Endangered Species Does Not Include Conceived in Rape

 “Endangered species” does not include conceived in rape. Legislation mandating a list of rare and endangered species was first enacted by Congress in 1966. Later a comprehensive Act provided the most extensive safeguards of any legislation in the world to protect declining species. A 1973 conference in Washington, D. C. led 80 nations to sign the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which monitors, and in some cases, restricts international commerce in plant and animal species believed to be harmed by trade.


Ironically while The Endangered Species Preservation Act of 1966 became law in the U.S., Mississippi sanctioned for the first time the destruction of human life conceived in rape that same year. Also ironically it was for a people group that is said to be “rare.” Though the numbers aren’t readily available due to shame placed on mothers and children of rape conception we can deduce that there are less people conceived in rape than other “unplanned” babies.


Among the protected  and endangered are 38 species of snails, 75 species of clams, 12 species of spiders, 64 species of insects and 733 plants! Imagine spiders, bugs and even plants, having more value in the hearts of Americans than an unborn child conceived in rape as well as any other child for that matter. Abortion on demand speaks volumes about the heart of our country. So you can’t squash a bug or destroy plants but you can toss around a live baby in a dish and then slice it’s face open to get to the brains to sell to the highest bidder!


When this “endangered” spider was found in San Antonio in 2012 a $15 million highway construction project was shut down. The insanity of it was that the spider that no one could harm because it hadn’t been seen since the 80s was actually killed and “dissected” to discover it was indeed that “endangered” spider.


Spider stopped $15 million highway project
Spider stopped $15 million highway project


“After the spider was collected in a bottle, it was dissected for it to be identified, Krejca said. Collecting and killing an endangered species is allowed for that purpose if done by someone with a federal permit. No other spiders have been spotted in the hole where the one was found.”


Am I the only one having a problem with this? So an endangered spider stops a $15 million project and the jobs of many humans because they might hurt the spider and then someone takes it and kills the only one found? Common sense is no longer “common!”


Okay back to the other ironies. So in 1966 The Endangered Species Preservation Act and Abortion for rape/incest became law. Florida Museum of Natural History says, “There was one big problem with the Act of 1966. There were no regulations that protected the killing and trading of those listed endangered animals. Therefore animals faced with the possibility of going extinct were listed under the Act of 1966 as needing help and protection, but there were no rules or guidelines developed by Congress to help protect them.” So penalties were assigned. This act was passed in … wait for it… 1973–NINETEEN SEVENTY THREE–the exact year that abortion became legal anytime, anywhere with no restrictions and based on the lie of rape conception. Roe vs Wade became the law of the land and the rape conceived have been the target for extinction with almost every law passed since.


The rape conceived once again became the foundation for the “need” to kill the unborn. But as our lives are truly in danger “endangered species” does not include conceived in rape. Creatures of the earth were protected with great penalty for killing, collecting parts or even harassing “endangered species” at the same time that humans were being lead to the slaughter. According to The Endangered Species Handbook:


[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”800px” height=”150px” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]”Stiff penalties may be imposed for violations of the Endangered Species Act. Criminal activities may be punished with fines up to $50,000 and/or one year imprisonment for crimes involving endangered species, and $25,000 and/or six months imprisonment for crimes involving threatened species. Misdemeanors or civil penalties are punishable by fines up to $25,000 for crimes involving endangered species and $12,000 for crimes involving threatened species. A maximum of $1,000 can be assessed for unintentional violations. Rewards of up to $2,500 are paid for information leading to convictions.” [/dropshadowbox]


But there is an uproar with any mention of penalty for killing an unborn human. If we can protect the lowest of animal life why is it we are still calling for the death of the rape conceived unborn human? When will lawmakers realize that the endangered spider will never save their life? People conceived in rape are saving lives and the world has no idea they were rape conceived. My blood type is O negative, the universal blood donor able to save anyone who needs blood to survive. Monica Kelsey, a firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician and former military proves being rape conceived is absolutely no reason for execution of the unborn. Ray Martinez former military, former police officer, former mayor gave his life to making this country a better and safer place for all of us. Pastors, doctors, Marines and other military, professors, chemists, musicians, humanitarians and so many others making a positive difference in this world.


Why is it that endangered species does not include conceived in rape? And why is it that even “pro-life” laws do not protect the rape conceived? When will those “fighting” for the life of the unborn stop agreeing with those who favor abortion in cases of rape? When will our lives be valued higher than spiders and plants? When will the rape conceived be valued as a resource to humanity instead of a curse? Mothers already know the value of their rape conceived children. They long for the day when all of society will too.

Mother’s Day 2016 marks 50 years of legal abortion in this country starting with abortion in cases of rape/incest. The rape conceived and mothers will not remain silent. The FREEDOM MARCH #LIFEWINS event will validate lives targeted for death and honor mothers who heroically saved the lives of their children conceived in rape. This will be a paradigm shift in history. Will you stand for life without exceptions? Learn more.

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