It is with great sorrow and anger that I write this post. It happened on Friday September 11, a day remembered for the unnecessary loss of life in 2001. An attack claimed 3000 lives. But the attack on unborn humans is said to be 3500 per day! But no one is noticing that CPS facilitates murder of unborn by “railroading.”


It has taken me a couple of days to gather my thoughts as this has affected me on many levels in the very worst of ways. This has been simply the worst case I’ve ever personally worked on and one that I will never forget. It brings back memories of my own mother saying she had to fight my grandmother to save my life. And now a grandmother succumbed and agreed to have her grandbaby killed. I wouldn’t be here if my grandmother would have succeeded in forcing my mother to kill me after she had been raped.


The mother of a raped and pregnant 10-yr-old discovered the girl was pregnant only after taking her to the doctor. Child Protective Services of Arkansas was called and all seven of the mother’s children were immediately and swiftly removed from her custody. So fast that they would not even allow pants to be put on the youngest, the mother told me. I read about the family in an online article after a young man named Dominic brought it to my attention.The 20-yr-old boyfriend of the mother is in jail.


With no time wasted I called the police in Wynne, AR and left a message for Detective Smith. In the past I’ve contacted other police departments and left messages or talked with them but have never gotten a call from the victims except this time. Most police have seemed uninterested in forwarding information but Detective Smith passed on the information.


The mother called me on Tuesday September 8, 2015 because she had been given info that CHOICES4LIFE would be able to help her and the pregnant girl. She was in great distress but after talking with me she seemed hopeful we could help. As a mother of seven and currently 7 months pregnant with her 8th child,having her first child at 14, it is clear she is not pro-abortion. Yet she expressed fear that Child Protective Services would never let her have custody of her children again unless she signed permission for her daughter to have an abortion. She said she had signed it but didn’t want it. I was hopeful that we would be able to help the raped and pregnant 10-yr-old and reverse the permission.   I told her I’d fly out to Arkansas on Wednesday and be with her for her court hearing on Thursday. But Tues evening she started to change her mind.



“They want n she want a dnc so they can test so they can have more evidence but if u could find someone who could talk to me and help me n my kids cause i know they are railroading me to keep my children n I really need some help…I don’t want to push her into having the baby baby cause they mite try n use that against me” were her exact words texted to me on Tuesday, 4:14 pm.

At 4:53 pm she said “I’m sorry …I’m just to(o)scared to try n fight them on this n the judgment of others.”


I continued to reach out to her and Wednesday she was saying about the abortion and succumbing to Child Protective Services “…it would help me keeping my children bk home to me so I can care n love them and be there for them.”  She told me that her daughter wanted a “dnc.”  What child knows what a D&C is much less want one? Child Protective Services were telling the girl that they could get “evidence to prosecute” the rapist. They did not tell her what all of that would entail and the pain she would endure.



I called Marva Walker (870.238.8553) at Child Protective Services in Arkansas who was assigned to the pregnant 10 yr old’s case, but I was only given a very cold robotic response. She did not give anyone the information about CHOICES4LIFE. Inside sources revealed that the raped and pregnant 10-yr-old’s state appointed guardian had refused to sign for an abortion saying he did not recommend an abortion for her. But that didn’t stop government employees to take matters into their own hands. The ten-yr-old was scheduled for an abortion on Friday, September 11 at the Little Rock Family Planning Center.



I flew to Arkansas on Thursday after the mother wanted to have help again. But after I arrived she didn’t respond for hours. Finally she responded with:

“I have an attorney thanks n that’s k. u don’t have to worry bout coming I’m dealing with this. me n attorney” I explained that I was already in Arkansas and was here to help but she said, “I’m fine… I’m doing what is rite thank u doe for the support.” 



And that’s the last I heard from her. I’ve offered abortion counseling now that the 10-yr-old is definitely going to need it. Of the 13 females I know had abortions, 10 were suicidal, 3 attempted and failed. Two were only a month out from their abortion saying it wasn’t a baby. And the last one denied the right of the child to exist because the father was a rapist. There will always be people who believe someone deserves to die. Hitler proved that and he had married parents. While most feel the child conceived in rape will be evil like the father it simply isn’t true. I was conceived in gang rape and I choose to do good. That’s where choice comes in. Choice to do evil or to do good does not depend on your parents.



I flew back on Friday morning, my heart torn as I got reports that the mother had arrived with two other people with the 10-yr-old. They arrived at 9:15 am around the side of the abortion clinic where a lock was removed from the gate designated for employees. This was to keep anyone from speaking to the mother and daughter. The girl was shielded by umbrellas so no one could see her. 11:45 am she exited the building and it was over. A child paid the ultimate penalty for the crime of a rapist. When did rape become more of a crime than murder? What has happened to our country?



An attorney willing to work on the case called the state guardian for the 10-yr-old. But oddly enough the guardian who refused to sign for the abortion also refused to help save the child from the clutches of Child Protective Services. So many people tried to reverse the sentence of death. State representatives of AR were on the phone as late as 1 am trying to get a stay of execution.



One pregnancy center said they were called early after the 10-yr-old was taken into custody by the state. They were asked about a maternity home by another organization but that never happened. Child Protective Services did not protect this girl from harm but added to her suffering. Our inside source is also saying there is another preteen girl in the same situation now, pregnant by her biological father. Her mother also is being pressured by Child Protective Services but she is unmoved as of now and refuses to sign for an abortion. Her state appointed guardian also refuses to sign papers for an abortion and does not recommend it.



Arkansas Department of Human Services who is over Child Protective Services says it did not find CPS facilitates murder of unborn by “railroading” and there’s no problem and no coercion. Would you trust them to do an honest investigation when they jobs were on the line also?

From CPS website
From CPS website

We need to demand an independent investigation of Child Protective Services. Coercion is illegal. This is not their first offense and it will not be there last unless people do something. Oh and what about #BlackLivesMatter? Both the family and CPS case worker, Marva Walker are black. Yet another black baby was killed. If it bothers you that a state run agency is acting on their own accord and forcing mothers to choose between a grandbaby and her own children please contact Governor Asa Hutchinson: (501) 682-2345 and demand an investigation because it has come to your attention that they are coercing grandmothers to abort their grandbabies. It is said that Governor Hutchinson is pro-life. Please call him and ask him to act upon his conscience.



She was convinced that if she didn’t have her grandbaby killed she would never see her seven children again.
A grandmother should never be forced to choose between children and a grandbaby.


If you wish to help grandmothers and mothers save their babies please volunteer or donate to CHOICES4LIFE, the only organization reaching out in so many different ways specifically to turn victims of rape conception into victors.


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