Alabama Hospital Helps DHR kidnap baby from 14 Year Old Rape Victim

by Terri LaPoint
Health Impact News

Juda Myers of Choices4Life calls her a “Hero Mom.” A 14 year old Alabama girl became pregnant from a rape, but she courageously chose life for the baby that was conceived. She refused to consider the option of abortion, and told her grandparents, who are her legal guardians, that if they would help her, she would raise and love this baby.

Instead of celebrating her as a hero, Alabama child protective services – DHR – came into the hospital yesterday and seized her newborn baby, leaving a devastated young mother and her family in their wake.

Juda Myers and I were there to witness the trampling of every Constitutional and moral right of this young mother, and we are shocked and devastated at what we saw. There is no legal or moral justification for what we saw happen at Shelby Baptist Medical Center in Alabaster, Alabama, on Wednesday, June 15, 2016.

Choices4Life founder Juda Myers flew to Alabama from Texas on Monday in order to be supportive of this young mother who chose life for her baby conceived in rape. The tagline for the ministry is “Restoring honor and dignity to women and children of rape conception.” Juda says:

This 14 year old’s dignity was stolen. Cases like hers are exactly why Choices4Life exists. 

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13 thoughts on “Alabama Hospital Helps DHR kidnap baby from 14 Year Old Rape Victim”

  1. I am trying to find out an update on the status of the baby and her young mother. Please update us on this terrible situation. Thank You, Karen Kennedy

    1. She is still under Dept. of Human Resources control. However she and her baby have been released from the group home into the care of a loved one. They are refusing to let the custodial grandmother see or talk to her. This seems to be a punishment for information leaked to the public via Facebook and DHR is blaming the grandmother. The girl’s twin brother remains in a prison of sorts called “group home.” There are a total of 4 children taken by DHR without any findings of neglect or abuse.

  2. jennifer Miller

    I also live in the area and have experience with DHR. Knowing what I know there’s no doubt this story is true. When I became pregnant I was taking prescribed pain meds for an existing condition. The pregnancy was accidental but abortion is out of the question. Every time I tried to stop taking the pain medicine it would cause bleeding and severe cramping. Two different times I had to go to the er to stop premature labor when trying to stop meds. After MUCH research I concluded it would be best to maintain a really low dose of pain medication, just adequate to prevent early labor. This plan worked fine, my baby was fine and the dose I was taking was low enough my baby showed no signs of addiction. But because I went into labor at 1 am and couldn’t make it to my hospital on the other side of town I went to Shelby hospital. They drug tested me, via blood sample before they would allow me to push, and immediacy called DHR. They tried to not only gets my baby I just had, but came to my home and took my 2 other children. To make a long heart breaking story short, the corrupt ppl at DHR would have taken all 3 of my children if not for one thing they were unaware of, my family has $, and we would’ve spent every penny and then some to keep my children from those corrupt son of bitches. The did they same thing to me in the hospital, wouldn’t let me leave, put my baby in nicu, and wouldn’t let me beast feed. Something needs to be done about this, and it seems that Shelby hospital is involved as much as DHR. I know they get like $4500 per baby they take, and I wish someone could find out how many white babies they get compared to black babies. I would bet my right arm the number of white babies, due to adoptability, far outweighs the number of black babies. DHR doesn’t care about living conditions, they want the babies they take to be young and white. If that sounds racist know that I’m not from alabama, and I’m just calling it like I see it.

  3. Jane Dunne-Brady

    what can be done to support this girl and her family in getting her beautiful baby back to her?

  4. Mistydawn haynes

    I live in the community of this family. I had an experience with DHR that will has prepared me to believe this story. Otherwise, it would be unbelievable. The power DHR has nationwide is mind-blowing. It is a money making business. The almighty dollar sure controls Alabama and the rest of this Nation.

    1. I’m so so sorry Misty that you have a personal story with DHR. They are a rogue organization that answers to NO ONE!!

      1. Barbara Mabry

        My comment is yes DHR has to answer to someone and that is Jesus God 9ur father. They took my grandson away from his mother refusing to put him with no family member and gave him to this man who was proven to not be the daddy by a DNA test they did. This little boy is growing up with these people as his family this is not right. The DHR took him away from the mother when he was two days old this is not r8ght. I am a poor lady can’t afford a lawyer but I don’t think this is right . This illegal immigrant was proven he is not the daddy he has no drivers license no papers no rights to have my grandson I wish I knew someone that could help me . If you can advise I will appreciate it very much

    1. Yes we hired a private atty. The court appointed ones have said too often just go along with them! NO MORE!! You can help at Right now all money is being given to this family for help in any way. If we get hundreds of thousands we may have to take out the 2.9% credit card fee charges. But for now we are covered by our monthly donors. God bless you

      Right now the mother is with her baby. But her phone has been confiscated and she cannot let anyone know what is going on. Please pray

  5. Amber P Andrews

    I hope this mother gets her baby back immediately as it is CRUCIAL for the newborn to be with it’s mother! This is a story of a horrible situation being made worse by ppl who are supposed to help children, not hurt them.

    1. DHR came and took the mother and her twin brother out of their grandparents home. NO reason. They say “safety concerns” but why would they let the girl go back to her home if it was so unsafe?? And why did they let her and her brother live there for all these years? Did they see social media blow up asking these questions? A rape victim seems always to be revictimized when she loves her baby!

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