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The following quotes are from geneticists and scientists as well as abortion clinic doctors and workers. Don’t be fooled. They all know that abortion will kill your baby! Please read all the comments before you choose to end your baby’s life.

This Source cites St. Louis Post Dispatch, 1/22/00
Legalized Abortion Harms Women and Children
by Ellie Dillon

In 1981 (April 23-24) a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee held hearings on the very question before us here: When does human life begin?

Appearing to speak on behalf of the scientific community was a group of internationally-known geneticists and biologists who had the same story to tell, namely, that human life begins at conception – and they told their story with a profound absence of opposing testimony.

Ancient Hippocratic Oath “I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; furthermore, I will not give to a woman an instrument to produce abortion.”

 Hippocratic Oath, (revised September, 1948, Declaration of Geneva)”I will maintain the utmost respect for human life from the time of conception”  (These words were simply deleted from the oath in the 1960’s by the Univ. of Pittsburgh and University of Toronto School of Medicine.)

Dr. Micheline M. Mathews-Roth, Harvard medical School, gave confirming testimony, supported by references from over 20 embryology and other medical textbooks that human life began at conception.

“Father of Modern Genetics” Dr. Jerome Lejeune told the lawmakers:

“To accept the fact that after fertilization has taken place a new human has come into being is no longer a matter of taste or opinion … it is plain experimental evidence.”

Dr. Hymie Gordon, Chairman, Department of Genetics at the Mayo Clinic added:

“By all the criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception.”

 Dr. McCarthy de Mere, medical doctor and law professor, University of Tennessee, testified:

“The exact moment of the beginning of personhood and of the human body is at the moment of conception.”

Dr. Alfred Bongiovanni, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, concluded,

“I am no more prepared to say that these early stages represent an incomplete human being than I would be to say that the child prior to the dramatic effects of puberty … is not a human being.”

Dr. Richard V. Jaynes:

“To say that the beginning of human life cannot be determined scientifically is utterly ridiculous.”

 Dr. Landrum Shettles, sometimes called the “Father of In Vitro Fertilization” notes,

“Conception confers life and makes that life one of a kind.” And on the Supreme Court ruling _Roe v. Wade_, “To deny a truth [about when life begins] should not be made a basis for legalizing abortion.”

Professor Eugene Diamond:

“…either the justices were fed a backwoods biology or they were pretending ignorance about a scientific certainty.”

Dr. Hymie Gordon, professor of Medical Genetics, Mayo Clinic; quoted by Public Affairs Council pamphlet “The Abortion Choice,” POB 98292 Tacoma, WA 98498)

 “. . .when life begins – is no longer a question for theological or philosophical dispute. . .it is an established fact. . .that all life, including human life, begins at the moment of conception.”

JW Whitehead,(The Second American Revolution,pp. 118, 1982, David C. Cook Publishing Co)

“When Hitler determined to exterminate the Jews, some German humanists objected on the basis of the sanctity of life and of natural justice, Hitler simply defined the Jews as less than fully human, and his critics were anesthetized. If the Jews were not human, then they did not have human rights. What a simple solution to an otherwise perplexing problem! The argument for rights…becomes capricious and merely a matter of definition of terms by whoever has the power to make his definition stick…When abortion opponents object that in doing so they destroy other persons – unborn children – and deprive them of all their rights, the prochoice party simply resorts to having the competent power – the Supreme Court – declare that

unborn children are not persons and hence have no rights to interfere with a woman’s freedom of choice.”

Interesting facts:

In 1994 Kawana Michele Ashley, a Florida woman, shot herself in the womb  as an abortion method. It worked. The infant survived 15 days after an emergency  Caesarian section. Ashley was unable to pay for an abortion, which was legal, but  because the infant died, she was charged 9-7-94 with manslaughter and 3rd-degree murder.

SPRINGFIELD, IL–A study by the Eliot Institute for Social Sciences Research found that 28% of women who regretted having an abortion had attempted suicide. About 65% acknowledged denying negative feelings for about 5 years, 20% reported nervous breakdowns. The subjects had abortions an average 10.6 years before the survey. (NIR 11/28/94) AOL

 WASHINGTON, DC–No abortions were performed in any military hospitals in the 18 months following President Clinton ordering military physicians to perform abortions. Every military doctor has used the conscience clause to refuse

abortions. (LIC 11/94) AOL

More quotes from abortion workers:

Abortionist Beverly McMillan on why she stopped doing abortions:

“It got to where I couldn’t stand to see the little bodies anymore.”

Ex-abortionist Mary Meechan, “The Ex-abortionists- They Have Confronted Reality” Washington Post April 1988 A21

Abortion clinic nurse:

“We do abortions here. That is all we do. There are weary, grim moments when I think I cannot bear another basin of bloody remains, or utter another kind phrase of reassurance. So I leave the procedure room in the back and reach for a new chart….I prepare myself for another basin, another brief and chafing loss.” Sallie Tisdale “We do Abortions Here” Harper Magazine Oct. 1987 p66

Another worker in the same clinic: Sallie Tisdale “We do Abortions Here” Harper Magazine Oct. 1987 p66

“We all wish it [the fetus] were formless, but its not. And its painful. There is a lot of emotional pain.”

Abortionist Dr. William Thompson, Quoted in “Is the Fetus Human” which includes interviews with abortionists and women who have had abortions.

“Arms, legs, chests come out in the forceps. It’s not a sight for everyone.”

Carol Everett, former owner of two abortion clinics and director of four, “A Walk Through an Abortion Clinic”

“Every woman has these same two questions: First, “Is it a baby?” “No,” the counselor assures her. “it is a product of conception(or blood clot or piece of tissue)” Even though these counselors see 6 week babies daily, less than an inch long, with arms, legs, and eyes that are closed like newborn puppies, they lie to the women. How many women would actually have an abortion if they told them the truth?”

Jane Hodgeson Minnesota abortionist, National Abortion Federation Conference at Washington D.C> on May 28, 1980

“Is adolescent pregnancy a disease? We have laws regarding other epidemics. We have mandatory immunizations, but we have no law prohibiting motherhood before the age of 14 in our supposedly civilized society. We ought to mandate against continuing pregnancy in the very young, say, those less than 14 years.”

Clinic worker Susan Lindstrom, M.S.W., Dr. Magda Denes “Performing Abortions” Commentary, Oct 1976 pp35, 37

 “They [the fetuses] were next to the garbage cans in paper buckets, like the take home chicken kind. I looked inside the bucket in front of me.There was a small, naked person in there, floating in bloody liquid.”

Abortionist Dr. John Szenes, in Dr. Magda Denes “Performing Abortions” Commentary, Oct 1976 pp35, 37

“You have to become a bit schizophrenic. In one room yoiu encourage the patient that the slight irregularity of the hetal heart is not important- that she is going to have a fine, healthy baby. Then in the next room, you assure another woman, on whom you just did a saline abortion, that it’s good that the heart is already irregular….she has nothing to worry about. She is NOT going to have a live baby…… Somebody has to do it. Unfortunately, we are the executioners in this instance.” —

Abortionist (name withheld), quoted (from radio) by John Rice, D.D. in “Abortion” litt.d., Murfreesboro, TN Sword of the Lord Publishers, p 31

 “The first time I felt like a murderer, but I did it again and again, and now, 20 years later, I am facing what happened to me as a doctor and as a human being. Sure, I got hard. Sure, the money was important. And oh, it was an easy thing, once I had taken the step- to see these women as animals and these babies as just tissue….” —

Abortionist, (name withheld), Women Exploited: the Other Victims of Abortion. Paula Erwin, ed. 1972 New York, p127

“I hate Christians because I know they are forgiven, and I know God will never forgive me for what I do.” —

Abortionist Lisa Fortier, 1980 National Convention of the National Abortion Federation. Quoted in Andrew Schlosberg, “The Abortionists and Planned Parenthood: Familiar Bedfellows” International Review of Family Planning, Winter 1980 p 308

“From a strict medical viewpoint, every pregnancy should be aborted.”

British abortionist Aleck Bourne, Quoted by James Wilkerson “A Doctor Speaks” London [England] Express, Jan 25, 1967

“I have never known a woman who, when her baby was born, was not overjoyed I had not killed it.” —

-Minnesota abortionist Jane Hodgeson, quoted in “Human Life International Report” No. 83 Aug 1991 p 6-7

“A medically necessary abortion is any abortion a woman asks for.”

Abortionist Alen J. Kline, on whether he noticed Dawn Ravenell’s age while performing the abortion that killed her. (This one appeared in papers throughout the country).

“Oh no, I’ve done 13 year olds before. When they’re ten, maybe I’ll notice.”

Mrs. Rosemary Petruso, recounting her training on how to be an abortion counselor. She was told to withhold information and to give even less information to teenagers than to adults. Her story was in the St. Louis Review, Women Exploited, p 60

“When discussing a sonogram, you are supposed to tell the client that it is a measurement as far as the pregnancy is concerned but not a measure of the fetal head or anything like that.”

Nancy White, representative of NARAL quoted in “The American Feminist”, Summer 1994, p 14

 “The 54% of black children born to unwed mothers are not productive members of society. Teenagers never make good mothers….single mothers have bad children.”

Pro-choice author Magda Denes, on her two years of research and interviewing of abortion clinic personnel for her book “In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death Inside and Abortion Clinic,” quoted by S.J. Powell “Abortion: the Silent Holocaust”

“There was not one [abortion doctor] who, at some point in the questioning, did not say, “This is murder.”

Dr. Neville Sender, abortion clinic founder, quoted by Pro-choice author Magda Denes on her two years of research and interviewing of abortion clinic personnel for her book “In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death Inside and Abortion Clinic,” quoted by S.J. Powell “Abortion: the Silent Holocaust”

“We know that its killing. But the state permits killing under certain circumstances.”

Abortionist quoted by Pro-choice author Magda Denes on her two years of research and interviewing of abortion clinic personnel for her book “In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death Inside and Abortion Clinic,” quoted by

S.J. Powell “Abortion: the Silent Holocaust”

“You know that there is something alive in there that you are killing.”

Mary Calderone, Pro-abortionist and former Planned Parenthood president, American Journal of Public Health vol 50 no. 71960

“Abortion is the taking of a life.” —

More quotes from Clinic Quotes

Posted on October 27, 2013 by Sarah  “Christa” former clinic worker at  Planned Parenthood on her work in the back rooms where clean-up after abortion procedures took place.

 “I’m guilty of counting body parts and freezing them, only for them later to be burned,”

Carol Misseldine of Lansing Area Advocates for Choice “Abortion Bill Toned Down” Lansing (Michigan) State Journal March 6, 1992

“To show a picture of a fetus that is very small, making it look huge, is very harassing.”


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