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Mother’s Day is a special day to honor the gift of motherhood. None of us would be here today without the gift of life from a mother.  I’d like to spotlight a couple of moms who are living and embracing life to the fullest. Moms possess the ability to sometimes see things that no one else sees in their child.Those who encourage a child to become all they were meant to be are truly used of God to move people to make the world a better place. There are those moms who also see more in the people around them encouraging not only their own children but the world too. These people are gifted and a gift. Someone posted a picture and a story on my Facebook wall and said “I thought you’d be interested in this.” Indeed I was. Lauren Worman of Englewood,Ohio, owner of eLL Photography and Design is one mom who captures those special moments that families will treasure for generations and the world looks at in awe.

Lauren has her hands full but still manages beautifully to be a wife, mom to four (3 girls, one boy, almost a year old to seven years old) and a very talented photographer.

laurens family

I have always had a desire to be around children. Infancy and childhood are such amazing, free, pivotal stages and I love capturing them.Photography has always been a huge part of my life. I have dozens of photos from when I was much younger of just ‘stuff’ I thought I wanted to remember. Books, dolls, purses, toys, flowers, etc. Now older, as a mom, daughter, and granddaughter, I know how important photography is in remembering those you love. But, above all else, photographing babies and children make my heart the happiest!,” she says with a houseful of subjects to photograph. Children are just awesome. They are like puzzles and once you have them figured out, you can really get some incredible emotions to unfold. It is always worth that patience. I think one of the biggest compliments I receive is that I am patient during my sessions.”

I think that kind of patience and the ability to just watch people has given Lauren good insight. Lauren  says, “Beauty is everywhere. I particularly love the beauty of those made in God’s image – us! I am 100% certain that the only reason I can do what I do is first and foremost from God. I have had a lot of help along the way, but HE is the reason I am still clicking away. I want to point my business back to Him as often as possible. With my heart for babies, particularly the unborn, I want to really focus my efforts, whenever possible, on showing others the beauty of these magnificent beings. All praise to God for giving m the titles of wife, mother and photographer!They have all helped to open my eyes to how beautiful the world can really be!”


This love between a mother and child is not easily understood by those who have not experienced such joy after unspeakable horror. While many “outsiders” might walk away and either refuse to talk about it or speak wrongly, Lauren Worman gives the world a glimpse of the amazing love one young mother has for her rape conceived daughter. Isabella and her mother, also named Lauran with an “a”, share an inseparable bond and it shows. IsabellaMore and more mothers are unashamedly declaring their love for their rape conceived child even when family, friends and the world around us disagrees.  Lauran has no regrets. Lauran’s words:

She was your average American girl. Her mother worked from home so she could homeschool her children while her father worked for the city. She was raised in a Christian home, grew up playing sports and never found herself in trouble. When she became a sophomore she started attending the local high school. By the time summer before her senior year rolled around she had met a guy through mutual friends. As their relationship things took a drastic turn. What should have been a normal night of the two of them hanging out and playing basketball turned into a night that would completely alter the course of her life. You see, her boyfriend was wanting to have sex but she said “no”. And although she kept begging him not to he didn’t listen and instead raped her; forcing her to have sex. A few weeks later at the age of 17 she found herself pregnant. When the time finally came to tell her parents that she was expecting, one of the first things she was told was that she was going to be having an abortion. But you see, she knew that wasn’t the answer. She knew abortion wouldn’t erase what had happened to her. She knew there was never a reason why a baby should have to be murdered…even in a case of rape. And had she had an abortion the beautiful little girl in this picture, my daughter, Isabella, wouldn’t be here right now. Because you see, that girl in the story, is me. My name is Lauran and I chose life for my daughter. Through choosing life the Lord has blessed us with an adventurous lifestyle of being able to use the story God has given us to bring hope to other women who are expecting and not sure where to turn. Life hasn’t always been easy but the Lord has been faithful through it all. He has provided for us every step of the way. I’m not sure what’s next or where we will be 10yrs from now but what I do know is that God is faithful and that as long as we are willing to be used for his glory and continue saying “Yes Lord” that our journey won’t end here.”

These two moms, Lauren and Lauran wanted to share their blessings with everyone. I asked Lauren what touched her about Lauran and Isabella. “What stood out the most was their love for each other and their love for Christ. They both seem so spiritually alive and that is definitely an inviting characteristic. Their relationship together is also a beautiful thing to witness. Isabella is 100% full of life. She was always moving, always exploring – but she never missed a chance to make her mommy feel loved and important, which speaks volumes of how she has been treated by her momma. They have a very sweet dynamic! Lauran’s strength and voice about her story is amazing, too. I was so thankful to be able to use the platform God has given me as another source to share it! I would encourage all women that have a story about choosing life when society, a significant other, a doctor, etc. advises or pressures you to choose otherwise. There are at least 3,500 women every day that are choosing or considering otherwise. They need to know that the choice of life is worth living. Simply obey God and He will sort the rest out. He promises that!” Definitely able to see beyond the norm.

Lauren and eLL Photography & Design bless those who chose life in the hard situations – children with Downs, or other special needs, single moms, and other “exceptions” kind of births. “I will always offer my “Chose Life Minis free of charge.I also encourage other photographers to use their visual talents to glorify God. It is the greatest blessing!” Lauren is an encourager and has the ability to capture photos that tug and your heart and bring a smile to your face.

You can contact her through email. Find her on Facebook 

These are pictures from her other work not in the specific “Chose Life” series but certainly nothing less than fantastic life.



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