#Always Human

I have known Donna Hebert (Portland, Maine) for 13 years. Even though I moved to Texas, I have followed her heroic efforts to save the unborn — ALL of the unborn — through the wonder of Facebook. I pray for her when she protests outside her local abortion clinic. I rejoice with her when she shares stories of women who have changed their mind. I praise God that He has placed such people on the Earth.

Donna doesn’t stop at just protesting, though. She just created the amazing #AlwaysHuman (check out the Facebook page here). To participate, take a picture of your child holding their ultrasound and use #AlwaysHuman and share it to social media.

I do not have a hard copy of my son’s ultrasound, so I photoshopped them together. It does not matter how we are conceived or how old we are, we are #AlwaysHuman !


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