In March, state officials blocked abortions deeming them medically unnecessary during the COVID-19 outbreak. However, Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit saying “Governor Greg Abbott was exploiting COVID-19 to block abortions in the state.” Since there wasn’t a distinction of which type of abortion the governor’s order applied to, surgical procedures or medication abortions, the clinics were forced to cancel all appointments until they received clarification. Over 200 appointments were canceled. The horrifying truth to the short-term victory for innocent babies was the fact that their mothers were calling the clinics “sobbing and begging for abortions” (Houston Public Media). Planned Parenthood executive director said it was “an unthinkable nightmare for Texans” (Texas Tribune) speaking of the women who were pleading to murder their babies in the womb and can’t go to their death clinics. It is unthinkable and sad when women are pleading to doctors to kill their babies.

This is a first world nation that has progressed to the point that women’s health care is high priority. No longer are we living in the days when women didn’t have access to free or cheap birth control or doctors. Many insurance companies provide free yearly exams and free birth control options as preventative measures; however, even if a woman has an unexpected pregnancy, there are many life-saving options for that baby. Thousands of pro-life advocates dedicate their lives to counseling pregnant women and helping them get the resources they need during and after their pregnancy. There are many programs that help pregnant women receive financial and medical care to help relieve them of the immediate stress or burden they might face. Choices4Life offers resources, a lifeline, and funds to help victims of rape who have conceived. LoveLine has a “dedicated 24/7 helpline for pregnant women in crisis” and goes so far as to even help women with college tuition (Christian Headlines). Most provide funds that help pay rent, vehicle loans, phone or utility bills, and basic needs. States have programs that help low-income families with housing, medical, and other benefits like SNAP and WIC (SNAP), which cover groceries and baby items. Even when a woman knows it’s not possible or probable to keep her baby, there is still the option of adoption. “There are between one and two million couples waiting to adopt. Every year there are about 1.3 million abortions. Only 4% of women with unwanted pregnancies place their children through adoption (Adoption Network).” With the amount of programs, resources, and families looking to adopt, there should be no thought or reason for abortion.

How is it then with having quick and easy access to all resources, funding, and other families looking to adopt, is abortion the #1 killer in our nation? Why is abortion pushed so hard by Planned Parenthood? Fear, lies, and greed. In one month our nation went from going to our places of worship and gathering with families and friends at local restaurants and businesses to having our constitutional freedom of assembly and freedom to open business doors taken away over fear of a virus pandemic. Businesses, restaurants, hair salons, schools, events, and churches completely shut down. The government put a stay at home order in place and the media used fear to keep family and friends apart. Never in our history has our government denied our freedom to assemble until now. Never in our history has our government kept families apart and forbid church services until now. Chaos ensued as the media updated the mass with outrageous numbers of those infected COVID-19 and deaths. We were all told that over 100,000 people would die in America due to COVID-19 and the only way to keep more deaths from happening was to stay home in lock down. How easily our nation went from home of the brave to home of the terrified, uncertain, and misinformed. Put that same fear into a young woman who is just finding out she is pregnant and watch the number of innocent babies death toll rise.

COVID-19 and the murder of the unborn has monetary value and those in power have lusted with greed and power.

“$150 billion went to the Coronavirus Relief Fund, which state, tribal, and local governments can use this year to meet costs connected to the virus. Each state will receive at least $1.25 billion — though the District of Columbia will only receive about $500 million — while the most populous states (California and Texas) will receive over $10 billion each, we estimate. The CARES Act also includes $30 billion for elementary and secondary schools and colleges and universities, $25 billion for mass transit systems, $5 billion for community development block grants (30 percent of which will go to state governments), $3.5 billion for child care, and $400 million to prepare for elections, among other funding directed to states (CBPP).”

Planned Parenthood revealed that in 2015, the organization collected over $554 million in “Government Health Services Reimbursements & Grants.” This is money that federal, state, and local taxpayers provided to the largest abortion provider in the United States, and organization that during that timeframe, aborted more than 328,000 babies (March for Life). Planned Parenthood goes so far as to tell their patients not to talk to the pro-life advocates on the street. They warn them of the angry middle-aged white men trying to persuade them out of their choice. They caution them not go to the busses on the street that will provide them counseling and a free ultrasound, meanwhile coaching them into their clinics that makes them pay hundreds of dollars for their ultrasound saying they can get financial aid to cover the cost. They use fear to lure them into their clinics. It was never about the woman paying the cost of the ultrasound, it was about the funding Planned Parenthood gets from donations and federal grants for the ultrasound. A woman murdering her baby is big business for them when the government and pro-choice advocates are paying for it.

When a business starts pushing an agenda, it is up to us as a people to look behind the curtain and find out why and what is really at play. Planned Parenthood has a lot of money to lose when they are shut down for a month, especially when state representatives blocked them from receiving money from the stimulus package. “The company’s  health centers (Planned Parenthood) could have legally remained open in most states since they focus almost exclusively on providing basic medical resources — STD testing, pregnancy services, and vaccines. They even could have aided the fight against COVID-19 by sharing basic protective equipment with local hospitals. But the abortion giant chose to shut down its health centers and has even tried to fundraise off this cynical move, which reveals its true priorities for the umpteenth time (Washington Examiner).”

The state of Texas went 31 days without murdering any babies. However as of April 22nd, several facilities have been allowed to open and resume both medication and procedural abortions due to the court’s ruling. While thousands of babies were saved for a short period of time due to the orders placed on clinics throughout our nation, it was a short-lived victory as the mothers now race to the clinics before their window closes based on each states requirements and limits of abortion. Texas allows abortion up to 20 weeks gestation. This means that if those at the start of the shut down were already 16 weeks gestation, they are no longer viable for an abortion in the state of Texas and it allowed for women to have 4 weeks to seek out all the other resources available to help them make the right and only decision they should ever have instead of allowing fear, lies, and chaos make them run to the Planned Parenthood’s death clinics.


Disclaimer: Texas Tribune has given an open disclaimer that they receive donations from Planned Parenthood. Many articles written are from a pro-choice news media pushing their agenda with great bias. It is unfortunate that has been hard to find more media news that report in support of pro-life. It is even more unfortunate that search engines are also bias to liberal websites and push those to the top of the search. I want to make it clear that I in no way support either of these businesses and my purpose in citing all sources within this article is only to give factual reference of my findings. It is clear in some of the articles I read pertaining to this issue and in some of the sources cited that they are biased toward Planned Parenthood and pro-choice. It is clear which agenda the media is pushing. I want to make even more clear that I in no way agree with their beliefs and that I am in agreement with the Most High Elohim who clearly instructed us not to murder, that He formed us in the womb, and we are to help those in need.


Seeking justice and righteousness to be done for those who have been victims of rape and who have been let down by the system. Rape victims have the right to be heard and the rape conceived have the right to live. – Sarah


Sarah is a wife and mother of two. She met the founder of Choices4Life in 2017 and was moved by her story. Sarah has witnessed abusive situations in her past and hopes she can help women and families get help and justice. The women in those situations felt they couldn’t get out of those situations and didn’t have a voice. They felt ashamed and hopeless. She grew up wanting desperately to speak for them. She is passionate about the truth and wants every woman to know there is hope and life after abuse and rape. Every woman and child deserves to be loved, wanted, and cared for without exception.

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