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My Rape Conceived Son, My Freedom

My rape conceived son. Aborting him wouldn’t undo the rape, wouldn’t make me less homeless or feed me. Killing him because I didn’t like his father didn’t made sense. Suddenly, I had strength. Homeless, pregnant, penniless, on the streets just before Christmas.

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Abortion Advocates Protested Mothers & Children Conceived In Rape

On May 6, 2016 at the Mississippi State Capital abortion advocates protested mothers & children conceived in rape. CHOICES4LIFE organized the Freedom March recognizing 50 years of legal killing of children in the womb in the United States. It was a day to honor “Hero” moms who went against the death sentence upon their children conceived in rape.

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Act of Love to Abort

Deception Alert: Act of Love to Abort

Megan went through the process of finding an abortion clinic, and went through a series of procedures to induce labor. Megan delivered her baby into a tray over a toilet, her son was born at 19 weeks and 6 days. She looked at her son and smiled.

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Rape/Incest: Abortion’s Foundational Lie

Rape/incest is the foundational lie for abortion. The Austin Chronicle adds to the many who believe rape is the foundation for abortion. Mary Tuma, artist as well as the author of the article bemoans the loss of abortion rights.

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Rape Conceived-“Least of These”-Chosen by God?

The anniversary of Roe V Wade is remembered with gatherings of people around the country. Hundreds of thousands of people March for Life in DC each year as well as in major cities around the U.S. But the majority of those people don’t even know that legal abortion began with

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