Restoring Honor & Dignity to Women & Children of  Rape Conception

We offer women and their babies emotional support, financial support, transitional assistance, safe housing and protection from their abusers.

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Have You Conceived in Rape?

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New Life


To help support one or both of these babies you can donate here!

This precious baby(seen with Juda Myers) is going to be raised by Mommy.


This lil boy born prematurely to a 14 yo raped by a 66 yo online predator.
He is healthy and mom is thrilled with her precious gift from God.




This precious boy conceived in rape was born after an emergency C-Section.


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South Carolina Senate Reminded Me of Slave Traders

South Caroline Senate hearing May 19, 2015 South Carolina Senate reminded me of slave traders deciding the humanity or non humanity of the preborn. Some...


Three 10 Year Olds Pregnant After Rape

Amnesty International’s mantra is “Hope For Humanity.” There is no hope for humanity if humans aren’t allowed the right to be born alive. A woman...

Feelings Toward Your Child

Feelings Toward Your Child

Are you feeling strange carrying this child? Or thoughts coming to mind that you’d rather not admit? Sometimes our feelings are very powerful. They are...


Tackling The Hardest Cases of Rape Conception

These cases are the hardest imaginable but will offer great insight into the strength of mothers, the validity of human life and the joy that...


What To Say

So many times questions are asked about rape conception such as “what if the baby looks like the rapist” and we are struck with fear...

mother love

Distraught Lesbian Gets Pregnant After Rape Conceived Baby Dies

So a lesbian woman who hates sex with men deliberately has sex with a man to get pregnant after losing a baby conceived after rape.

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