House Bill Passed to Defund Planned Parenthood: Cheers and Tears

A House bill passed to defund Planned Parenthood. While there were many cheers, tears flowed behind closed doors. One people group has been neglected, ignored and even condemned for absolutely no reason for all of this planet’s history. Justice has never been served on their behalf as a whole.

Lawmakers showed they were willing to pay Planned Parenthood to kill one people group – those conceived in rape – while protecting others conceived through any other way. United States lawmakers in the House of Representatives passed H.R. 3762 on Friday, October 23 to defund Planned Parenthood. While pro-lifers cheered for this bill, a group of people wept because of the horrid discrimination still accepted by the majority of leaders. The appalling discrimination that declares how horrible rape is proceeds to do worse than the rapist by murdering the child. Mothers are coerced into killing their own babies and later try to commit suicide with not even a mention from lawmakers and proponents who are shouting “War Against Women.” Women suffer in silence after rape whether they give birth or they abort. If she keep their child everyone calls her a liar because “no one wants that thing.” And if she aborts she is left knowing that her child did nothing to deserve that punishment. She was attacked and lived but her baby was not afforded that “right.” Why is it that there is no protection for these victims?


PROCHOICEPROLIFEA bill was passed in 2013 for the prohibition against any action by the federal government to discriminate against any entity that refuses to participate in abortion related activities. It’s called Abortion Non-Discrimination Act.  Well that title is an oxymoron. Abortion in itself is discriminating against the life it destroys. I’d like to see a day when children inside the womb will no longer be discriminated against. I understand that title is for another use but it’s ironic how words are used but not for what they mean. Take pro-choice for instance. We would all agree that choices are great. We all want choices. But taking one person’s life as a choice for another person is wrong on every level. Most pro-choice people will say they are not “for” abortion but even the online definition of pro-choice is favoring legalized abortion” which really translates to “favoring” the death of an innocent person. And they will almost always use the rape conceived as an excuse to kill. Even the foundation for abortion on demand was established with the first abortion in the US in 1966 for rape/incest. That foundation was built upon in 1973 with Roe vs Wade lying about rape conception and “privacy” to abort. Can you imagine women demanding “privacy” to kill their husbands? I see no difference.


People continue to use the rape conceived as a weapon of mass destruction. Ironic how those same people claim the rape conceived are the evil ones. If pro-choice means abortion conversely someone using the term pro-life would be expected to believe choices for life are superior to all death choices. But many people who say they are pro-life have choices for death as do those calling themselves pro-choice. Many find common grounds when it comes to rape/incest. Even ministers such as Billy Graham believe it is “acceptable” in cases of rape and incest to have an abortion. Even after I emailed them with my own story of being conceived in an 8 man rape the Billy Graham Foundation spokesperson was unmoved and stood by his statement. My question that never received an answer was “Can you deny God my praise or the praise of any other rape conceived person?”


There is no record of when the attitude of hatred toward the rape conceived child actually began probably because it goes too far back in time. But in this century attitudes remain mostly the same. Hatred for the child and abuse and disgust for any woman who would love those children remain strong. Mothers live being shamed by society while rapists receive little to no consequences for their actions. Every culture on this planet has targeted one people group for hatred and execution. In fact they have been singled out before they are ever conceived. There is not one culture as a whole that’s ever existed who has accepted this people group. Religious, secular, every race, diverse schools of thought have acted like the unborn child conceived in rape is the worst creature to be formed, while rapists get little to no consequences. In some cultures the rape victim is actually killed instead of the rapist. But in every culture the main consensus is that rape conceived people do not deserve to live.

We live in a time when almost anything is accepted. The most vile actions are hailed as progressive. Yet even some of the most “religious” or “humanitarian” agree that the rape conceived should be killed. Misplaced “compassion” for the women are actually attacks on women and their children. Everyone knows insulting a woman’s child insults her. We here slogans like “War on Women” but those same people creating those slogans are the perpetrators. Newsweek recently posted an article about a comedic “performance” by Adrienne Truscott. “The point of her performance: to use humor to call out those ignorant and insensitive about rape (including, of course, rapists themselves) she said to Newsweek. But she is the one ignorant and insensitive. Along with doing her “show” naked from the waist down she denigrates children conceived in rape. Truscott makes references to women eating their infants conceived after rape like gerbils eat their young. Horribly offensive to people like me conceived in rape but also to mothers of rape conceived children. This perpetuates the violence and abuse against mothers and children of rape conception.  From my own experience with literally hundreds of females pregnant after rape, I have found that only one was not called a liar for wanting her child after rape. Society refuses to believe a mother can love her child conceived in violence. But mothers know their power to overcome is to not allow society to take what is rightfully theirs.


One mother named Debra said to her daughter “You were always mine. You were never his.” Women shouldn’t overcome a rape and then have to endure a lifelong fight with society concerning their child.


[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”520px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]One woman said, “A man stole my body and society is trying to take my baby!”[/dropshadowbox]


My fight to end this discrimination against rape conceived persons born and unborn came about when I learned of my own conception and the fight my mother endured to save my life. My grandmother and my mother’s doctor pressured her to kill me. Everywhere I’ve spoken, women and children have come to me sharing their own story of abuse from society and even family. I am hopeful that someday this atrocity will end. I’ve seen hearts changed and more people defending all life without exception. The more mothers and children of rape conception step out of hiding and share their stories the closer we get to defeating lies.

Share your story. If you are a hero mom we want to honor you. If you are a child of rape conception you are not alone contact us. And if you are mother who lost your unborn child after rape because of societal hatred there is help and hope for you too.


4 thoughts on “House Bill Passed to Defund Planned Parenthood: Cheers and Tears”

  1. A superb article. I completely agree that children conceived in rape are as deserving of a chance at life as anyone. I would even go so far as to say deserving of more compassion and support. There is a beautiful story on the Birth Choice of Dallas FB page by a woman who was conceived from a violent rape. She talks with such eloquence.
    Unfortunately and realistically, if this Bill was not written with the rape exception it’s chances of ever passing in Congress are slim because of the lack of understanding on this issue.
    Thank You for putting a face to it.
    Sharon Flottman

    1. Thank you Sharon for your comment. The sad thing is most people aren’t willing to take the chance of chipping away with NO exceptions. We aren’t accomplishing anything if we always give a reason to have the abortion. We have been fighting this almost 50 years. I KNOW if people would not have cowered and stood firm without exception we would have gotten further than we are today. There are enough of us to demand lawmakers work for the people!

  2. Kelly Gallerani

    This was most eloquently written. Compassion flows from my heart for those dear little ones who are taken unfairly by blind, deaf and moronic PP clinics: resulting in immoral practices to degrade women, and their babies who have to suffer condemnation by a so called civilized society. This ungodly attitude disgusts me and makes me ashamed for the those who are coerced to walk in that trap. Glen Beck was right….if we continued to allow these immoral practices, as a nation we will be labeling the outcome as the darkest nation ever. God help us lawfully defund abortion and stop dismembering and disposing our unborn. Sacraficing our unborn is totally against Gods will.
    Sophia Kelly Gllerani

    1. Thank you Kelly. It breaks my heart to hear the allowance for rape conceived children to be killed. And as far as I know Glenn Beck still believes that’s ok.

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