What Mothers Say About Their Rape Conceived Children Is Not What Society Says

What mothers say about their rape conceived children is not what society says. But it’s time to stop talking about us, against us and for us. It’s time to hear what our mothers have to say about us. Too many mothers are being hurt listening to the lies and rhetoric used by the left for the excuse used for abortions. While all mothers are not free to speak publicly I asked a secret group to tell me their thoughts about their children. They want people to know the truth and stop speaking for them.


Below are the comments exactly as they were written.

“That child IS a child of God!! S.N.


“She saved me. I was suicidal until i saw those 2 pink lines. I was going to kill myself that day, and when I opened the bathroom drawer to get my pain pills to OD on, i saw the unused test and realized I hadn’t had a period. 2 pink lines and I had something to live for.” K.P.


“She was my healing from what happened. Once I saw her face, what happened just didn’t matter anymore. She was my queen then and always will be. Today, I am grateful for what happened because without that I wouldn’t have her.Once I saw her face, nothing else mattered. She has blessed me in so many ways. I am so thankful for my rape conceived daughter. She is what healed me. Cannot imagine life without her. Kids from rape aren’t damaged goods. “ T.L.


My daughter plans to be a doctor. She wants to find a cure for diabetes. She also has just signed with an agent for acting and modeling. Said about her by others : She is wise beyond her years! She is breathtakingly beautiful! But I say, “She is who saved me from the darkness that engulfed me after the abuse and rapes her father put me through. Only her life, with me, could make me this peaceful and content.”
Feel free to use all of this. She is already someone important to me, but she just may become someone with a stage to the world.


“He is my best friend. He gave me a reason to live when I didn’t want to. I had a plan and was working on it when I found out. I was going to swallow bottle of pills when I found out I was pregnant. He is the one true love of my life, the only love at first sight. Yes I love my other 4. But with him it’s different D.F.


“He’s my life and my best friend he saved me and i love him more then anything else in the world hes what keeps me going everyday. He’s my reason for waking up everyday he’s the reason I smile breath and laugh and most of all the reason I love and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world. I couldn’t imagine my life without him and his adorable smile and the way his face lights up when he sees me.
I wrote a letter for my son to read when he gets older. This is what I wrote. My amazing and wonderful son I love you more than words could ever explain and even tho I wasn’t ready to be a mom the moment I heard your heart beat I knew I loved you and I’d do anything for you. You’re my sunshine my light at the end of the tunnel you are the reason I never give up and you’re the reason I wake up everyday. You give me hope and joy. I wouldn’t change a thing even if it meant me going thru the pain all over again. I’d do it for you and I hope you know how much mommy loves you. You’re an amazing and smart boy and I will always be there for you. I love you my dear son love always your mommy A.M. ( I cried while I was writing it for him)


From a grandmother:
“She is the biggest blessing in our lives. I truly believe she saved my daughter from a much different path.
I am thankful for her everyday. And I KNOW her mama is too. Never. Never regretted giving her life.” M.B.


Another grandmother:
” he is a precious treasure – the light of my life.” C.M.


“My daughter was the biggest blessing I’ve ever had in my life.As soon as I held her for the first time I knew she was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I went from having an adoptive couple to instant unconditional irreplaceable love in a heartbeat.E.C.


“They help to heal me. They are my best friends. My reason for living. They are a blessing. And saved my life.” M.M.


“He is the sweetest human. He brings light to the darkest days and joy to the most hopeless times.K.M.


“My son was the best blessing out of 1 of the worst experiences of my life. He brings me so much joy and happiness and I can’t imagine my life without him!!” D.V. (Gave birth at 14 now an adult)

“There is a blessing after the torment. My son is not to blame that the violent rapist was my father.” G.A.(12 when she gave birth)


Some mothers were raped multiple times. Some by their husbands and others by multiple men.


“I made the decision to keep each and everyone of my children. I love them with all my heart and at the times I am struggling the most I just look at them and think this is worth it because I have them and they have me we all have our problems because of what I went through but we deal with them and we love each other and this year I will become a Nan[grandmother] by one of my children and we are all so excited ( I am already a step nan but not one of them call me nan so this means so much) my children are the light in the darkest of times.” E.D.

That I love him more than I could ever explain J.C.





That baby changed my life. My whole world changed & from that moment on I have felt such a deep, unconditional love. My daughter will be 15 on June 2 & every single day with her has been a blessing. I am so thankful for her. No matter how she was conceived she’s MY daughter. She’s my world. I couldn’t imagine my life without her.”  N.C.


You saved my life!!! You are my blessing that was disguised in hate. You, my son have turned a horrible thing into the best thing possible!! And in case you were wondering, my son conceived through rape, who has a rapist as a “sperm donor” is not evil!! He has the kindest heart and no evil lives within him!!!! K.A. (Gave birth at 24)


I’d like to say, I WOULD NOT WANT TO.LIVE LIFE WITHOUT HER. SHE SPREADS LOVE AND JOY EVERYWHERE SHE GOES. I’d like to say, SHE IS BY FAR THE BEST THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED TO ME, regardless!! I am so INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL SHE WAS CONCEIVED!!!SHE IS INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT AND SPREADS THE GOSPEL AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF CHRIST TO THE LESS FORTUNATE. I can’t say enough about the miracle that is her. I’ve only ever thought of and believed my daughter is a miraculous gift! I’m grateful too! No shame just GRATITUDE. L.P.

“Giving birth to my twins is the best thing I ever did it’s not my babies fault. They are angels sent from heaven. I have a reason to get out of bed.” C.K.

“I look at all she is, all she is capable of, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I made the right choice. It is never the child’s fault on how a mother gets pregnant. The baby is just as innocent as the woman who has been raped. The victim should never be punished for what the rapist did, so why should the innocent child be punished? Women need to look at the joy that child will bring; the healing of that child. That baby is their baby, no one else’s, and should be given a chance to have a decent long life by the mother that gives birth to him/her, or by an adoptive set of parents None the less, the child has a right to have a life.” Debra

I’ve heard over 300 mothers and they continue to say the same thing. They say the same thing as my mother. The child was healing and gave them a reason to live. Sad that society wants to take the life of the baby and take the life of the mother at the same time.

I hope that the vile comments coming from the “pro choice” people will stop. If they are really for choice why are they attacking mothers who chose life? The pro choice agenda is not about “choice” except choice for execution of innocent babies.  Mother and children dream of a day when we will have our people group protected against bullies and rapists. A day when our lives will be respected and not used as pawns to pass laws condoning murder in the womb.

Juda Myers
President/founder of CHOICES4LIFE
Conceived after rape, wife, mother, grandmother, activist, speaker, author, singer/songwriter
And loving life! Because of my mother’s one choice there are 10 people she has saved! And more to come.

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