Rape/Incest: Abortion’s Foundational Lie

Rape/incest is the foundational lie for abortion. The Austin Chronicle adds to the many who believe rape is the foundation for abortion.  Mary Tuma, artist as well as the author of the article bemoans the loss of abortion rights. Her artist statement “In most of these works there is evidence of loss—an allusion to the passing of time; a vacant space within a form once occupied;” How ironic for her to use such imagery as “evidence of loss‘ (mothers who abort have lots of evidence of loss), “an illusion of passing of time” (time cannot erase the killing of one’s own baby) and “a vacant space within a form once occupied.” Wow that last one really spoke loudly. That poor woman who fell for the lies of abortion is now that “form once occupied” with that “vacant space” that haunts her entire life. In Tuma’s article, Roe‘s End? Supreme Court case will decide the future of abortion access in the U.S., she takes advantage of the age old prejudice against the rape conceived. She tells the story of a woman raped.


[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”auto” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]”April considered adoption, yet the emotional weight of carrying a rapist’s child for nine months was too much to bear. “Being forced to live that night out every day … I couldn’t handle it,” she says. “The negativity that I was feeling would affect the child coming into this world, I didn’t think that was fair. I would have been unhappy, my child would have been unhappy, my existing child would have been unhappy, and everything around us would have reflected that.”[/dropshadowbox]



  1. “….the emotional weight of carrying a rapist’s child…”
    The fact is that the child is the mother’s child as much as any other child she has or will carry. NO rapist is capable of creating life. If they were then barren women around the world would line up as they would at the doctors office to be give a baby! God is the only one who creates life – not rapists.
  2.  “Being forced to live that night out every day...”
    The baby is not the rapist. Society has brainwashed women to think that their own babies are their worse enemy. Yet those who have not fallen for the lies enjoy a great blessing in their children born after rape. They were healthy enough to know the difference between a rapist and her innocent baby. One woman told me “a man stole my body and society is trying to steal my baby.”
  3. The negativity that I was feeling would affect the child coming into this world, I didn’t think that was fair.” 
    Is it “fair” to kill someone for what you imagine their life would be like? I was conceived in gang rape. The attitude of society is that my life is either worthless or evil. I love my life and my family loves me. My birth mother loved me and my adoptive family loves me. No one has a life free from pain. This world has pain all around. We don’t kill people because there will be pain. There would be no one living if we did that..
  4. “I would have been unhappy…” Anna Richey was pregnant at 12. Her step father had raped her since she was a small child. He forced her to abort and she told no one. At 13 she became pregnant again and risked her life to tell her mother. Because she loved her other child and mourned her loss Anna was willing to risk everything to protect her baby this time. Her mother put the man in jail and today Anna is a proud grandmother to the daughter of the child she brought into this world at 13. Her joy is unspeakable for the child she gave birth to at 13 but the pain she feels everyday for her loss at 12 will never go away. Truth is that 85% of women I’ve spoken to who aborted after rape 85% were suicidal with 23% trying and failing. 15% said they had no regrets but those had their abortions less than two months prior. Of all the women I spoke to in prisons only one of two in meetings of more than 100 said they had not aborted a baby. More trauma resulted from abortions after rape than women who aborted for other reasons. One woman interviewed said, “I was a police officer. I know murder is worse than rape. I was allowed to live after two men raped me but I turned on my own innocent baby. I am worse than a rapist. I am a murderer.” There is no happiness in killing our baby for any reason.
  5. “My child would have been unhappy.” Mothers shouldn’t have the right to kill their children because they think we will be unhappy. Of the hundreds I know conceived in rape most love their lives. The ones struggling are doing so only because of the lies of society. Why can’t we abort the prejudice against the rape conceived instead of the child? We fight to end every other kind of prejudice. How is it that this remains a “right” to kill the rape conceived person?
  6. my existing child would have been unhappy, and everything around us would have reflected that.
     So where are solutions to help this mom deal with “unhappiness?” Why isn’t anyone suggesting adoption to let the preborn baby live and the mother and other child could go on with their lives too? There is no happiness when murder someone thinks killing their own child is a solution. This manner of thought was Planned Parenthood’s hero founder’s thought too. Margaret Sanger said, “The most merciful thing that the large family can do to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

I’ve found that people speaking like this do not speak for eliminating themselves. Au contraire,the only reason for killing another human being whether you’re in a gang or acting alone is for selfish gain.

Foundational Lie

Mary Tuma goes on to say, “The choice became clear for the 35-year-old Texas woman, still hoping to establish her career and prioritize her own goals. She decided to terminate her pregnancy…”  Career and her goals prioritized over the life of her innocent baby. I’m sure people like Tuma would tell this woman she is making the right choice. It’s all about her life not anyone else right? The police officer I spoke of said she was told abortion was the best thing to go on with her life. Lies that can never bring back the life of her baby. Nor can it bring back that officer’s life. She left her profession… yea the one that everyone focused on. She hated herself for what she did and is today self inflicting pain and suffering on her body as punishment. She can’t forgive herself after many many years.

Why is there so much hatred for the rape conceived but not the rapist? Women aren’t demanding Planned Parenthood abort the real problem. Why is it a woman is hated for loving her rape conceived child? Why is she hears the first words “you should get rid of it?” The pro abortion crowd is demanding the death of innocent babies that weren’t even on the planet when the crime was done. And if a mom wants to keep her baby conceived in rape the world explodes.The “unhappiness” that mom speaks of is coming from the attitude of society. Let’s fix that instead of killing innocent preborn persons.

The foundational lie that keeps abortion legal in the United States is that rape conceived babies must be killed. 1966 Mississippi pushed this lie into law. The following year Colorado, California, and North Caroline followed and more states followed each of the seven years before Roe V Wade. Even Roe V Wade was based on the necessity of killing the rape conceived preborn baby in “privacy.” There was no rape conceived baby involved in that case but only the lie that there was. Abortion on demand was born by the hatred of the rape conceived baby. Almost every law since then has stood on that foundational lie for abortion of rape conceived.

As long as rape is the excuse to murder innocent preborn babies legal abortion for all will exist. Join the rising numbers of people who are pro life without exceptions because pro life with exceptions is just pro choice to kill the unborn with fewer choices. All life matters and the rape conceived should not pay for the crime of rapists. Punish the guilty not the innocent. Stop the foundational life for abortion.

Join us FREEDOM MARCH in May to defend the lives of the innocent conceived in rape and to honor those mothers who chose life after rape.

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