to help you. But what if you decide to place your child for adoption? Don’t listen to people who say it’s a horrible thing to do. These are probably the very same people that are suggesting you kill your baby by method of abortion. They might say you don’t know what kind of life that child will have. Well if you abort you definitely will know what kind of short life and death he/she had. Another statement is that there’s a possibility of the adoptive parents abusing the child. But there are plenty of adoptive parents that don’t. Life has no guarantees but life is better than a torturous death.

I was adopted and so thankful to my birthmother for life and so thankful for my loving adopted parents who cared for me the same had I been their own blood. So listen to truth. There are many many parents longing to parent a child but can’t. Not only would you be giving life to your baby but life to a couple praying to adopt. It’s love on many levels.  It’s best to work with an agency that will be respectful of your desires. You should be the one to decide details. Do you want to have the opportunity to visit your child? Or would you rather not? Many are curious later and wish they would have opted for an open adoption. You aren’t forced to have a close relationship with the family or the child. You decide. Many parents are very accommodating. Working together gives the child a sense of security. We know of several couples that want what’s best for you and your baby.

I know mothers who go on to marry and have additional children. The adopted child grows up healthy and loved by everyone. It may be hard at first tearing at your heart but as you realize if you can’t raise the child that you are doing the most loving thing. Your child in most cases is grateful beyond expression for your choice of life for him/her.  If you’d like help deciding or walking through the process please contact us at info@old.choices4life.net or call 281.451.8460. Adoption is a gift that keeps on giving to so many people. You won’t have to wonder “what would my child have looked like” or “what would my child be when they grow up” or each year thinking of how old they might have been. With adoption you can watch the whole process and be hailed as a hero at the same time. You are a hero whether you place for adoption or raise your child. You saved a life and that’s the real definition of “hero.”

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