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Abortion is Rape Conceived Genocide

Conceived In Rape Abortion History

January is the month for recognizing abortion on demand and March for Life in many cities. Most will not mention conceived in rape abortion history. Most people don’t even know that abortion started for the execution of rape conceived.

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Hate Crimes Against Rape Conceived

This “treatment of abortions” is inhumane treatment of the most defenseless of humans. But to separate some humans is a hate crime against rape and incest conceived persons. If abortion is wrong ABORTION IS WRONG. There are no exceptions.

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Conceived in Rape Wendi Lubin

Daughter Conceived in Rape: What Motherhood Means To Me

The myth expects one to believe her life is ruined and of no value after rape, especially with a child resulting from that rape. Myths are being busted wide open and Wendi leads in example. What Motherhood Means To Me echos the voice of countless mothers of children conceived in rape.

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Remembering My Birth Mom, Pregnant After Gang Raped

Society’s rejection of children conceived in rape weighed heavy on me. Even some of the most active “pro life” people hold exceptions for abortions in cases of rape. The life I was given is a gift from God and a gift from my mother, sustained by my adoptive parents. Just the fact that I was adopted led me to believe society had won and my mother had rejected me after I was born. But that was completely untrue.

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