Understand Now!

Would it be more understandable with a gun? Abortion is the premeditated killing of the unborn human. Seeing the picture with the gun pointed at a pregnant belly is compelling. You were spared the gruesome real life dismembered bodies of the unborn. Sometimes the gun brings us to the reality of what is really happening …

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Feelings Towards Your Child

Are you feeling strange carrying this child? Or feelings toward your child coming to mind that you’d rather not admit? Sometimes our feelings are very powerful. They are capable of steering us one way or another. Feelings make people do right things or wrong.

Meet The Authors

Anna Richey Read Anna’s Blog Anna personally knows the pain of abortion and the joy that can be found in choosing life for a rape-conceived child.  An adamant advocate for life, Anna has shared her testimony at conferences, churches, and on several radio programs.  Anna and Juda met at the Abolish Human Abortion “Promote Redemption” …

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