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In the past decade human trafficking has become a global epidemic with an estimated 21 to 30 million people currently enslaved according to research. The attitude towards prostitutes is often of disgust but many times these girls had no desire to be in this industry. They are primed and trained to smile and learn to act like they enjoy what they are doing. But those who have heard the horrors behind the scenes are more apt to offer compassion and solutions. CHOICES4LIFE is reaching out to women who have no solutions. Our safe house is a partnership with a former police officer who has personal experience helping victims.The safe house is security guarded giving peace to those who fear for their lives and giving hope of a future of freedom.  But funds are needed for ongoing operations in this 7000+ square foot mansion. The home is beautiful with plenty of room inside and out(11 acres) with plans for vegetable gardens and horses for a truly new beginning. We know that both gardening and working with horses are very therapeutic. We will be equipped to help all ages.

Our upcoming 5k Run 4 Their Lives (Run/Walk) will help expand the help we are currently giving to victims. Stude Park in Houston, TX  May 24, 2014 is our first televised run. Along with the run/walk we will have a fun time with live music, free food and vendor booths. Several genres of music will be represented and should be fun for the whole family. Proceeds will provide for the following initiatives:

•Brochures and Educational videos to assist those who currently helping victims

•Financial support to provide transitional/safe housing

•Provisions for care during pregnancy (food, clothing, transportation to medical care)

•24 Hour Hotline for women who are pregnant after rape

•Counseling Services

•Adoption Services- if the mother chooses

•Financial Assistance After Care- To help with training, job assistance and/or a stipend to aid anyone struggling financially to raise her rape conceived child

•Legal Assistance for Sex Trafficking, Minors pregnant after rape

•Continuous Support- Counseling for Mothers and Children- Parenting Classes

• PSA’s to reach victims
There is such a huge need and the number of victims are growing so the outreach needs to grow too. Working together we can accomplish just about anything. So we are offering to help any organization that helps ours with our 5k run. Register runners in groups of ten or more and your organization will earn 10% of registration fees you collect.


Contact Juda @ 281.451.8460

Thank you in advance for your support.

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  1. I am doing my thesis on Human Trafficking and am very passionate about helping effect changes. Please add me to your subscribers list. Thanks.

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