Alabama Abortion Ban: Thoughts From the Rape Conceived

Alabama abortion ban has the country in an uproar. But is anyone asking about the thoughts from the rape conceived? From the very first abortion law passed on Mothers’ day May 8, 1966 the focus has been the rape conceived. Each state following echoed the words “what if a young girl was raped” because surely every female would “want to get rid of it.”  The world seems to have great difficulty using the logic that a rape conceived baby has no part in the crime. Rape conceived babies weren’t even on the planet when the crime was committed. What kind of justice is it to go into the future and execute a child for the crime of another? A rapist in most countries won’t be executed for rape, so why execute an innocent baby? Even in the U.S. rapists seem to actually be favored over the victims.

The words spoken by Democrat Senate Majority Leader Bobby Singleton struck like a knife.  He wants to cry? Well I’ve literally cried often over comments like his. Senator Singleton said, “what you just said to my little girl is that it’s ok for a man to rape you and you got to have his baby if you get pregnant… you just said to my daughter you don’t matter.”



NO ONE in their right mind says it’s ok to be raped. This abortion ban is not about rape being ok.  His daughter does matter. That is the very reason this law will protect her and her baby. This is her baby. Senator Singleton wants to execute his very own grandchild.  I know a lot of black people that are here because a slave owner raped a black woman. The rape was wrong but the people are immeasurably valuable. Should Senator Singleton be executed if it were found that his ancestry has a rapist in it? Of course not! This abortion ban is about a human life having value and not given a point system based on our biological parents. Those arguing it’s a “rapist baby” after rape but a woman’s baby when consensual are hypocrites.

Abortion is the worst form of rape for these girls. Some are so damaged physically they never are able to carry a child to term. One such person was Nona Ellington. Pregnant by rape at 15 she was taken to the abortion clinic. That day her true “reproductive” rights were taken from her!

I know 17 who had abortions after rape. Of those 17, 14 were suicidal. Of the 14, 3 attempted suicide and failed. They still suffer great loss. The last 3 had abortions less than 2 months earlier. They said it wasn’t a baby.  All of the 14 said that the anniversaries were unbearable.  One woman told me she was a police officer when she was raped by 2 men. She became pregnant. Everyone told her the best thing would be to “get rid of it and forget it.” She would never forget.

I know the law. I’m a murder and can never forgive myself.” She is self destructive.  How many lives are destroyed because they were convinced abortion was the best “choice?”

The rape conceived endure insults and demands for our genocide. Our mothers, with all they have gone through, will spend their life hearing “no woman who has been raped would want that child.”  “If she wants the child she couldn’t have been raped,” It’s not the baby that reminds her of the rape…it’s all of society!


A man stole my body and society is trying to steal my baby!



A mother said to me, “A man stole my body and society is trying to steal my baby!”   We are real people. Our mothers hurt for us just like any other mother.

People ask why women don’t come forward after rape and pregnancy. It’s fear and shame. I was told, “I’d rather be called promiscuous or a whore than to not be believed she was raped.” So many would never say a word to anyone, not even their child because of society’s bullying.

Gave birth at 11 after rape

I’ve worked with hundreds of mothers; some as young as ten. Yes you read correctly…ten years old. Some were thrown out of their homes because they refused to abort after rape. How is it that ten year olds know they have a baby inside them that deserves to live but their adult parents don’t? One mother supported her ten year old daughter. Together they are loving and enjoying their precious little girl… a real human deserving of love; not a “product of rape” that should be thrown away like other “products.”

Sadly not all 10 year olds get support. They have been railroaded as one mother of a pregnant 10 said. She was blackmailed by child protective services to sign the abortion release or never see her daughter or other children again!

I am grateful to Rep. Terri Collins, all the cosponsors of the Alabama Abortion Ban. What a joyous day to be counted literally among humanity! However the loopholes leave rape conceived fighting for their lives with the clause for mental health exception. Plus babies that doctors think won’t live outside the womb can be destroyed. The law is a farce. Anyone can say they can’t handle it and threaten to kill their baby themselves and be allowed to have a doctor do it instead. Wow!

“To end abortion, the child cannot be treated as the property of the mother, but as her dependent child and equal.” Siena Hoefling

Juda Myers
Founder of Choices4Life
Speaker, Author, Singer/songwriter
Wife, Mother, Grandmother

2 thoughts on “Alabama Abortion Ban: Thoughts From the Rape Conceived”

  1. Incredible article! God bless you for posting. Yes, lost motherhood as a result of my abortion at age 15, never able to ever have children, was way more terrible than my date rape experience. I learned in much later years that the man who raped me did this to many other girls at our high school and they were probably coerced into abortion as well. Now, that same man has many children of his own. I have since forgiven him through a post abortion healing program, and I am thankful to God that he was able to have his own children and family, but it stills hurts terribly that I was never able to. As a result of that one abortion, I had 5 miscarriages, 3 of them tubal pregnancies requiring emergency surgery and very near death experiences. After abortion recovery, I have learned that when I asked Jesus to forgive me for the abortion, He did. I am forgiven and set free from self hatred and blood guilt. I am looking forward to holding all 6 of my babies in Heaven, as I have named all of them, so thankful Jesus is taking care of them for me until we meet again.

    Nona Ellington

    1. Thank you Nona for being public with your story in the hopes that others will take heed. I know your heart will always ache for those precious babies. Abortion harms women and kills babies. Our Creator is the only one who knows what is the very best for us because …well He created us. And He is the only one who can heal us fully. I’m so thankful you have Him.

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