South Carolina Senate Reminded Me of Slave Traders

South Caroline Senate hearing May 19, 2015
South Caroline Senate hearing May 19, 2015


South Carolina Senate reminded me of slave traders deciding the humanity or non humanity of the preborn. Some humans were worth more than others based on society’s perception versus actual value. However the rape conceived has always been considered of NO value.The rape conceived were once again given no value by the majority of the Senate.  As I sat in the galley above the elected South Carolina Senate on Tuesday May 19, 2015, I imagined how it must have felt for blacks to stand on the auction block being sold to the highest bidder. Perhaps a better analogy would be when a black slave was deemed unworthy of life and sentenced to death. A runaway slave refusing to surrender could be killed without penalty. Not unlike a baby in the womb “refusing to surrender” their life! Thomas Hoefling commented on my Facebook post, “Worse than slave traders. You can be set free and recover from slavery. But when you’re dead, you’re dead.” I couldn’t agree more.

In what left my stomach about to erupt, the “elect” few determined who would live and who would die and by which manner they should be killed. In the guise of a “right” for “choice” (to kill the unborn) the 20 week ban on abortion passed in the Senate and will now go to the House. One  Democrat Senator in particular, Senator Brad Hutto knows the art of black mail threatening Senator Lee Bright who was pushing to remove the rape exception from the bill. Hutto threatened that he would add “300 amendments” to the bill to completely bog down the process and kill the bill if the exceptions were removed from the bill. What kind of “justice” are people paying for? And one constituent of Senator Lee Bright told him “I want this roads’ bill. Stop what you’re doing.”  This “roads bill” was more important than a child being ripped to pieces in his or her mother’s womb! People, we have huge problem here. Not unlike profit margins with slave traders ignoring the humanity of the black person.See archived video of that senate session.


I was happy to fly to South Carolina to share at a press conference and with lawmakers the truth about rape conception. My hope was to see people embrace truth from a personal perspective and not just words on a page.

South Carolina Press Conference on Rape Exceptions        with Senator Bright
South Carolina Press Conference on Rape Exceptions with Senator Bright

Rebecca Kiessling of Save the 1 and Elaine Riddick of The Rebecca Project for Justice   gave testimony also to the value of every life. Rebecca was conceived when a serial rapist attacked her mother. Rebecca would not be here today if abortion had been legal. But today Rebecca is greatly loved by her mother. Her mother is grateful she was “forced” to carry her baby to life. We are robbing children, mothers AND society of precious lives.


Elaine and son Tony
Elaine and son Tony


Elaine will tell you without hesitation that her son was the best thing that ever happened to her. NOT THE RAPE. There is a huge difference between a rapist and a baby and mothers are smart enough to tell the difference. She was raped at 13, gave birth at 14 and because of the prejudice some humans have Elaine was sterilized in the fashion Margaret Sanger dedicated her life. A young black girl considered a “weed” by Margaret Sanger and her followers was deprived of her  true ” reproductive right” to have more children.




Ann Phillips and  Juda Myers
Ann Phillips and
Juda Myers


My own mother had not been believed after she was raped by 8 men and left for dead on a street corner in St. Louis. I am alive 1. because the law protected me and 2. a very strong mother who refused an illegal abortion. Her mother wanted me dead so my mother placed me for adoption. I finally met my mom she was holding a picture of me taken at 3 months when I was adopted. She held that picture for 48 years. Certainly destroying the image of a woman too distraught to ever lay eyes on that rape conceived child. I was her baby not the rapist’s. And the only reason she placed me for adoption was for my own safety. Not only does society get it wrong but even parents and friends of the victims. The prejudice must come to an end.




Senator Brad Hutto
South Carolina Senator Brad Hutto, Democrat


Senator Lee Bright

Senator Lee Bright is a man who sees the value of all pre-born humans, even conceived after rape. He believes legal abortion should end saying “this bill would prevent very few abortions, if any, because all a woman who wants an abortion at 20 weeks or later has to do is claim she was raped.”  From Senator Bright’s website: The Grooms-Hutto amendment simply requires a patient to say she was raped in order for the abortion to proceed. There is no provision, for instance, that stipulates that the police or Department of Social Services should be notified in the case of incest. It should be no surprise that the amendment’s main sponsor, Sen. Brad Hutto, is the MOST aggressively pro-abort legislator in South Carolina, and that this amendment has the okay of Planned Parenthood, Inc.


Regulating abortion is not prolife. It is not a prolife bill no matter how it’s dressed up when any baby is allowed to be put to death. It remains a prodeath bill. Regulating abortion will always legally allow a way to abort. With slightly different words but in essence regulating abortion always says ‘and then you can kill your baby.’


Among some of the nonsense said by pro death supporters was that a woman should be able to act upon her “emotions” by discussing that action with her doctor and then be able to carry out her decision. Let’s put that into another sentence. Let’s say that for marriage… a woman should be able to act upon her “emotions” with her doctor and be able to carry out her decision… to kill her husband? to kill her child in kindergarten? to kill the person at work that is constantly getting in the way of her career or school? The words I heard were so far from reality coming from the left. They sat in comfortable chairs leaning back in air conditioned rooms determining the fate of human lives they will never have to look in the eye. And even if they did chance to look Rebecca, Elaine and I in the eye, their hardened hearts refused to acknowledge the value of lives other than their own.


Senator Gerald Malloy
Senator Gerald Malloy

Senator Gerald Malloy  had me very confused. Elaine and I spoke with him personally. I shared my testimony first and he said that he struggled with the mental issues a woman would have to deal with… seemingly ignoring that I could have been killed. My life seemed to have no value to him. So I said to Elaine, “Tell him your side of the story.”  He listened for a short moment but before she had finished he looked away and called out to another man and walked over to him. Not unusual at all for this to happen. I’ve seen in happen all the time when you try to explain truth to someone they will look for an escape. But surprisingly he came back and shook our hands and then walked away again.  That part wasn’t the confusing part for me. The confusing part came when Malloy stood up at the senate hearing to share his own personal story. He had my attention. Was he going to side with life?

“I think we should open ourselves up to raising children and educating them.” Malloy addressed the Senators. In talking about doing adoption in his office,”I think it’s special when I find a couple that will take a mix race child and it is special when I see a couple who will take a child who doesn’t look just like them. We have to fight leaps and bounds a lot of times to find children that are Caucasian to be adopted. I’m not trying to end up trying to start something here I’m just saying that at this point in time this issue is critical but there’s greater issues that are out there when we get ready to end up taking care of anybody or individuals. Two points and I’ll sit down because I don’t want to wear down the time period . I’m interested in all the bills that we have in priority for the rest of the session. But one is a personal story as it relates to the late term abortions.Obviously I go with the conscience that I listen to that’s been the mother of my children. Um 2 to bring encouragement to this body to end up doing things that are greater as it relates to raising children and to end up taking care of them after they are here. And our ability once we get passed this discussion and I’ve not had many calls back home,let’s get to the point that we educate all children and make sure that we take care of all children and they are taken care of medically once they are here and encourage this community to embrace the children particularly those children that are not necessarily wanted once they come into the world ” He spoke of his wife being pregnant with doctors saying there was a problem and she should terminate. But his “prochoice” wife chose to carry their child. In the end Democrat Senator Malloy sided with Republican Senator Bright.  I must always remember to tell everyone because I do not know the outcome. This time it was a good outcome even though the amendment to remove rape conception was struck from the bill because it seems one more person acted on what they learned.  The bill going to the house isn’t much of anything. Abortion will continue. And for those thinking that “some” will be saved they need to hear from my clients who told me abortion clinics are pushing them to “hurry and get it done before 20 weeks.” And if pain is the only reason we don’t kill it’s a VERY sad day.

Senator Kevin Bryant
Senator Kevin Bryant


I’m so glad that there are people who don’t care what attackers say and will stand for what is right. Senator Kevin Bryant also stood vocal and strong with Senator Bright even sharing our stories. “We need to be very compassionate on the mothers put in these circumstances… seems like the father is left off the hook. And I think we need to change that…And there is a stigma that society has of children conceived in rape and I think it’s something we need to try and change. I believe that law needs to protect that child regardless of the circumstance.” William Wilberforce said.” “What plea can we have to urge in our defense, if we remain willingly and obstinately ignorant of the way which leads to life with such transcendent means of knowing it?” It was refreshing to hear leaders defend and beg for the lives of the rape conceived instead of using us as their foundation for abortion. I thought of William Wilberforce fighting for equality for the lives of blacks and to end slavery. But bills that only save some will never save because loop holes make is legal to continue to kill the preborn.


Wilberforce also said, “Wherever we direct our view, we discover the melancholy proofs of our depravity; whether we look to ancient or modern times, to barbarous or civilized nations, to the conduct of the world around us, or to the monitor within the breast; whether we read, or hear, or act, or think, or feel, the same humiliating lesson is forced upon us.”
Proverbs 24:8-12 says “The one who plots evil will be called a schemer.A foolish scheme is sin,and a mocker is detestable to people.If you do nothing in a difficult time,your strength is limited.
Rescue those being taken off to death,and save those stumbling toward slaughter.If you say, “But we didn’t know about this,” won’t He who weighs hearts consider it? Won’t He who protects your life know? Won’t He repay a person according to his work?”

Listening to Senators discuss the lives of the unborn as though they were discussing grocery shopping was appalling. Their urgency wasn’t in saving lives but to push the bill aside and get on to “more important” things. What is more important than life itself? If their own lives were on the “auction block” I think they would have a different attitude. I wholeheartedly believe that each person voting for a baby to be aborted should be forced to view an actual abortion before being allowed to vote. A good dose of reality might help and then again as with the slave traders evil continues and hearts sometimes never soften.


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