We Can Do All Things Through Christ by Anna Richey

Anna Richey 11.15.2013

We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.  We know that this is true, because God’s Word tells us so.  But is it more than head knowledge?  Have you brought this truth into your heart and embraced it?

            It is my humble opinion that the rape survivor must lean on this basic truth from scripture because there are times that she cannot do any more on her own.  In my first post, I mentioned that I had to fight for my rape-conceived daughter more than any of my other children.   Now I’m going to tell you more about my fight, and why this verse is so important to the survivor.

            The first obstacle to overcome is finding help and support during your pregnancy.  You must find someone who will not only believe you, but someone who will also support and fight with you over the course of the next several months while your precious baby grows.  You will face opposition on all sides.  Many will want you to have an abortion.  Some, because they mistakenly think that it will help you to move on with your life.  Others, because the child will be a reminder of a terrible event in your life that they don’t know how to handle.  By choosing life, you will likely lose friends, be ostracized from some of your family, and maybe even your church. 

            The second fight, for me, was facing my attacker.  I had to go through the court process in order to have him imprisoned for his crimes.  This meant that I had to relive what was done several times.  First, to the police, and then to my attorney, and again in front of the court, with him sitting just across the room.  If you take this step, be sure to take your support with you.  It is emotionally draining, and among the most difficult of the obstacles you will face.

            Third, if you are as young as I was, you have to go back to school.  Remember, now it’s not just your future you are building, it is your child’s future as well.  You will receive nasty comments and looks from fellow students, and find teachers who do not agree with your choice.  Time will not be your friend.  While your peers are out partying or even staying home and studying, you have double duty.  You must be a mother, putting your child’s needs first.  Then you are a student, and receiving a quality education is vital to the future of you and your baby.  Stay strong, my friend, the stakes are too high for you to give up now.

            Unfortunately, I do not have the time to list all the challenges you will face, I have simply listed three of the hardest that I had to overcome.  Now, I must tell you how to overcome them.  Do you remember what I said at the beginning of this post?  We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.  You must bring this truth into your heart. 

            Remember that our Savior will never leave us or forsake us.  If you will let Him, He will walk with you each step of the way.  When you are choosing life, you are choosing to accept the precious gift that He has entrusted you with.  He will never give you more than He gives you the strength to handle.  He will be there with you to wipe away all your tears, and to wrap His loving arms around you when you need comfort. 

            Yes, we have to fight for our children.  No, it’s not right.  Neither we nor our children have done anything to warrant the discrimination we will face.  Jesus didn’t deserve the persecution that He faced either.  He warned us that just as He was persecuted, so would we be.  So, count it all joy, when we face trials of many kinds.  God is doing a great work in you.  And the fight is worth it.  When you look into the face of that precious child, and have the chance to see the beauty that God has given you from your trials, you will see that it is indeed worth every minute of it.


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  1. hm, a blog. I thought they just wanted a book? Or is this an excerpt or something? Either way, good luck if there’s more coming.
    signed: me, of course. who else?

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