Conceived in Incest Angel

Conceived in incest


A mother could barely breathe finding out that she was pregnant after being raped by a family member. Conceived in rape is hard enough but conceived in incest has even more trauma. Having the rapist constantly near is a huge fear. First thoughts were abortion. Her head was spinning and couldn’t seem to find any solutions. A sonographer from a pregnancy center called me asking if I could talk to this young woman. This mother was wanting to go to Planned Parenthood. I knew this was a matter of literal life and death. After listening to literally hundreds of women telling me the best thing that could have ever happened was their baby after rape and listening to 9 women tell me aborting a rape conceived baby was the worst thing to ever happen to them, I knew abortion wouldn’t be good for this young mother either. She had other children but many times women don’t realize they are mothers when they are pregnant and this baby was hers also.

[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”auto” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]But what is a human life worth? [/dropshadowbox]


I begged. I cried.

This woman would never think of hurting her other children but not holding this one in her arms made it easy to detach herself. We talked but she kept saying she wanted to abort. I begged. I cried. I gave her logical reasons not to abort but when a person is panicked logic isn’t much help. Then I offered her money not to abort. I knew she was financially hurting and wanted to let her know that part of her worries was taken care of. SaveUnbornLife is really putting their money where their heart is and they have helped CHOICES4LIFE save babies before. More than once I’ve heard pregnant women and those who promote abortion talk about the financial aspect. But what is a human life worth? Today another young mother knows that answer. It is worth her life. Her child is her life and she now has no doubts about it.

After she no longer had that financial fear she said she was ashamed to have even considered abortion.

Each time I’ve offered to help financially both during and after birth it has changed the minds of mothers carrying unplanned babies. So this mom also changed her mind. And after she no longer had that financial fear she said she was ashamed to have even considered abortion. How her child was conceived didn’t change the fact that she was his mother. That’s how strong the pressure is on women to abort especially after rape. One thing I just cannot understand is why mothers are not considering adoption in such financial stress. There is no shame in adoption. It is heroic!



She is so in love she named the baby Angel.

Well this young mother would never think of harming her precious Angel in anyway. She is so in love she named the baby Angel. Joy unspeakable is hers now because she chose life. CHOICES4LIFE honored her with a baby shower and even gave her a complete baby bed with sheets and bumper pads too. Mom has no regrets and is feeling great. The other children are thrilled to have a new member of the family. This baby is loved beyond words. CHOICES4LIFE will continue to support this mom and family with love, counseling, financial help and other resources when needed as this child grows to be a wonderful part of society. We save babies but we also save moms  from the pain of abortion. She is so very grateful someone cared enough to stop her from making a horrible choice that would hurt for the rest of her life.



We understand the value of you and your baby.

If you need help carrying a child to term or raising a child conceived in rape please contact us. If you’ve aborted or miscarried a baby conceived in rape we are here to help you also. We understand the value of you and your baby.




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  3. As a father of an aborted angel named Samuel, what a joy to learn of this precious life saved from the lie of abortion. God gave us the command to be fruitful and He’s way big enough to give us the victory in any situation – if we just listen and obey. Keep shining the Truth Juda – There’s no life that’s somehous less valuable to our loving Father God.

  4. Jhonnie Walker

    I actually have a service from “SafeKidZone” that helps me protect my kids anytime and anywhere. It’s a panic button alert installed on their cell phones that in just a press of it, it simultaneously notifies their select group of friends and family members that they are in danger. If they are in a serious problem and their safety network people cannot handle that, the incident will be redirected to the nearest 911 forwarding complete vital information. This is a great tool in keeping my children safe at all times because it also features registered sex offenders, threat levels and danger zones. I am glad this kind of service was being created and I hope that you guys would take a look on this site

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  6. Susanne Westh Larsen

    I am so comforted to read the above.
    I know that abortion is what hurts forever as I am myself an aborted mother.
    Everytime I read about a child and a mother and a family that is saved from the evil of abortion, I am so very grateful on their behalf, because I know the excruciating pain and sorrow they have been spared of.
    Thankyou Juda Myers, God bless you so much.
    Thankyou Jesus!

  7. Carl G. Oehling

    What would/should I do if I were there? My finances are in question at the moment, but I will remember the need.

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