Restoring Honor & Dignity to Women & Children of  Rape Conception


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Raped & Pregnant

There is a lot said about what a woman thinks when she conceived in rape or how a child might feel having been conceived in rape. There are many people conceived in rape but it’s not the kind of thing people talk about. CHOICES4LIFE hopes to enable women and children of rape conception to be embraced and not shunned. Too many times the first reaction from society to a woman being raped and pregnant is to abort the child. It is a surprise to family and friends that the mother would want to give birth and keep this unplanned baby.  Often times, these women have no resources or support to help them heal, love and support their babies. We offer these women and their babies emotional support, financial support, transitional assistance, safe housing and protection from their abusers. We provide solutions that come Alive!

New Life


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This precious baby(seen with Juda Myers) is going to be raised by Mommy.


This lil boy born prematurely to a 14 yo raped by a 66 yo online predator.
He is healthy and mom is thrilled with her precious gift from God.




This precious boy was born after an emergency C-Section.


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Aswad Ayinde, Another Father Raped His Daughters

As with Aswad Ayinde these men do not stop at one daughter. Some of them actually continue raping for generations. Fathers will rape the daughter and then also rape the daughter conceived in rape from the first daughter.


Conceived in Rape Angel

So this mom also changed her mind. And after she no longer had that financial fear she said she was ashamed to have even considered...