Abortion Advocates Protested Mothers & Children Conceived In Rape

On May 6, 2016 at the Mississippi State Capital abortion advocates protested mothers & children conceived in rape. CHOICES4LIFE organized the Freedom March recognizing 50 years of legal killing of children in the womb in the United States. It was a day to honor “Hero” moms who went against the death sentence upon their children conceived in rape. In 1966 on Mother’s Day, legislators left their own mothers and wives to pass a law suggesting and allowing mothers to destroy her own innocent child in her womb conceived in rape. This law added to the stigma and prejudice and perpetuated the attacks on these moms. Society already has a most difficult time believing a woman could love her child conceived in rape and protestors proved that the hatred is very alive and real.

 Abortion Advocates Protest Mothers
Photo courtesy of Leslie Hanks/American RTL

Protestors did not cheer these hero moms for their “choice” to save a life. Instead the handful of women who had chosen to destroy their own children stood in opposition to the eight life giving heroes being recognized.  On this day in history when the rights of women like myself conceived in rape were legally removed protestors proclaiming “rights” were only interested in the right to kill another human. Abortion advocates protested mothers and children conceived in rape instead of honoring fellow women and human beings.  Women who fell for the lies that killing an innocent human being would make them a better person stood for hours looking down on women who refused to fall for that lie. Women who joyously embraced their children as gifts were mocked by women pretending to be about “women’s rights.” The lie that pro abortion advocates are concerned about women was completely exposed. In the greatest opportunity to honor “women’s rights” they chose to spew death over women who were victims of the most heinous of crimes.

“If there is anyone who has a choice to bear a child or not, it is a victim of rape,” said Dorenda Hancock pro abortion cheerleader. “They do not have the right to make our choices for us,” Hancock said. She should look in the mirror because she seems to think it’s ok for her to take my choice away to be alive. Hancock and her pro death group were also not cheering the choice these Hero Moms made. Nor were they defending my right  as a woman to be born! The media said “A pro-choice group stood across the street waving signs and stressing that it’s unfair to strip a woman’s rights away.” Pro choice for what?? Let’s finish the sentence. Pro choice to kill innocent babies in their mother’s womb. This group blatantly proved they were not for choice for life. Many women who have aborted have stated that they had no choice but to kill their baby. So how is that a choice? Their agenda is one of a death culture and nothing else. They also do not help women who have aborted and regret their abortion. They should change their song to ONE CHOICE.

Press Conference MS State Capitol with Mothers and Children Conceived in rape
Press Conference MS State Capitol: Mothers and Children Conceived in rape with supporters voiced their opposition to the prejudice and human rights violations against victims pregnant from rape. Pastor Mike Gonzalez of Columbia World Outreach and The Alliance South Carolina, Missouri Rep. Mike Moon and Allan Parker, Operation Outcry and The Justice Foundation,TX, Bishop Stanley Searcy, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of MS. pictured above were among the supporters.



Tim Wessel and mom cropped

Pastor Tim Wessel who attended the Freedom March with his own Hero Mom, Terri Matich, spoke directly to the protestors. He asked the pro abortion group why couldn’t they cheer his mom and the other women for their choice? Tim, as are many of us who were conceived in rape, is living proof that abortion is wrong…even in cases of rape. We are human. We are innocent. We are just like any other human created in the image of God. No human creates another human. Even when fertility specialists think they are creating a human they still have to use what God has already created and even then they are not successful the majority of the time.

Tim’s mom Terri Matich was abandoned as a 13 year old and jumped from foster care home to foster care home. Then at 18 being raped and pregnant she was once again thrown on the streets. She chose life because she knew this child was hers and didn’t deserve to die. She did the best she could though Tim would suffer sexual abuse from men too. He shared his own personal story of wanting to commit suicide because of being conceived in rape. Society does this to us! But a preacher knocked on his door the very day Tim planned to kill himself. He gave his life to Christ that day and God has used him beyond anyone’s imagination. He’s literally helped thousands to turn their lives around. But pro abortion advocates still stared him down insisting his life was not worth saving! Where was his choice in their mind? There was none.


My first thoughts upon seeing these protestors was outrage. Hitler would have been so proud of them I was sure. I saw faces of evil that could tear a baby to pieces and leave a mother destroyed in so many other ways. I saw hatred and people proud of that evil. I addressed them in anger “You have no right to say who should live and who should die.” But as the moments passed I realized how pathetic these women were, how hurt they must have been 13161681_1343757025639706_1206336702567860984_oto accept such evil deception. I began to feel sorry for them because I know that their end will be so much worse than what they are advocating for children like me. My heart broke for them because I wish no one to end up in eternal damnation. I also know that through Christ we receive forgiveness when we turn from our wicked ways. He is faithful to cleanse us and forgive us and guide us into all that is right and life giving. The worst of the worst can receive healing and forgiveness if they choose to turn their back on the evil. And most of all I know my Creator deserves the praise of all humans He has made. So I addressed them again, “I forgive you.” And I truly meant it.

The pro abortion protestors were unable to drag the Hero Moms down. For the first time in the history of the planet mothers were honored in a public and governmental place. This event was healing and empowering to these women who have endured not just the sexual assault but assault from society as shown by the pro abortion protestors. Here they stood proud and received physical Honor for Life Awards that hailed them as the heroes they truly are.


Elaine Riddick came from Georgia with her son to be honored. At 13 she was raped and became pregnant.

Tony and Elaine Riddick Her grandmother who was raising her was coerced into signing papers to allow doctors to sterilize Elaine based on the reasoning that Elaine was “feeble minded.” Margaret Sanger and now the government would control populations of black people by sterilizing young mothers. Anyone who has ever heard Elaine Riddick speak will know instantly that she is far from being feeble minded. She is brilliant and challenges the government on their harm of women. Spearheading the Rebecca Project Elaine has helped many women who have suffered greatly. Her son a self made millionaire by 25 is also brilliant and delivered a profound message at the Hero’s Welcome where his mother was honored. The lies must stop about mothers and children of rape conception and the truth be told. Every mother honored was intelligent and strong. Their children displaying strength and wisdom beyond the norm. Yet they endure the torment of society constantly in their face being told that rape conceived children are demon seeds, tainting the gene pool and deserve to die.



A young man that impressed me so very much was Cory. Only two weeks ago his mother told him how he was conceived. This 13 year old not only undersHannah Evans with son Corytood there was no shame on him but said, ” I knew my mom loved me but knowing how I was conceived, I know even more how much she loved me. I know that I have purpose” He loves God and knows that God created him. Cory wants to be a preacher when he grows up but I see that he is already one. Hannah Evans beams when she talks about her son. And her husband knows nothing less than Cory as his son. Hannah’s parents also attended the Freedom March to honor their daughter. It was healing for the whole family.




sara gerardoSara Gerardo another Hero Mom also has an amazingly secure young son. It’s wonderful to see secure moms and children who were conceived in rape. But it was surely hard to see people wanting the death of these boys. I can’t imagine what these boys felt looking into the eyes of women who wanted them to be dead. It’s hard enough for a secure adult.

Everyone freely shared their stories that for some had never been shared publicly. For many the thought of the “pro abortion and anti children conceived in rape” kind of person is as traumatic as the rape itself. But these Hero Moms found strength in their common fight.


Rebekah and Ariana

Rebekah Johnson brought her daughter Ariana. They traveled by car for 18 long hours one way. This was very important to them and they were not disappointed. Ariana was shy but was encouraged to meet other people conceived in rape who were unashamed and making a difference in the world. The little ones especially loved Ariana.



Iva and Esther

Iva Musick, only 18, with a two year old daughter conceived in rape found great strength to give birth though she told no one until she was 35 weeks. Her parents were very supportive of Iva and welcomed little Esther into the world with overwhelming love. Iva found it too difficult to speak at the Freedom March but stood strong with the rest of the moms. It’s hard to fathom the pain and trauma these moms have gone through and then to have to face people attacking them for choosing life is simply beyond inhumane.




Courtney and son

Hero mom Courtney Wilkerson had the youngest child who was 18 months. This precious baby boy just melted hearts with his smile but just couldn’t pierce the hearts of stone inside the pro abortion crowd.




Becky Dunlap also watched with horror as the pro aborbecky dunlaption women waved their signs. Becky found it most difficult because she miscarried her baby conceived in rape and heard even people from her church say it was a good thing. A mother losing her child that she loved is never a “good thing.”

There were eight Hero Moms and probably as many protestors. Such a horrible crime against humanity that one group of people could hate another group so fiercely that they would resort to killing a person at the most vulnerable defenseless time in their life and encourage others to do so also.

Thank God there are more mothers who choose life for their children conceived in rape than those who fall for the lies that they are better off aborting their child in the womb. We need more education and more women to come forward unashamed demanding that the genocide stop. As long as we have legal genocide of the rape conceived mothers will be treated like criminals for loving those children conceiving in rape.

May 6 wasn’t the first day abortion advocates protested mothers and children conceived in rape. I long for the day when all people will recognize the value of all human life. Our society is so far away from that way of thinking and those protestors mocking the “choice” of mothers who conceived in rape proves our descent into the depths of evil.

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