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Rape Conceived-“Least of These”-Chosen by God?

The anniversary of Roe V Wade is remembered with gatherings of people around the country. Hundreds of thousands of people March for Life in DC each year as well as in major cities around the U.S. But the majority of those people don’t even know that legal abortion began with

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#Always Human

I have known Donna Hebert (Portland, Maine) for 13 years. Even though I moved to Texas, I have followed her heroic efforts to save the

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Family Wanted Abortion After Rape Now Have Taken The 2 Year From Her Mother

Mari contacted CHOICES4LIFE two years ago for emotional and financial support. She explained that when she had become pregnant after rape 1. her family didn’t believe her and 2. they wanted her to abort. Mari refused. This baby was hers not the rapist’s and she was going to give birth and raise her daughter. Like most who see the baby after birth the family fell in love with her as her mother has loved her from the beginning. Sadly her family for some reason didn’t want Mari to have her daughter and worked towards taking the daughter from her.

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