Elijah after heart surgery

Emergency needs are constant as CHOICES4LIFE works with others to save lives of rape and trafficked victims pregnant or raising their babies after rape.  These girls are in desperate need both physically and emotionally.  Many have absolutely no other person in their life who cares.

We must keep most of the information about these girls private as they are still being hunted by the traffickers. They were told “If you ever get away we will find you and kill you. If we can’t do it we will have someone else do it but we will find you.”  They must be protected.  The hospital that has generously cared for literally hundreds of moms and their babies has offered a plan for payment.  We joined with the hospital in the past and it’s worked beautifully. Last time a payment of $10,000 was made to cover ALL girls needing care during a 6 month period.  One mom had both heart surgery and double lung transplant during that time. She is still in the hospital doing rehabilitation and being cared for. Several babies were in ICU.  I dare say that millions of dollars were saved because of the special plan given by the hospital.

Some people ask about medicare but medicare would risk these girls being found and harmed. They do not want assistance from the government but they desperately need care. So we’ve come alongside the hospital and others who are caring for the girls to provide for their needs. CHOICES4LIFE provides $200 for each girl to get utilities turned on. The housing group provides everything else free of charge until the girls are on their own. Then a furniture company provides all the furniture for a 1 bedroom apartment along with baby bed and dresser for the incredibly low price of $400. And it’s all new furniture. The girls have food and any other needs taken care of free of charge as well.  Thanks to our donors no mom pregnant after rape has been turned away.

The hospital has offered to take $15,000 for one whole year of service without limit for any and all victims pregnant after rape or raising rape conceived babies during that year. Several moms will be spending much of that time in the hospital.

The hospital agreed to take $1000 down payment to do heart surgery on 6 month old Elijah July 6. Donors enabled us to give $1500 leaving us with a balance of $13,500. Today I received a call that the preemie baby born last night had a brain bleed. The specialist is being brought in from another city even as I write this. Money doesn’t grow on trees even for hospitals. So a couple of the board members gave up their salaries for the rest of the year to supplement the costs of surgeries. But we still need to get the $13,250 asap to them. I sent an additional $250 today that came in from donors.  Am I panicked? Yes indeed.

The immediate needs as of July 8 2020 are as follows:
Six month old Elijah had heart surgery on the 6th. It was worse than doctors expected and he will need two additional surgeries to lead a normal life. The next surgery is scheduled one month from now.

A preemie baby is having brain surgery today for brain bleed. NICU care will be long lasting.
Thirteen total moms and babies are in the hospital right now! Another six girls are pregnant waiting to deliver while not in the hospital.




Lives are depending on our ability to raise the money so doctors and the hospital can do their jobs. I am thrilled to say I’ve seen miracle after miracle. A miracle is once again needed. We ask that you share this everywhere.

Hospital board is scrambling to find finances to cover the expenses. There have been so many in need. Currently there are 13 victims receiving care in their hospital. One mom had both heart surgery and double lung transplant. She’s been in their hospital for over a year now.  Since these victims many times have been trafficked and abused almost to the point of near death, their needs are the most severe.

Facebook is selective about sharing our needs and will not even let us “boost” our posts.  Every little bit helps. Even $5. So far we have been able to take the hospital up on their offers. But the needs keep growing. There are 184 currently being seen on a regular basis for check ups and everyday needs. New victims constantly being rescued and needing medical attention.

Our monthly donations are less than $1000. We need monthly support to increase in order to meet the needs of the ever increasing rescues.

The victorious stories are incredible. Moms on the brink of death being healed and working toward a “normal” life with their babies. Some would have literally died without the kindness of donors and the hospital and those working directly with the girls. The stories are heart wrenching but the victories are beyond joy!

I see a day coming when these girls will join together to tell the world their victory stories but for now we must protect and care for them.
Please share everywhere. Email. Social media. Friends. Family. The need is enormous. I know that even in these troubled times where hearts seem to have grown cold there is a remnant of hope. We have people giving amounts of $2 a month. Truly it all adds up. And we are so very grateful.

The moms are very grateful also. They and their babies were saved.

Will you be someone’s hero? Share this everywhere. Together life happens!
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