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What Mothers Say About Their Rape Conceived Children Is Not What Society Says

What mothers say about their rape conceived children is not what society says. But it’s time to stop talking about us, against us and for us. It’s time to hear what our mothers have to say about us. Too many mothers are being hurt listening to the lies and rhetoric used by the left for excuse used for abortions. While all mothers are not free to speak publicly I asked a secret group to tell me their thoughts about their children. They want people to know the truth and stop speaking for them.

House Bill Passed to Defund Planned Parenthood: Cheers and Tears

A House bill passed to defund Planned Parenthood. While there were many cheers, tears flowed behind closed doors. One people group has been neglected, ignored and even condemned for absolutely no reason for all of this planet’s history. Justice has never been served on their behalf as a whole. Lawmakers showed they were willing to …

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Hate Speech Must STOP

I am tired of hearing the hypocrisy. If we said anything like kill babies because the father was black or kill them because we think they might be homosexuals the world would have us standing before a firing squad. What gives people the right to the prejudicial suggestion of murdering me and my peers and insulting our mothers? And people who call themselves leaders of God’s people are blaspheming God by giving credit to the devil for life. Enough is enough.