At just 13 years old, a young girl gives birth to a baby girl. Reports of rape are made to social services with the name of the 35 year old adult male family friend. However, no one is charged and nothing is done. The birth mother gives her baby girl up for adoption and loses hope in a neglectful system. Eighteen years later, a young girl goes looking for her birth mother only to find out the painful story of her conception. “I’m a walking crime scene.”

The adoption record holds the story of her conception, listing the name of her birth mother and birth father. It was no secret, it was all written down. “The records said she’d gone to babysit at his house, and he raped her. It says in seven different places in the files that it was rape,” a UK woman stated to BBC“It states his name and address, that social services, police, health workers knew – but nothing was done about it. It made me feel angry, devastated for my birth mum. For me.”

She even went so far as to confront her biological father about the rape. The system did not do its job, people did not do their job, and because of this he gets to live his life as he chooses. West Midlands Police Department is stating it has no record of a rape allegation in the 1970’s, but the adoption record is written proof that rape was mentioned and who all knew. “I’ve got DNA evidence, because I am DNA evidence. I’m a walking crime scene and it’s all written in the files.” It is clear that this was mishandled at the time and now it will be an even more difficult legal fight for justice to be done. But that will not stop this young girl from fighting for justice for her biological mother and herself as she claims both are victims of a crime. However, CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) said they would not support a prosecution through the courts because the law does not see the rape conceived as victims.

“Because of that crime, I am alive. My whole life’s been dictated by it, but no-one will see me as a victim. I am living, breathing proof of a child rapist and nobody is interested. How is that OK?”

“I want the police to demand a DNA test. I want the police and social services to apologize for their failures and to learn, and I want the definition of victim to be reviewed.”

This is obviously not just a fight in the United States but in other countries, as well. It has been decades from the time of this rape, however, no one is claiming negligence in this case and there is clear negligence on the health agency, police, and social services. The rape of a thirteen year old should have immediately been handled and brought to justice instead of simply filed and left to collect dust on a shelf. Even decades later, this gross display of negligence is still being swept under the rug as the victim’s daughter tries once again to bring these files and even her own DNA as evidence of a child rape. This same kind of negligence happens in the United States and will continue to happen if no one is held accountable.



Seeking justice and righteousness to be done for those who have been victims of rape and who have been let down by the system. Rape victims have the right to be heard and the rape conceived have the right to live. – Sarah

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