Babies Are On The Way

juda myers 1.6.2014

We have two precious women eagerly awaiting the arrival of their babies. While the trauma of their conception will never go away the hope of a new life is their focus now. What once seemed the farthest thing from a blessing is now a joy that these women would never give up. One young woman is the mother of two children already. It was difficult for her because it was a family member who attacked her. Shame flooded her mind and then how would she ever financially be able to do this. She was on her way to Planned Parenthood for the abortion but stopped to ask a woman outside on the sidewalk if she knew about abortions. The woman was eager to help her and walked with her to the sonogram bus where she was shown her baby. I was called shortly afterwards to share my story of being conceived in rape and how my mother was so happy she gave life to me. I was certainly happy to be alive too. But this woman again struggled with the thoughts of finances. I suggested adoption because I was adopted. I am so grateful to my adoptive parents and my birth mom. This was a huge decision for her but having known the value of her other two children that didn’t seem an option for her. But how could she abort? I offered her $3000 to help her if she gave birth. No strings; she just needed to give birth. She could raise her baby or place the child for adoption but with complete support from us. She broke down crying because that was the solution she really needed and wanted. She said yes.

Most mothers can’t see solutions in times of trauma. But they need solutions that will leave them feeling good about themselves. They need support both financially and emotionally. We were able to give that support to her. That afternoon after signing papers making us legally bound to pay her upon the birth of her child she told me she was embarrassed that she actually thought of aborting her baby. I reassured her that this happens a lot and there is no shame for her.She had made the right choice. I am here to walk with her all the way as long as I am able. Not only will we help her while she is pregnant but we offer solutions after the baby is born. We will not abandon her even as her child is growing up. If she ever needs our help we will be available until that child is an adult and no longer under her care.

CHOICES4LIFE is dedicated to helping mothers of rape conceived not just during pregnancy. That’s just the beginning. We offer a network of other moms and children who have experienced life similar and can offer suggestions and emotional support during difficult times such as telling the child or dealing with flashbacks. They are never “alone” but will always have someone to talk to.

sarrah2Sarrah is due possibly on my Valentine birthday. She will be giving birth to a boy and has named him Emmanuel, God is with us. Well that probably wouldn’t be most people’s first thought for a baby conceived in rape but for so many moms like Sarrah they know that a rapist wouldn’t or couldn’t be the creator of a gift as wonderful as a child. So Sarrah says God intervened and gave her this child. Her life was rough before she became pregnant. But this child has given her purpose and hope now. She is well on her way to a new life both for her and her baby boy.

These are just two of thousands perhaps millions of women who give birth to babies conceived after rape. Sarrah is able to be public with her story but the first woman is not. We make great efforts to keep those we help safe and respect their privacy. But their stories are not uncommon. Chances are you have met either a mom who has a rape conceived child or that child conceived in rape. It’s not usually a topic of discussion in most circles.

We’ve helped with rent, clothes, baby items and rides to the doctor. And we will be here for a long time to come. As long as there are needs we will have solutions for these women who are pregnant by rape. If you feel you can help in any way please contact me at Just sharing our organization’s information with pregnancy centers will help. Or perhaps you’re looking for a place to give financially that will be frugal with your money making it stretch as thin as possible. CHOICES4LIFE has no paid staff. We treat your donation as though it were our hard earned money and make sure it is used to help women in great need. You can make a donation here.

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