Three 10 Year Olds Pregnant After Rape

 Three 10 Year Olds Pregnant After Rape Facing Ancient Stigma

Just the thought of one ten year old pregnant after rape is enough to send the world into a frenzy.  Sadly there are far more than just three. Two now have international attention and here I am presenting yet another one. Each are in a different country.


10 Year Old Pregnant in Paraguay

The first case is a ten year old from Paraguay receiving worldwide attention. Raped by her step father she became pregnant. This child’s mother wants the preborn child aborted. Government officials are refusing to allow an abortion so Amnesty International feels obliged to call on the world to demand the death of this preborn baby. The girl is almost 23 weeks pregnant. The preborn baby is fully formed only needing to further develop organs such as lungs before coming into this world. says:

More babies born at 22 weeks of gestation survive with help… Specialists in the field estimate survivability of premature babies over the past 40 years has increased by about one week per decade. Dr. Edward Bell, a co-author of the study, told The New York Times he considers 22 weeks a new threshold of viability. “I guess we would say that these babies deserve a chance,” he said.


This is not information Amnesty International is providing to the public. There is no cry from world organizations to save both children in Paraguay. According to ABC:

Official figures provided yesterday by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare realize that last year more than 20,000 teenagers gave birth, of which 684 were aged 10-14 years.

Of those 20,000 it was reported that 14 died from complications from abortion. Abortion is not a safe procedure; though many will escape death there are future problems to consider. Mayo Clinic reports:

Research suggests a possible link between abortion and an increased risk of:
Vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy
Preterm birth
Low birth weight
Placenta problems, such as retained placenta


Not only is abortion not good for women but it is fatal for the preborn baby. Perhaps the risk to the mother is worth taking because the baby was conceived after rape? Rape conceived children are despised around the globe but especially when conceived in younger females. Rape is appalling. There are no words to describe the horror done to these little girls. People are outraged and justifiably so. The heart of some people moves to do something to comfort or help the victims. History has proven that humans don’t always know the correct treatment of victims to ease their pain or make the situation better. Some children are even killed for being raped because their family feels it’s a disgrace they cannot live with. While no one is asking for the death of the young girl in Paraguay there are thousands globally asking for the death of her 22 week preborn baby conceived when her step father raped her. Certainly the girl’s mother is ashamed. Maybe that would explain why a grandmother would want to kill her grandchild. It would eliminate the reminder to family and friends but abortion will never erase what was done to the girl. Add abortion to rape and now you’ve multiplied the trauma beyond imagination. The family could go on and “forget” but the victim would be a double trauma victim-one for rape and another for the death of her preborn baby.


The world tries to erase the evidence of the crime of rape but they can never erase the torture of either the rape or the abortion from the heart and mind of the mothers.Being a rape conceived speaker for life and president of CHOICES4LIFE, has granted me the privilege of hearing the most intimate of stories by women and children of rape conception. They know there will be no condemnation from me. I’ve been told by those pregnant after rape who had an abortion, that it was indescribably more traumatic than the rape.


A woman told me, “What was done to my baby was far greater than what was done to me.”


No place on this planet has a culture embraced the value of a rape conceived child. Somehow the rape conceived preborn baby is doomed to pay the penalty for a crime they didn’t commit. Amnesty means “to pardon,” yet Amnesty International is demanding that an innocent person die for the crime of a rapist. Or perhaps the “pardon” is for rapists? It is contradictory for any organization called Amnesty International to be calling for the death of an innocent person. The world has not heard the cries of the mothers or the children they conceived after rape. Misplaced compassion and lack of education leaves people crying for the blood of the innocents like those at a gladiator sport in ancient times. If aborted there will be two victims. Amnesty International has petitioned the world to join in the cry to end the life of the 22 week old baby in the womb of this 10 year old.


Amnesty International’s mantra is “Hope For Humanity.” There is no hope for humanity if humans aren’t allowed the right to be born alive.


Abortion would only perpetuate the pain that girl would feel for being the mother of a dead baby as well as having been raped. It will not erase rape nor will it make her feel any better to be violated in the same area as the rape again with steel instruments ripping her baby to pieces. Mothers who conceive in rape will never forget what society thinks of them and their children. And those children who escape society’s death sentence are stamped with the global stigma: RAPE CONCEIVED and unfairly described as “demon seeds.” Mothers and children are left feeling less than human thanks to the continuation of this “after rape pregnancy abuse.”  Amnesty International is inciting the world:

“The world is now watching Paraguay. We are calling on authorities there to show humanity and respect the dignity and wishes of this young girl and her mother. To do anything else would be a clear breach of international human rights law and a violation of this young girl’s rights,” said Guadalupe Marengo, Deputy Director for the Americas at Amnesty International, after more than 150,000 of its members and supporters worldwide signed a petition to support the girl getting access to all medical options.

The following comes from Amnesty International’s petition to end the life of the 22 week unborn baby in Paraguay.

“According to recent data from the UN, girls aged 10-14 make up 2.13% of maternal deaths in Paraguay. Two births a day are from girls under 14.”

But calculations don’t add up. According to ABC, the official figures provided by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare last year more than 20,000 teenagers gave birth, of which 684 were aged 10-14 years. In the same period, 14 teenagers died in abortions and another 28 died from complications of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. So if we were to do the math on this even if we contributed all the deaths to just 10-14 year olds 42 is .21% of 20,000! Far from Amnesty International and the UN’s stats! What is their agenda?The Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare in Paraguay is a bit more honest than other organizations in reporting. But while some lump all maternal deaths together a few will confess the truth if you click on their “definition.”

According to Index Mundi

Definition of Maternal mortality rate: The maternal mortality rate (MMR) is the annual number of female deaths per 100,000 live births from any cause related to or aggravated by pregnancy or its management (excluding accidental or incidental causes). The MMR includes deaths during pregnancy, childbirth, or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy, irrespective of the duration and site of the pregnancy, for a specified year.

Amnesty International would suggest that the girls dying are the result of carrying those babies, but these stats show otherwise. The admission shows that they do not want you to know abortions are making up a good percentage of the deaths of pregnant girls. Another deception comes with Amnesty International saying that adolescents are five times more likely to die from pregnancy than adults but according to WHO the number is four, specifically in Latin American countries. Once again Amnesty International is caught stretching the truth!

UNICEF, along with others according to their own definition of reporting says:

The maternal mortality data in the column headed ‘reported’ are those reported by national authorities. Periodically, UNICEF, WHO and UNFPA evaluate these data and make adjustments to account for the well- documented problems of underreporting and misclassification of maternal deaths and to develop estimates for countries with no data. The column with ‘adjusted’ estimates for the year 2000 reflects the most recent of these reviews.”


By their own admission they “make adjustments” for “under reporting” and “misclassification of maternal deaths.” So if it wasn’t reported these groups are left to their own imagination to create the “adjustments.” I find that quite deceptive. baby pictured was 23 weeks gestation, perfectly formed and survived. For the full story click here.
I’ve heard the argument that the girl will probably die carrying the baby. Well the 10 year old in Paraguay has a baby as formed as the one in the picture. She has already carried this baby successfully. She has felt her baby move inside her. With proper care the baby would likely be able to survive outside the womb. So why is Amnesty International calling for this fully formed preborn baby to be killed? They are even telling people to contact officials in Paraguay “before June 12!” Many say that the trauma of giving birth and having a child conceived after rape will ruin that girl’s life. Why aren’t they asking mothers of children of rape conception? And what about adoption? Family, friends and the world pushes to end the lives of the rape conceived but why isn’t the world protecting the innocent and condemning the guilty? Let me say that I am against the death penalty but if anyone were guilty and deserving death it would be the rapist not the preborn baby.


 Dr. Ingrid Skop has been called upon by many for her expert witness having worked over 20 years in obstetrics and gynecology. She is also a Fellow with the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and has this to say:

“As the mother of an eleven year old daughter, I was saddened to hear of the 10 year old girl in Paraguay who is pregnant as a result of incest. It is natural when one hears of such a tragic situation to want to reverse the clock and return her to her childhood innocence. But that is not possible. So the question should become, what should be done now?
As an obstetrician, I realize that pregnancy in such a young girl carries increased risk. Statistics tell us young teenagers are more likely to give birth prematurely, have a lower birthweight baby, suffer from anemia, poor nutrition, and substance abuse, and are at higher risk for cesarean delivery.
Yet, the proposed alternative of terminating her pregnancy late in the second trimester (she is reportedly 22 weeks pregnant), also carries substantial risks. Abortion complications increase in number and severity as the pregnancy advances. Physical risks include infection, hemorrhage, perforation of the uterus leading to infertility, damage to the cervix leading to increased risk of subsequent premature delivery, and in rare cases, death.
Mental risks are difficult to quantify, and a young girl who is the victim of incest is likely to suffer from depression and post-traumatic stress regardless of the pregnancy outcome. While she may not be fully aware of the long term implications of carrying a pregnancy to term, she undoubtedly understands that it is a baby she carries inside her body. By the mid second trimester she can feel its kicks. Young girls usually love babies, and to forcibly terminate the baby growing inside her body is likely to cause severe emotional trauma. Conversely, to allow her to carry the baby to term is likely to provide some comfort, because some good has come out of her difficult situation.
Too often on the abortion issue we are given false choices. The choice in this situation is not solely between an abortion or a dangerous delivery. Since she has come to international attention, I am sure that there would be those willing to provide care and comfort to this young woman if she wants to continue her pregnancy. With social support, good nutrition, and prenatal care, the odds are great that she will remain healthy as she delivers a healthy baby. An open adoption might allow the girl to maintain a relationship with the child, who is also a victim of the crime of incest.”

The mother of the ten year old from Paraguay is demanding an abortion. Prosecutor Monalisa Munoz told Amnesty International said the mother was arrested for connection with the rape and “breaching her duty of care.” The mother demanded an abortion perhaps to rid herself of the shame. I’ve seen too often where girls are blamed by mothers instead of blaming the husbands. Sadly shame is placed on the pregnant mothers and unborn victims instead of the rapists. Not unlike many of the grandmothers of my clients. Even my own grandmother demanded that my mother kill me! I’m alive because my mother fought for my life. The stigma placed on a rape conceived person born to any woman of any age is a call for death. The mothers grieve not only the rape by her attacker but the societal rape that tries to steal the joy that a child brings to a mother. The tactic is to insult the child and humiliate the mother for even wanting such a baby hoping that she succumbs to killing her own child. That is bullying in the cruelest of ways. Being called liars they endure great verbal pain and many times physical attacks for protecting these babies. The prejudice is very aggressive. One woman shared that she was physically assaulted so badly that she lost her baby when she was fifteen. All of the teens I’ve helped in the United States have been bullied during pregnancy and even years later for loving their babies. One teen had her home spray painted with vulgarities.

The media actually applauded ‘groundbreaking’ abortion scene in ABC’s ‘Scandal’, where a woman portrays a rape victim pregnant after rape. The pregnant woman insists on an immediate abortion saying, “I can’t spend another second with that man’s…” she gestured to her stomach. “I need to do it now. You have to get me off the ship.” More prejudice against the rape conceived baby. Society pushes women to think that child is not hers. Society is trying to steal a woman’s baby from her by deception. If they can convince her that baby isn’t hers and that the world despises that baby then she too might believe a lie strong enough to make her kill her own family member. MRC Newsbusters reported the praises of many. Many who probably have never met a female pregnant after rape.

15 yr old pregnant after rape and her child14 year old pregnant after rape annanewbornjosey

The sad part about the girl in Paraguay besides her rape is that the world wants her baby to die. Each girl below was attacked by the public and two are still treated worse than criminals for loving their rape conceived babies. Their pregnancies were without complications and they also gave birth without complications. Babies were born premature but are thriving now. Far left, Iva was raped at 14, Kali in the middle was 13 and lastly Anna Richey, speaker for life, was 13 when she gave birth. Anna just became a grandmother for the first time! It is not our “right” to predict the future and destroy lives.


The United Nations is also backing the killing of the preborn baby of a 10 year old in Paraguay:

The Paraguayan authorities’ decision results in grave violations of the rights to life, to health, and to physical and mental integrity of the girl as well as her right to education, jeopardizing her economic and social opportunities,” warned the four experts composing the UN Working Group on the issue of discrimination against women in law and in practice…Despite requests made by the girl’s mother and medical experts to terminate this pregnancy which puts the girl’s life at risk, the State failed to take measures to protect the health as well as the physical and mental integrity and even the life of the 10-year old girl,” they continued. “No proper interdisciplinary and independent expert assessment with the aim to insure the girl’s best interests was done before overturning life-saving treatments, including abortion.

Texas Right to Life asks us to consider:

This little girl was not grabbed on her way home from school and raped by a stranger; she was violated – likely many times—by the man with whom her mother lived. And that is not all – the little girl’s mother was later arrested for helping the rapist stepfather, Gilberto Benitez Zarate, escape after the girl’s pregnancy was discovered. With her help, Zurate remained a fugitive for more than two weeks before being caught and arrested by authorities. Yet, in the bizarre universe of abortion advocacy, the woman who tried to help Zurate escape punishment for raping her ten-year-old daughter has been granted credibility as a campaigner for her daughter’s well-being. In reality, in light of the fact that she helped her daughter’s rapist, the mother’s interest in killing the child is likely her desire to eliminate evidence of her husband’s crime (aka, the preborn child he fathered). In other words, the little girl’s mother helped the rapist to escape, and then petitioned for the baby to be aborted before she herself was arrested for helping the perpetrator to achieve fugitive status.
What kind of “human rights” organization would treat humans that way? And those passing judgment on the preborn and who discriminate against these young girls do not take into account that abortion not only kills preborn babies but has resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands and countless other females who weren’t reported.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information states:

Every year, worldwide, about 42 million women with unintended pregnancies choose abortion, and nearly half of these procedures, 20 million, are unsafe. Some 68,000 women die of unsafe abortion annually, making it one of the leading causes of maternal mortality (13%). Of the women who survive unsafe abortion, 5 million will suffer long-term health complications.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every 8 minutes a woman in a developing nation will die of complications arising from an unsafe abortion… About 2.5 million adolescents have unsafe abortions every year, and adolescents are more seriously affected by complications than are older women.


The UN also said:

The UN Working Group on the issue of discrimination against women in law and in practice is composed of five independent experts from all regions of the world: Emna Aouij of Tunisia, Rashida Manjoo of South Africa, Juan Mendez of Argentina; and Dainius Puras of Lithuania.… the UN experts welcomed last Friday’s decision by Paraguayan authorities to establish a multidisciplinary panel of experts to express itself on the terms of the overall health of the girl and to give an opinion on the risks and recommendations to ensure her health.

Sadly their “opinion” isn’t truth! Truth is abortion is harmful to these victims.

The following was taken from a news release on Pro-life Wisconsin’s website:

There are no situations where abortion, defined as the direct and intentional killing of an unborn child, is medically necessary to save the life of the mother. Over 900 pro-life doctors and medical researchers have signed the Dublin Declaration, a document stating that abortion is never medically necessary to save a mother’s life. Even abortionists agree that abortion is not necessary to save a woman’s life. Former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who himself performed over 30,000 abortions, said “if women with heart and liver transplants can be carried successfully through pregnancy, we can no longer conceive of any medical condition which would legitimize abortion. In short, we have slowly evolved to an unshakable posture of no exceptions…[W]orkable, morally acceptable legislation proscribing abortion can have no exceptions written into it – not even medical ones.” (Bernadell Technical Bulletin, April 1991)


In the United States in 2010, 10 women died as a result of complications from known legal induced abortion. From 1973-2010, 490 women died as a result of abortion (CDC). Plus there are countless unreported deaths because of descriptions of death such as perforated uterus or excessive bleeding. Since the word “abortion” wasn’t used in the description “abortion” isn’t credited for the deaths! Yet National Center for Biotechnology Information quoted WHO in their report of deaths in the U.S.  the total deaths from abortion were “NONE.” Why the cover up?


Professionals know the truth but truth is hidden from the public. People rarely research things for themselves.


Truth must be hidden for as long as it takes for a culture to become accustomed to the evil.

Once accustomed, societies will not only accept the evil but will defend it.


This 11 year old girl, now 8 months pregnant, offers some advice to those other young girls in her situation: “Don’t listen to all those people who don’t know what you’re going through. That’s not their baby. It’s yours!”

10 Year Old Pregnant in the U.S.


While Amnesty International, the UN and others are doing everything in their power to see that babies die, I have the joy of currently helping another adolescent in the U.S. She was 10 when she was raped and turned 11 two months after becoming pregnant by a 13 year old. She is now eight months pregnant and doing fantastic with the support of her family and CHOICES4LIFE. She has been very active in sports also. Bet that’s a surprise to you. Doctors say she will be able to deliver naturally but should complications arise as with any pregnancy the option for a caesarean section is there.



This 11 year old girl, now 8 months pregnant, offers some advice to those other young girls in her situation: “Don’t listen to all those people who don’t know what you’re going through. That’s not their baby. It’s yours!” She has discovered what almost all the mothers I’ve worked with have discovered. Her baby is helping her to heal even before she has seen her precious lil one. The girl’s mother plans to raise the baby with all the love a grandmother should feel though she is barely in her 30s. She understands that her family is precious no matter how they came to be. The eleven year old is joyously looking forward to seeing and holding her baby. She’s picked a name that says her baby is a gift from heaven. This family is such an inspiration proving giving life is better than taking it. But the world refuses to understand. Students at her school bullied her so badly that she was removed from public school and is now being home schooled. A rural area far away was to offer a much safer place for the family and after speaking to “Mr. Landlord” about her situation he agreed to let her move in with a lower down payment. CHOICES4LIFE was going to make that payment as agreed to by the landlord’s wife. However within moments after we spoke “Mrs. Landlord” left a message on the girl’s mother’s phone saying she wasn’t willing to take less money. She also said that she had given the home to someone else. She didn’t answer my calls, email or text. Perhaps what happened is that this woman didn’t want a family with a girl pregnant from rape in their rental home. CHOICES4LIFE could have paid the original price but wasn’t even given a chance. This is not the first time discrimination has happened in my trying to find help for these victims.


Like so many trials that make us stronger an amazing thing happened. The eleven year old and her siblings told their mom, “We’re not going to run! We are going to stay and fight!” When given hope and truth people can rise up to be heroes. Even a young eleven year old can be that hero. And she is not alone. There are many others who have successfully overcome the world! There is a new courage pulsing through the veins of rape conception victims. A new hope and destiny is compelling us to be silent no more. There is a verse in the bible that says I Corinthians 1:27 “For God has chosen the foolish of the world to shame the wise” We who are foolish to the world, the despised, are saying shame on people who would kill the innocent. For those who are wise in their own eyes, who use the reasoning of killing one child to save another, again I say shame on you for not saving both.


What Amnesty International and other groups and individuals don’t realize is that there is a huge group of rape conceived persons and mothers who are being harmed by the verbal condemnation of rape conceived children and mothers. Each of us has heard hate speech, calling us “demon seeds” or telling our mothers that we will “taint the gene pool.” If that was said to any minority group or children the world would be outraged. But because most victims live in silence the world does not know contributions made by the rape conceived in this world. Attorney and pro-life speaker, Rebecca Kiessling, one of the first to speak out in defense of the rape conceived wasn’t wanted in the womb but is greatly loved by her mother today. Her mother would have chosen abortion had it been legal. But law forced her to save her baby. She placed Rebecca for adoption and today has legally adopted her daughter back! Sometimes what we are told in a crisis isn’t the truth or what is beneficial. Rebecca’s mother is forever grateful she was forced to give birth to her daughter. Rebecca loves her life complete with husband and five children.


Monica Kelsey, firefighter, EMT, who formerly served in the Navy has literally saved lives in her jobs. But the world says she isn’t wanted or needed. Pam Stenzel, child of a 14 year old rape victim, found love in a large adoptive family. Known as the “sex lady” she has taught millions of teens how to stay disease free by being sexually pure and abstinent until marriage. Indeed she has saved lives too. Kristi Hofferber, a pastor’s wife along with Pastor Tim Wessel, Pastor Curtis Campbell, Pastor Russell Saltzman and Minister Susan Jaramillo are saving lives on a “higher” level and were also conceived after rape. James Robison saving countless people in Africa by digging water wells. There are countless others working and living on this planet doing great things who just so happened to be conceived after rape.


My own mother placed me for adoption sacrificing her desires to protect me from her family who wished I was dead. Forty eight years later I found her holding a picture given to her when I was 3 months old. Overwhelmed with love and pride she was constantly affirming me and her decision to give life to me…and my two sons … and my six grandchildren!


Mothers of rape conceived children that I’ve spoken to actually seem so very proud of their children that it would seem even boastful and arrogant. This completely contradicts the standard belief “that mother could never look at that child without thinking of her rapist.”
One 13 year old was told no one would want her if she gave birth to a rape conceived baby, a biracial rape baby! They also told her she would die like so many girls are told. So she succumbed and went for the abortion. Just after starting, the abortionist stopped and went to the mother in the waiting room. He told her to take her daughter home and come back when she had enough money for anesthesia! “She’s making my job too difficult” was his last comment. I can only imagine the pain she was in. The girl went home but never returned learning that there indeed was a family who would love her daughter. She placed her baby girl in the arms of Julia and Andy Schoch and today is grateful she made the right choice for herself as well as her baby girl. The baby was born with physical and mental disabilities from the abortionist’s attempt to end her life but has not stopped her ability to be loved or to give love. Her adoptive family loves her and her biological mother loves her also. It is cruel injustice to destroy even one preborn baby and do this to these young girls.


10 Year Old Pregnant in Uruguay


There is still another 10 year old pregnant after rape by a 42 year old in Uruguay. She is 16 weeks pregnant after rape. In Uruguay, abortion is legal up to 12 weeks of gestation and 14 weeks in the case of rape. Because this 10 year old has mental issues society is also pushing for her baby to die.


As posted at Fox News Latino:

The hospital has said the girl is in good health and under medical supervision, and Monica Silva, director of INAU’s health division, told La Diaria newspaper that “there is no risk of life for the girl or baby, so we cannot make her have an abortion.”


 Another article from Uruguay (in Spanish) said:

The medical staff at Pereira Rossell Hospital Center determined that there were no gynecological reasons to proceed with an abortion because the life of the child/girl does not run any risks, and she is capable to carry the pregnancy to term. It was also taken into account the opinion of the girl against having an abortion, and that the period stipulated by law in this case (14 weeks maximum to terminate pregnancy) had expire.


 With all that said there is always the looming threat to abort. Fox News added:

“Although the legal deadline for abortion has been exceeded, if we determine that the pregnancy endangers her health, judicial authorization could be granted,” Marisa Lindner, director of Uruguay’s Child and Adolescent Institute (INAU), told a press conference.


I personally know a woman who was conceived in a mental institution where her mother lived. A man working there raped the woman. The institution wanted to abort my friend but her grandparents defended her life. They became her mother and father and loved her no less. She is a beautiful intelligent woman gifted greatly with the ability to draw and paint. This brilliant woman is living far from the nightmarish predictions of the institution and the majority of society.

Why is death the only option?

The Independent reported:

Guadalupe Marengo, Americas Deputy Director at Amnesty International, said: “The physical and psychological impact of forcing this young girl to continue with an unwanted pregnancy is tantamount to torture… Paraguay must step up to its responsibilities under international law. The world is looking to the country’s authorities, asking them to stand by the girl and to provide access to potentially life-saving treatment for this child and the many other girls and women like her,” he added.
Why is Amnesty International and the United Nations using their power of influence to turn the hearts of the world against the rape conceived instead of offering that “hope” they say they offer?

The real torture as spoken by pregnant rape victims is the forced abortions and/or the verbal and physical abuse when a female wants her baby. The constant degradation by society is the torture that rape victims want to see ended. This talk about a mother carrying her child calling that child “unwanted and torture” is an insult to mothers and children of rape conception worldwide.



The reason people do not want to see what an abortion looks like is because deep down inside we know it’s wrong and detestable. Amnesty International wants the following to happen to a 10 year old: First seaweed sticks called Laminaria are usually inserted into the previously raped area to dilate the cervix taking hours or the next day to complete. Laminaria is removed and the cervix is stretched to gain access to the uterus containing the preborn baby. Sometimes a drug is used vaginally instead of Laminaria to soften the cervix. Complications of uterine rupture has been documented with some of these drugs. Then the area previously violated will be inserted with steel instruments to locate and crush the baby as well as tear limbs off piece by piece. Sometimes the uterus is perforated causing hemorrhaging that can lead to sterilization or even death. This process is done because the baby is too large to suction out. The head being the largest must be crushed between forceps to remove. Once all body parts are removed the baby’s whole body is reassembled to assure nothing was left inside the girl. Infection will result from leaving body parts inside the girl. She could actually die if any body parts remain inside her. A very strong suction tube called a cannula is used to remove smaller pieces of the baby’s body that the abortionist was unable to grasp with those steel instruments. The young girl will experience bleeding for a several days and the baby will be thrown away like garbage or sold to companies who take advantage of opportunities for such things as stem cell research. Or, because time is passing, her baby could receive an intercardiac injection causing the baby to have a heart attack. Two to three days later, she will labor and deliver her dead baby…probably into a toilet. Is this really best for her? And is her baby really to be treated as human waste, pushed out into a toilet, as if the baby were a bowel movement?



 While it’s true no one wants to become pregnant through rape most mothers know this precious life within them could never be from the evil that raped her. Rape is evil-babies are not. Most raped and pregnant victims see that child as the only good that could have come from such trauma. But the trauma doesn’t stop when the world harasses and condemns these babies. No mother wants to hear how horrible her child is… so horrible she should put that child to death. Society must stop torturing victims. It’s never been done before but I am hopeful that as more and more of us come out boldly condemning the condemnation of the rape conceived and mothers, the better our society will be.

 Heroes save lives! They don’t destroy lives!


I challenge everyone to treat the rape conceived and mothers as you want to be treated and defend all life because we all were placed in our mother’s womb helpless and depending on someone else for our survival. Healing for the hurting and punishment only for the guilty is the answer to a better life! If you want to make a positive difference in the world BE A HERO and give to an organization (CHOICES4LIFE) saving lives … not destroying them!



JudaMyers3dpi300Juda Myers, international speaker, singer/songwriter and author, is president of the 501(c)3 nonprofit, CHOICES4LIFE. Conceived in an 8 men attack Juda was placed for adoption and 48 years later found her birth mother, joyously awaiting their reunion. CHOICES4LIFE specifically offers help in all areas of need to females who are pregnant after rape or raising children conceived after rape. Dedicated to ending the prejudice she also offers emotional support to rape conceived children while educating the public and raising awareness.


26 thoughts on “Three 10 Year Olds Pregnant After Rape”

  1. Everyone seems to assume that having the baby after rape helps the mother heal. But different people heals differently. Some mothers prefer not to keep the fetus because it helps them heal and forget the experience. We should never take the choices of people away else we are no better than the rapists that force themselves on girls. Rapist force an experience the girls never wanted on them. By taking choices away, the girls go through a second forced experience of pregnancy, making those who force it no better than the rapist.

    Similarly, if the girl wishes to keep the fetus, no one should force her to abort it or they are no better than the rapist either. The focus should always be on the girl and her choices, because it is her body, her experiences and her trauma.
    There can be arguments that the focus should be on the fetus and it’s right to life. Basically, it’s saying let’s sacrifice or put at risk an individual’s mental and physical well being for the life another. There is no happy ending if the girl is forced, this only works if she wants to keep the fetus.
    As for the argument that even rapists are not sentenced to death, these are two different arguments. One concerns the re introduction of trauma to the victim, the other is about the punishment for the perpetrators.

    1. Everyone has the right to life! It should not depend on anyone’s “feelings.” I’m sure that there are people who do not like you and that feel you cause harm to their well being. That does not mean they have the right to murder you. So to say that anyone has the right to take the life of an innocent defenseless human being for their “feelings” is the most cruel and inhumane thing anyone can do.

      No one EVER forgets the murder of their child. Subconsciously and physically there are serious consequences. The trauma of murder doesn’t even begin to compare with being a lifesaver. I knew a woman who aborted after being raped by 2 men. She was a police officer. Told me she knew the difference between rape and murder and murder was a far worse crime. She had murdered her own child. She quit her job and has been suicidal ever since. But her colleagues told her she would forget!

      The blood of the innocent remains on the hands of all involved. When you have seen the hundreds of success stories of giving birth even at 9 yrs old compared to the horrible stories of women who killed their babies you would know the truth. Executing a baby never unrapes a mother, never makes her life easier. And people who talk women into doing this should be prosecuted.

  2. Gail Faraj-Musleh

    Thank you Juda for sharing your beautiful life and also for helping young girls to embrace their babies and to begin healing. I am the Executive Director for a preganancy center and would like to speak with you about possibly having someone speak at our summer event. Can you please email me at your earliest convenience? Thank you and God bless you for all you do.

  3. Denying abortion after getting raped = sexism in it’s pure form.
    Ya’ll know like: Girl + rape = SHOULD get pregnant
    Now: If the rape conceived fetuses are a gift from God does that mean rapists are holy angels doing God’s work on earth?
    You are NO prolife but ANTIwoman

    1. Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion. Sadly your opinion is one that keeps women from being free to love their child after rape. She’s able to tell the difference between a rapist and a baby and we wish everyone could. As far as rapists being “holy angels” if you knew God you’d know He even used a donkey. God simply placed a new life in a womb when evil wanted to destroy a life. Killing is still worse than rape and anyone wanting to kill a woman’s baby is ANTI woman ANTI baby and pro rapist-the only one who benefits from destroying the “evidence.”

      If you cared you would listen to the women. Being pro woman is to help women not make matters worse for them.

      The 10 yr old that turned 11 in this article has given birth and has recovered from the rape faster than anyone expected. She’s a straight A student and in athletics as well. Long after the naysayers are gone the sound of baby laughter fills the home of the hero mom who chose life!

    2. I am a Great Granddaughter of rape! My father is the grandson of a slave. That’s what the census records tell me.

      I thank God abortion wasn’t as easy back then!

      And with all of your propaganda and other issues, there’s something desperately wrong with someone that wants to murder a baby…because it isn’t wanted…because of how it came to be!

      And next, it will be the elderly, because they are deemed as flawed or useless or too sick or a burden or just not wanted anymore!

      1. Wow you are the very reason I give for not destroying a life. There is no way of knowing exactly how many people you are eliminating from the planet. I’m glad you’re here but HATE rape! And there IS a difference. The elderly are already being put away. I rescued a man a few months back that was being killed for NO reason. They took away his insulin and wasn’t feeding him or giving him water. It was so difficult to get him away from the Hospice group. It went from adult care to hospice with no justification. His foot was so damaged from neglect that they had to remove his leg and when they did he died of a heart attack (or so they said) a few hours later. There is little to know respect for other people’s lives. T

        Thank you for sharing your story. God bless

  4. No baby or anyone in this world we live in have asked to be born. Rape is no fault of the child. Every baby should have a loving home either by the natural mother with family support or by a adoptive family.

  5. I see. Well I’m glad the 11-year-old’s mom will be a motherly figure to her granddaughter and hopefully this never happens again. Any girl/woman can have a baby, but it takes a mom to raise one.

      1. I don’t know the individual personally, but generally a great parent usually is reflected in his/her child and what the child accomplishes later in life.
        I never thought I was a good parent, some things I wish I could have changed for my daughter. She just left for college, she was inducted in the german and latin national honor societies in high school, has been to two countries, she was a tutor, was in the excellent category for the honor roll since middle school, she signed up to help a student with learning difficulties learn their course work in college, she signed up to help international students learn to adjust to life here in America, and she’s just overall there for anyone in an unbiased way. I never would have dreamt of doing the things she does and am so proud of her. She plans to be a german and english instructor and to also serve in the Air Force as a cryptological linguist.

        1. Thanks Cindy for sharing how wonderful your daughter is. And thank her for me for wanting to serve in the Air Force.
          Was she conceived in rape?

          1. No, she was not. I had her later in my life with my husband, I was 36 and he was 38 when she was born, and kids used to make fun of her due to kids thinking she had a medical condition from being born from an older woman and man, they would see her dad pick her up from school and thought that he was her grandpa. Even her kindergarten teacher tried to convience me to get her on medications since she would not sit down. I’m glad I didn’t listen to her. She is completely normal like every other human being and she is dating someone who was put on medications the same way that the kindergarten teacher tried to and she is just overall so supportive of him.
            She also recently joined a group to help domestic violent, rape, and any other horrific acts brought on to women and men. She said thank you for the support and thanks you for helping rape victims and the children conceived through it.

            1. My adoptive parents were older than my friends parents so I completely understand the ridicule. No one said I had any medical condition but I was picked on

  6. With the 11 year old girl, she sounds really outspoken for her age. It’s a shame she wasn’t outspoken whenever the 13 year old, while living with her and her family, raped her.
    All honesty though, if someone had touched me or did something I felt uncomfortable with during the night in my own room whenever I was that age, I would have told my mom that exact moment it happened.

    1. Thank you Cindy for your comment. It’s hard to put ourselves in these situations. I was molested at 6 and told no one. I was scared also. Fear is put into the victim on many levels. Some fear being blamed others fear threats the rapist makes on family members. This girl was afraid that her mother would have severely hurt or even killed the boy and she would have lost her mom going to jail. The many victims I’ve spoken to didn’t speak out because of fear each time. We need to teach kids at an early age that the best thing is to speak out.

      1. That is true that children need to learn how to speak up for themselves. Along with a parent taking responsibility to check on her child. I have a 20-year-old daughter and I’ve always checked on her in the middle of the night, I still do to this day with her being home. I’ve grown eyes on the back of my head and ears that can hear about everything since I became a mom and know when she’s up for some strange reason or if something is wrong. I don’t see how much harm a 13 year old child would have done if threatening the family of his acts.
        Hopefully the mother called police and he is in juvenile detention or prison after the discovery of her child being pregnant to protect any other child from this happening again.

        1. Most victims aren’t thinking the way people who aren’t in that situation think. And yes the mother reported the boy to police. He’s running and is still not in custody. He’s being protected by family in several states. And he was protected by Child “protective” services instead of being prosecuted. CPS should be held responsible for this tragedy.

          1. I wasn’t initially referring to the little girl, I was asking how her mother did not know this was going on. There had to be signs that her daughter was showing that there was something wrong. It’s sad that it happened in her own home as well and she couldn’t even hear her daughter.
            Also, how could a 13-year-old get so far if the 11-year-old mother had custody of him? He should’ve been in a juvenile center, not cps. this whole story does not make any sense.

            1. There are a lot of details I cannot share for reasons of privacy. What makes no sense is how CPS made things worse. They should have never allowed the 13 yr old to go into a home with other children. And when 11 yr old’s mom called the CPS in her state they turned him over to other family outside the state. Every time authorities went to arrest him he was gone to another relative in another state. He is still on the run!!! This mom like many moms don’t know what is going on. I personally was molested for a year and my parents didn’t know when I was 6. If you knew the mom you’d know she is a very good mom and even helps other kids in the neighborhood. THAT’S why she was asked to take the 13 yr old in the first place.

            2. And she DID find out. That’s why it stopped. She found out AFTER she caught the boy that the 11 yr old was pregnant.

              1. Why call CPS? If my daughter was raped or molested by someone, I would call the cops, not cps, when I found out. Two different agencies for two different reasons.
                It’s sad either way that this happens to children and anyone really. It’s great though that the 11-year-old is willing to raise her baby by herself to love and nurture her like every good mom does when she keeps her child.

              2. The 11 yr old is not raising the child. She is being raised with the baby’s grandmother as is the 11 yr old. They are going to be raised side by side. The 11 yr old will have no responsibilities but to love her baby. She’s an 11 yr old and will go on to be like any other 11 yr old going to school and being a kid. She loves her baby and so does the entire family. She has lots of love.
                She called CPS because they were the ones who gave the 13yo to her. Lots of time to think “after” the fact.

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  8. How could you possibly say that rape is bad but not keeping the baby is worse? Women are allowed to choose and it is justifiable if a woman doesn’t want to keep a product of rape. This website is only good for mothers who want to have the baby but you should NOT be making women feel like they are murders after a terrible, brutal rape results in an unwanted pregnancy. ESPECIALLY girls the age of 10! That disgusts me!

    1. Easy to say that rape is bad and babies are good. It’s not even legal to kill the guy who rapes so why is it ok to kill people like me conceived in rape? We can use all kinds of words for what happens but in the end abortion kills a living human being who did no wrong. We are supposed to be more intelligent and civilized than to kill other people who make us feel bad! That 10 year old who gave birth is happy and making straight A’s as well as excelling in sports.

      The sound of laughter filling the house of a female who chose life outweighs and lasts infinitely longer than the sounds of hate!

      Respect for females pregnant after rape starts with helping them to know truth. Truth is the baby is HERS but society keeps giving those babies to the rapists with their comments and actions. We are not our parents. And if your parent did something wrong you certainly wouldn’t agree with being killed for it.

      Women are happier and more stable giving birth and most keep their children conceived in rape. Society is imagining so many myths.

      Remember how blacks and Jews weren’t considered humans? Society can be horribly cruel thinking they know what’s right. No innocent person deserves to be killed at the whim of another.

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