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So your thoughts are PANIC!!  What am I going to do? If you’re staying with parents, what are they going to say and do?  If you are living with someone other than parents you have pretty much the same questions. Take a deep breath. No really take a deep breath.  Good. now realize there is help. We ARE here to help. So you are never without help. What if you’re too scared to tell them? We can help. If you’d like help to tell the people in your life we can help with that too. What if you need a safe place while they process the information?  If you’re a minor we will have to speak to your parents. They do have legal authority in your life. But NO ONE has the right to force you to abort. It is even illegal for your parents to force you to abort.  If you need legal help you can call Alliance Defense Fund in most states at. 800-835-5233. There is a form at the end of this article that you can fill out and fax to any abortion clinic you think someone might take you. Keep a copy with you. It threatens them with legal action if you they force you to abort.

Now if you think you’re in danger call 911. Don’t be worried about “getting into trouble.” If you truly are in danger you should seek safety. CHOICES4LIFE has relocated women over 18 to a safe place away from either a perpetrator or anyone unsafe. Your safety is top priority. If someone threatens you with “if you don’t abort, I’ll ….” your thoughts could be “it would be easier to abort.” But the reality is that only you will live with the depression and self-destructive feelings that accompany abortion. There are other options. There are financial options as well as adoption options. One 13 yr. old was told that no one would want her baby. That was a lie. Forced to abort but it was hurting too much, the doctor stopped and told the mom to bring her back when she had more money to put her under general anesthesia! The baby was physically and mentally harmed that day. And the 13 yr. old found out that a couple absolutely wanted the baby. She refused to go back to the abortion clinic and placed her daughter for adoption. It’s sad that she didn’t know she had rights and that someone would love her baby BEFORE an attempted abortion. Remember no matter how old you are you have rights to be safe and not forced to abort. Abortion is a permanent pain that never goes away.

There are times when a person needs to just start over somewhere else during pregnancy or after giving birth. CHOICES4LIFE will try to find a safe place for you and your child. If you want to raise your child we will assist you in being self-sufficient as much as we can.  We work with other organizations to help you with all your needs. You are not alone. Call us and call upon Jesus. He’s helped everyone who does. However your faith is not a criterion for being helped. We welcome any hurting mother pregnant by rape or raising a child conceived that way. If you have any questions it’s simple to give us a call. You’ll find only loving, non-condemning help. Call us now. 284.451.8460

Below is the form you may use for your protection. Also find letters to give to parents here along with other resourceful information under circumstances that are threatening.

FAX TO: Facility Director and All Staff Involved in Abortion Provision

RE: Patient Notice of Intent   CLINIC NAME:______________________________

Fax Number: ________________________DATE____________________________________

I am currently pregnant and I am aware that state and federal law allows me to obtain the reproductive health care

which I determine to be in my best interest, including abortion or prenatal care. After having fully considered all of

my options, I have independently decided to continue my pregnancy to term. However, I am being subjected to

coercion by others which is meant to compel me to terminate my pregnancy. This coercion may include but is not

limited to threats, intimidation, force or threats of force. I am hereby giving you notice that if I am brought to your

facility [a] I will not be in a position to express my true wishes regarding my pregnancy, [b] it is against my will to

terminate my pregnancy, and [c] I may be accompanied by at least one other person whose objective is to prevent

me from either withholding or withdrawing my consent for an abortion. Given these circumstances, I will not be in

a position to freely give legal consent for such a procedure. Should you perform an abortion on me despite being

informed of this fact, you may be subject to criminal prosecution and/or civil liability for committing or conspiring

to commit one or more of the following:

aggravated assault                                   child abuse                                          failure to report suspected child abuse·

wrongful death                                         kidnapping                                         failure to obtain informed consent·

injury to a child                                        fraud/misrepresentation·                     interference with parental relation

sexual assault                                           wrongful imprisonment                       medical license violations

By my signature below I state that I have read and understand this document. I have also directed that copies of it

be provided to the entities or individuals identified below.

X_______________________________________            _______________________________________

Complainant Signature                                                                              Date

________________________________________         ________          ____________________________

Printed Name                                                                        DOB                           DL or SS number


Street Address – City – State – Zip


1. Every abortion clinic or abortion provider to which the complainant might be taken. 2. All law enforcement agencies (police, sheriff, district attorney, etc.) with jurisdiction where the complainant resides AND all law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction where the abortion may be performed. 3. All state authorized Child Protective Services agencies with jurisdiction where the complainant resides AND all state authorized Child Protective Services agencies with jurisdiction where the abortion may be performed. (This notification is necessary only when the complainant is a minor.) 4. The legal counsel representing the pregnancy center or other organization making these notifications on behalf of the complainant AND the legal counsel representing the complainant.


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  1. I’m writing about the teenage rape victim in Alabama whine recently had her baby stolen from her. I myself was a rape victim when I was 20 and conceived a baby from it. I’ve been sending emails to everyone linked to the story online that I’ve read about her. What else can I do!?

    This is what I’ve been emailing to everyone involved in the kidnapping:

    I’ve been reading about the case with the minor whom was raped and still chose life for the baby. With every state “test” passed, the Prince’s still had the baby STOLEN without any court documents. This is against our constitution rights as US citizens! I myself had a child when I was 15. I still completed school on top of my class and worked to provide for my son. I didn’t let my age stop me from doing anything. Then 4years later, I was RAPED as she was, they know who raped me but just like her, they did nothing and gave me issues my whole pregnancy because I chose life for my unborn. I went the whole pregnancy without ANY doctors appointments because I was refused to be seen due to not having insurance. I gave birth to her and decided to keep my daughter because she was MINE. I had support from my mother only. And the rapist was still free for YEARS until her was arrested for murder. I am now 30 and a mother of a 14yr old and a 9yr old. The state of Alabama had NO REASON to take her child away! My sister lives in Alabama and is the MOST unfit mother I have known. Social service cases since I was 12 and to this day, she still has 3 out of 5 of her children! I have one of her kids and the other one passed away from her rolling over on her while she slept. Why aren’t you taking children away from parents who don’t deserve them and leave the deserving mothers alone!? I DARE someone to try and take my child because she was conceived from a rape. Stop punishing the teenage victim for being stronger than most women and men! She’s probably stronger than most of the people you work with! You have NO IDEA how it feels to be a rape victim and have a child to remind you. BUT my daughter has made me 10x stronger because of it! Give her back her child and leave her alone. Please! There’s plenty of other things our country needs to focus on!

    1. I am so sorry for what happened to you and I say YOU ARE A HERO!! God bless you. And yes you are right. Could it be that DHR feels that the real abused kids are too much trouble and damaged goods to hard to place?

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